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"Souls!!, Come on to Me"
— Rima/Nightmare

Rima (リーマ, Ruma) is a character in the Soul series she appears in Soulcalibur V as she is the new created Nightmare after the previous Nightmare was destroyed

In her Soul lies Devotion

Origins Part 1: Rima

Rima was a woman that witnessed her whole life nothing more then disasters and trouble as her whole family was murdered or taken by sickness Rima was the only survivor of her own family as she crossed ways with other people that had also lost family or friends as Rima didn't had any of that anymore.

Rima took on a quest for herself to find answers why she was the only living person of her family as she visited the graveyard where her parents where buried as she stoot by their grave she cry'd cause she had no one to return to as she all the sudden saw a strange light in the sky she did not hesitated and left her parent's grave site to follow the lichtbeacon as she would soon discover that this was caused by a sword what was called Soul Edge as Rima was searching for the location where the light had landed she soon would discover allot more.

She came on the location as she saw two people sanding against eachother these two where Patroklos and Pyrrha as she was holding a red sword and a red shield Rima was sure that was Soul Edge as Patroklos also was holding a blade what had to be Soul Calibur but this one was smaller then the Soul Calibur from the legends Rima heard about.

Patroklos and Pyrrha battled eachother and Patroklos defeated Pyrrha as Rima saw how the two swords where destroyed and lefted them behind and Patroklos and Pyrrha moved on as Rima walked to the remainings of the two blades she looked closer to them as she saw a small Red Shining Object inside the remainings this was the last piece of Soul Edge as the rest was vanished Rima moved along and came to a castle wall.

Inside these walls two others where battling eachother as Rima climbed the castle wall as she saw a man and a strange looking creature that was holding a giant Red Sword with an Eye in the middle

Another Soul Edge, but who is that thing what is holding Soul Edge Rima was thinking

The man was named Z.W.E.I. and the other was knowned as Nightmare the Azure Knight they also battled eachother and Z.W.E.I. defeated the Azure knight as it als vanished after its battle Z.W.E.I. left and Rima walked to the spot where Nightmare was defeated as she saw another Red Shining Object as she picked it up and left the castle behind her.

As Rima was taking a little stop during her journey she grabbed the two shards of Soul Edge and looked to them as they where different from eachother and Rima held the two shards close to eachoter as they reacted and started to light up Rima quickly seperated them and putted them inside her bag en pocket

What was that all about and why they reacted on eachoter Rima asked herself

After awile Rima continued her journey and came into a city but this city was deserted and no human was seen around lately as she saw the wrecked homes and other buildings, Rima ended up by a huge castle and was curious what was in this castle, as Rima saw a very familiar symbol that of Graf Dumas this had to be his location where he had to be as Rima entered the castle and landed up in a big room but no one was seen or found

Sow Graf Dumas ain't here anymore as i can see it cause all stuff in here is totally trashed Rima said

Rima walked on deeper inside the castle and was hearing strange sounds coming from the walls inside the castle as Rima follows the sounds she ends up with a very injured Nightmare as he was damaged by an attack what weakend him Rima saw how he was trying to heal himself with his Soul Edge

When i am restored i will getting my revenge Nightmare said 

Rima who was listening stepped forward as she said You are the one who destroyed all those villages and killed all those people

Nightmare turned himself around and said A useless dog like you have nothing to seek here, Leave or be destroyed

Rima had nothing to use as a weapon as she was feeling sometihng inside her like a greater power was inside her body to be unleashed

What is this feeling, could it be............ Rima asked herself

You are not listening, NOW DIE  Nightmare yelled as he attacked Rima

Rima was hit and crashed into a fence against the wall as the suddenly the Shards she found earlyer rolled out op her bag and pocket as they where glowing a Red Energy even more then before

What is this........and why are they glowing Rima asked herself

Nightmare attacked Rima  as she was in time to grab the Shards of Soul Edge as they clashed with Nightmare's soul edge and glowed even more then Nightmare got kicked away by the light as the Shards where creating something inside as Rima looked to it

What is happening............ she said


Origins Part 2: Nightmare

The Shards where combining and made a sword inside the light as Rima was watching and Nightmare was trying to get up again after the blast from the light, as Nightmare was back on his feet he saw that the Soul Edge Shards had formed a red sword that was looking to Soul Edge but this sword had no Eye like Nightmare's soul edge.

Rima Picked the sword up and looked to Nightmare

I do not know what just happend but i have a sword now sow im ready to take you on Nightmare Rima said

As she helds up her blade Nightmare attacked Rima and she defened herself with her newly created sword and gave Nightmare a hit of her own as he was blasted away again and crashed into another wall

Wow such power Rima spoke

Nightmare crawked back up as he had taken great damage from Rima's sword as he attacked again and yelled


Rima braced herself for another attack from Nightmare as all the sudden he stopped as he looked to his Soul Edge as it started to break cause of the clash with Rima's sword, as Rima was looking how the Soul Edge of nightmare was starting to break into pieces as also Nightmare himself was acting weird

WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME AND MY BLADE nightmare yelled as he falls down on his knee's and started to glow

Rima braced herself again for what was coming but the Azure knight was unable to attack as his giant claw vanished and took form of a normal human hand his helmet vanished to and became a human head also, as the light vansihed Rima saw a human Graf Dumas had reverted back to his humanic state as Soul Edge was broken by the clash with Rima's sword

NOOOO!!!!!...............MY BLADE...........MY POWERS............ALL GONE BECAUSE OF YOU.......... Dumas yelled as he stoot up and grabbed the remaining part of his Soul Edge and wanted to kill Rima as she stabbed Dumas in the stomach in a damaged part of his armor as she was pointing her sword while Dumas was coming at her in a very fast way.

Then a big huge flame-like creature came out of Dumas's body and vanished directly as Rima said

What the heck was that big thing

Dumas dropped his last Soul Edge part and falls down as his blue armor also disappeared and his mask fell off and Rima stepped to the downed Dumas as she said

I know are Raphael.................but how did you get like this new Graf Dumas??' Rima asked'

My foster Daughter Amy i was hoping to find her again..... but one day a creature named Inferno took possession of my body and i became Graf Dumas and with that i gained the powers of Soul Edge and i became the Azure knight Nightmare and i started a rampage in towns and city's and forgot about Amy    Raphael explained to Rima

After the downed Raphael was gone Rima looked how the last remainings of Soul Edge vanished and Rima saw her newly created sword laying on the floor as she wanted to pick it up the Flame-Like creature appeared again as it said

YOU TOOK MY HOST AWAY FROM ME NOW I WILL TAKE YOU INSTEAD AS THE HOST FOR Soul Edge the flame creature yellled as it was indeed Inferno

Inferno took possession of Rima's blade and als took possession of Rima's body as she started to change into a woman with a Blue Armor and a mask on her face, now Rima became the new host of Inferno and Soul Edge's new wielder as the sword what was created by the Shards of Soul Edge was now knowned as the new Soul Edge named Soul Edge *Cradiant* as the previous one was destroyed Inferno created a samiliar version of the old Soul Edge with Rima as his new host.

Rima became a fully controlled host by Inferno and Soul Edge *Cradiant* after awhile Rima became the new Nightmare as she was transformed due her years as Inferno's host.

The new Nightmare had a part from the previous Nightmare but had also a newer look then the older Nightmare

In the times that followed Nightmare became a terror in the city's near its location it was able to create a a creature that would do the biddings of Rima as the creature was named Creeper

Rima was the new host of Inferno and also the new wielder of a new Soul Edge


Fighting Style

Due her mastering of Soul Edge *Cradiant* Rima learned how to move with the blade as she was possessed by Inferno that had fully control over its new host and it became a strong fighter with powerfull moves and combo's that could defeat every opponent who stoot against them

Rima (inferno) could crush every opponent who weren't strong enough to beat the powers of Soul Edge *Cradiant* and she became a fierce an powerfull warrior who was now knowned as the new Nightmare


Soul Edge *Cradiant*: This new version of Soul Edge was created by two Shards from older versions of Soul Edge used by Pyrrha and Nightmare as Inferno took possession of Rima and gave her this new made Soul Edge

Critical Edge

Inferno Ball: Rima/Nightmare is keeping her Soul Edge up as the ground open itself as green energy will come out from it and will make a huge ball of flames that will cause an inferno and hits the opponent


As Rima was before her take over by Inferno a kind gentle woman but was full of disappointmens as her family and friends where all killed or where taken by sickness, but Rima was a strong woman as she was on a journey she found two shards of Soul Edge and later she became possessed by Inferno as he was defeated before while possesing Raphael, Inferno took possession of Rima and she became a malfested and Evil host/wielder of Soul Edge


Rima's Chamber of Terror and Defeat

Theme Music

  • Edge's Curse
    Edge's Curse Rima's Theme-006:07

    Edge's Curse Rima's Theme-0

Series' Appereances


  • Come any closer and die!
  • No going back now! -
  • How come... This one makes me feel?
  • Leave me alone... Don't look at me!
  • Traitor! -
  • Hate you!
  • No mercy!
  • So red...
  • I'm alone... Again. - Spoken when KO'd by Ivy's "Embrace of Guilt"
  • Don't look at me! -
  • Useless... To cry!
  • It hurts... Aagh!
  • Serves you right!
  • No... Go away! -
  • Sorry...
  • Let's become one... It's so warm...
  • Give me... Your soul!
  • Leave!
  • Does it hurt?
  • Get out of my sight! - spoken during Critical Edge.
  • You're mine... Hahaha!
  • Die... On my blade!
  • Why... Is it always me?!
  • I'll... Crush you!
  • You can't hide!
  • Got you!
  • I'll kill you!
  • Shut up!
  • More!
  • Perish!
  • What's that...?
  • Shatter!
  • Stay away!
  • Die for me...
  • Feel my pain!
  • Burn for me!!
  • Burn... Everything!
  • It's shaking?! - spoken when hit by a tremor.
  • Such a strong soul, such a pretty soul! And it's all... Yours... - spoken after a victory.
  • Your soul! Oh God! God, it's filthy! - spoken after a victory.
  • Don't reject me... - spoken after being hit by Yoshimitsu's Critical Edge and Ivy's back throw.
  • Lies!! - spoken during Ring Out.
  • It's all lies!! - spoken during Ring Out.
  • What was that!?
  • Die!!
  • So cold! - spoken during Algol's Sadalsuub Markad.
  • Worthless...
  • Nnghhh... Why?
  • LIAR!!!
  • I'm gonna kill you!!
  • Stop!
  • You'll stay with me forever? You'll never betray me? - spoken to Soul Edge.
  • I'll do it, I'll collect the souls if you stay with me.- spoken to Soul Edge.
  • I'll kill everyone, and live with you- spoken to Inferno/Soul Edge.


  • Lost her family and friends due sickness or beeing killed
  • Free'd Raphael from Inferno
  • Created a creature named Creeper what would be her minion



Rima (inferno possession)

New Nightmare (Rima)


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