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"Youre just pathetic"
— Leandra Ω

Leandra Ω is a character in the Soul series she is the alternate version of Leandra Scott she wields Soul Edge *Necro* (an exact duplicate of the real Soul Edge with the same powers and ability's)

In in her soul lies: Pretension

She can be referred as: She who was created by destiny

Origins of Leandra Ω

Leandra Scott a normally skilled fighter and a Legend in some places had the greatest battle ever yet to win after encountering Nightmare for the third time in the Caves of Death she had to give it all against the Azure knight but she wasn't strong enough like the last two battles they had.

Just as Nightmare was about to end Leandra's Life her son Luke jumped in to save his mother and getting out of there but the Azure knight had a plan to let Leandra even more suffer, He attacked Luke and was smashed into a wall while Luke was in pain Nightmare stabbed his Soul Edge into his body.

You have a young and strong body perfect to take over as Nightmare transferred his soul into Luke's body

While Leandra sees her son getting possessed by Nightmare's Soul she struggles to satnd up while doing this the rage and anger inside her body grows with the minute, After the new Nightmare was created he attacked Leandra (while her rage and anger where still growing) he smashed her into the ground.

As the new Nightmare walks away Leandra rises up in an abnormal state her Dual Swords where burning when it attrackted Soul Edge towards Leandra while she holds the blade up she said

You will feel my revenge Nightmare, Do you hear my Nightmare...... after that she screams and a red light surrounds Leandra after the light was starting to fade Soul Edge returned to the new Nightmare.

When the light was totally vanished a new Leandra has been awakened cause by the rage and anger she felt when her son was changing it awakened Leandra's Dark Side (no-one knew she had it) she had was totally changed even her Face Mask had a black colored look her right arm had also changed into an arm with shining powers on it and she holds Soul Edge *Necro* in her hands

Leandra Scott has been awakened as Leandra Ω

Sealed Away

In Chapter V of the Omega Saga its been told that Leandra's Darkside was sealed away when she was brought the Utopia of the Blessed that was done by the guardian of Soul Calibur named Elysium.

Cause Leandra had wielded Soul Calibur only once she still had a small connection to it that totally vanished when she became Malfested the link with the Spirit Sword was gone but Elysium felted Leandra's Malfestation became even worser when she got Out of Sync with her good soul and became The Dark Omega.

On that moment Elysium was looking down and she saw that The Dark Omega sacrificed herself to save her friends and breaking Nightmare's evil link over her Son

Elysium transported Leandra to the Utopia of the Blessed and sealed away her Dark-Side, But even Elysium couldn't seal away her Dark-Side forever and it was a matter of time before it would happen again that Leandra would become Leandra Omega/The Dark Omega again.

The Rise of Omega Necro

It has been awhile since Leandra Scott became her alternate form knowned as Leandra Omega it brought also her Dark-side above knowned as The Dark Omega.

On one day Leandra thought back on the day she became Leandra Omega

Those Caves, That Battle, and the Rage and Anger and then that transformation...... Leandra spoke to herself

Then suddenly Leandra got transported away from her house to an unknown place, When she woke up she looked around and saw statues big giant statues carrying weapons but what happened and who did this, Leandra looked up and saw him again and he was out for revenge

ahhaha now i have you....... in youre normal state and not as youre Omega Counterpart but that will change when i got a message for you coming from my apprentice ahahaa Nightmare Laughed

Leandra had to fight him but her Dual Swords where still at home she didn't putted on the holster, how would she fight Nightmare now without her weapons?, But then she saw something on the ground a Soul Edge symbol this may could save her but wich form would she take her In Sync form or Out of Sync form: The Dark Omega, she didn't knew but she didn't hesitate Leandra runned to the Soul Edge Symbol but she was stopped by Nightmare (Ow no you don't ) he yelled to Leandra

Sow you found out the secret of the Soul Edge Symbols. well its not going to help you you will stay as you are *youre normal self* then it will be easyer to kill you hahaha Nightmare Shouted

But Leandra escaped from Nightmare's eyes and landed on the Soul Edge Symbol when she transformed again (cause she had no choice,. still after what her mother told her)

Leandra had become The Dark Omega and attacked Nightmare

You pathetic fool, Didn't you already learned that i am much stronger then you The Dark Omega shouted to Nightmare

But the azure knight had a plan to get her energy cause Nightmare still wasn't back to full power after his apprentice got a part of his energy Nightmare attacked her and was attacked back again by her it was again hard against hard, after a time of battle The Dark Omega became tired cause she had not much power after her short transformation, Then she collapsed and was layting still on the ground.

Then Nightmare grabbed The Dark Omega by her neck and was about to drain all of her energy

YOU........YOU.......... will die now Omega and after you changed back into your Good side i will destroy you ahahaa Nightmare Yelled

But then the eye on her Soul Edge *Necro* began to glow and shine and smashed Nightmare away from Leandra and covered her into a Red/Pink light after the light was gone another version of the Omega had been awakened Named: Omega Necro


No.....NOOOOO, Not another Omega i almost had it whaaaaaaa [[Nightmar
Omega Necro-1

Omega Necro awakened and holding Nightmare

e]] yelled

Omega Necro attacked Nightmare with a mayor impact and he flewed to the other side of the platform smashing into one of the statues and Omega Necro walked slowly to Nightmare then it grabbed Nightmare and raised him up

You....... You stoot in my way long enough Nightmare Time to end youre pathetic life, Do you have any idea who i am: I AM THE SPIRIT OF Soul Edge *NECRO* and i was created by youre own Soul Edge after my Hostess almost lost Her son because of youre failure he was saved and i was born as an Omega with a Soul (The Soul of the Woman who almost lost her kid) but after a time i got control over this Soul and became The Dark Omega because i had given her Rage and Anger against you and now i could awaken in my fully created form: Omega Necro she told Nightmare

Nightmare faced his equal power in the form of Omega Necro the fully awakened version of the Omega soul that was created when Leandra Scott was at her most darkest moment of Rage and Anger and was about to fight the strongest version of The Omega Soul
Omega Necro-2

Omega Necro unleashes her attack on Nightmare

I....... HATE YOU......... HATE YOU.......... Nightmare shouted to Omega Necro

But it didn't hurt her at all Omega Necro threwed away Nightmare like it was trash and picked him up again and threwed him away again harder and harder, After a time of throwing Nightmare was weak and more dead the he was alive but Omega Necro wasn't done yet with the azure knight

Time to get serious now, i am going to destroy you Nightmare right here and now Omega Necro spoke while raising up her Soul Edge *Necro*

She was creating a huge fireball fromn out of her Soul Edge *Necro* and [[Nightmare runned towards her to stop her but he was to late, Omega Necro slashed the attack upon [[Nightmare with a great impact

OMEGA RAGE BLAST.............and farewell Nightmare Omega Necro spoke

The attack hitted Nightmare and he was smashed back again into a stone statue and didn't move a bit

Its over Nightmare, i have won, i that was made from youre Soul Edge and my Soul Edge *Necro* Omega Necro spoke to Nightmare but he didn't move

Then Omega Necro suddenly began to shine and was surrounded again by light (Blue light again) what changed her back into her *Normal self again* Leandra

Where am i.......... and what happend with Nightmare is he dead well he isn't moving anyway Leandra spoke in thoughts

The Soul Edge Symbol was vanished from the floor and Leandra was already gone when Nightmare woke up and stoot up and saying

ahahaa..... My plan has worked, i knew that there was another version of the Omega Soul (The strongest one) but this one is truely evil and a very strong opponent maby i can convise her to join my side ahahahaaa Nightmare spoke while he vanished again.

Necro Wolf

After Leandra had experienced the fully powers of her Omega Soul it had one more surprise in store for her cause she had found out that the powers of her Soul Edge *Necro* had one more form in store.

In a battle that Leandra had aganst another powerful opponent called Astaroth she experienced this Transfer of Energy from her Soul Edge *Necro* without becoming Leandra Omega.

Cause in this battle a Soul Edge Symbol apperead on the battleground from out of nowhere and Leandra had a hard time to defeat Astaroth sow this Soul Edge Symbol was her chance to become Omega and destroy Astaroth with her Soul Edge *Necro* but Astaroth had his own idea to use the Soul Edge Symbol but Leandra was already near the Symbol, As she drawed her Dual Swords to form Soul Edge *Necro*

Youre not going to use that symbol Woman Astaroth Yelled

And he threwed his axe towards the Symbol where Leandra had already formed Soul Edge *Necro* as she was about to pick it up the Axe of Astaroth destroyed the Symbol and Leandra couldn't transform.

Now you cannot defeat my weakling!!! Astaroth yelled

But something strange happened with Leandra's Soul Edge *Necro* cause it was transforming into energy and Leandra was using her Wolf -Creature to defend herself while her Dual Swords where becoming Soul Edge *Necro*.
Necro Wolf 1

Leandra as Necro-Wolf

The Energy that had been formed transferred itself into Leandra's Wolf Creature and it changed colors like Leandra had never seen it took the colors of her Soul Edge *Necro* and the Wolf Creature began to glow while Astaroth attacked Leandra but he was smashed away by a blow of energy the Wolf-Creature was transformed into Necro Wolf and changed Leandra also into a Wolf-Creature what almost looked as she was in her Omega State but she was different and with different colors.

As Leandra Looked to her Necro-Wolf-Creature she was also changed and was very powerful like when she is in her Omega State and she attacked Astaroth with great impacts and attacks

Time to end this battle Necro-Wolf spoke

And she unleased a devastating attack on Astaroth and destroyed the half of his armor but he raised again and spoke:
Necro Wolf 3

Necro-Wolf attacking Astaroth

We will finish this later as he vanished

When Leandra was calm again her Wolf-Creature transformed back into its normal colors and so it was for Leandra she was back to her normal self and was holding her Dual Swords in her hands

Darkness Omega

Leandra also knowned as Leandra Ω what her Evil-Side gained when fighting Nightmare in the Caves of Death, Leandra's forms contained Omega Neutral, Dark Omega, and Omega Necro, but Leandra would soon find out that there was ONE more form coming and not gained when using Soul Edge *Necro* but her own Dual Swords would unlock her last form knowned as Darkness Omega maby the strongest form of them all.

Leandra likes to train at night its something she always liked to do even when she was young and one one night she was also training on an open field where no-one should find her or disturb her, But soon she would face He Who made her Evil but for now she was training in the full moon

I love to train at night its sow peacefull Leandra spoke in thoughts

She did some moves with her Dual Swords and practiced some skills she also knew and wanted to know even better.
Leandra V303

Leandra meets Nightmare again

Then all the sudden a lightning bolt attcked Leandra but she could jump away from it as she landed on the ground and when she looked up she saw HIM again Nightmare was standing before her

Well Well what do we have here........... Nightmare spoke

You..............YOU................. GET...OUT...OF..MY...WAY Leandra yelled

But Nightmare was keep standing in front of her and started to talk to Leandra

Since you have become Omega, you have become stronger everytime we fought, but i will destroy you right now Leandra, WAAAAAAAAAAA Nightmare yelled while attacking Leandra

She blocked his attack and smashed him away by doing a Flame-Slash and Nightmare was smashed into the ground as he was raised up again soon he attacked again and hitted Leandra in her stomach and she fell down

Do you feel it Leandra, the feeling of DEFEAT Nightmare spoke

I wil never lose to you Nightmare, Never Leandra yelled

As Leandra's anger was growing inside her she thought that she better could wait till the time was right to become Omega, But Leandra also knew that it was the only way to defeat him cause in her Omega-state she was very powerfull

What are you waiting for Leandra ??, i can feel you are about to transform Nightmare spoke

But Leandra was waiting for the right moment to strike, sow she fired nsome bullets from her pistols sword in the hope to district Nightmare but he blocked all of them and he attacked Leandra again but she was able to block it now
Leandra V307

Leandra crossing her Swords by accident

Alright Nightmare, you want Omega, THEN YOU CAN GET OMEGA Leandra yelled

But something terrible went wrong then instead to stab her Swords into the ground they got crossed by accident and a green light appeared in front of Leandra and covered her and she transformed again into something new, while Nightmare try'd to attack her again he got smashed away by the green light

After the green light was vanished and Nightmare was back on his feet he looked to Leandra but in a strange form she was on fire cause Flames where coming from her body and her eyes gained a new color and also she didn't have Soul Edge *Necro* but her own Dual Swords

I...........AM...........DARKENSS..........OMEGA Leandra yelled
Leandra v306

Darkness Omega

Nightmare attacked Darkness Omega but he had no chance and was grabbed by Darkness Omega and she attacked Nightmare with some heavy damaging attacks and after a quick beat-up he landed in front of her and he was grabbed again and Darkness Omega said:

Now feel my ultimate power Nightmare Darkness Omega yelled

It stabbed Nightmare in his chest and he flew up high and landed back on the ground by a smash with Darkness Omega's Swords in his chest, as he landed he was very damaged by the hit
Leandra V305

Darkness Omega defeating Nightmare

You.............I... WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.................. Nightmare wanted to say

But Darkness Omega gave him a blast with her Pistol Sword and smashed Nightmare far away from her

GOOD BYE NIGHTMARE................ Darkness Omega yelled

As she reverted back to Leandra she was feeling empty and she fell down on one knee by holding one of her Swords that was stabbed into the ground

What was that Leandra asked herself


The Soul that lurks inside Soul Edge *Necro* and controls Dark Omega and Omega Necro, it was created after Leandra got this copy of the real Soul Edge in her hands, but this sword became the home of Necro-Edge who was formed inside the eye of Soul Edge *Necro* after Leandra was transformed into Leandra Ω

In Sync with her Soul / Out of Sync with her Soul

Leandra Ω has 2 different sides she controls them by getting in Sync with her Soul or not

In Sync Form

  • Her armor is Grey/Red colored
  • Her Eyes are Black/Orange
    Leandra Omega V122

    Leandra Omega when in Sync and when out of Sync with her *Good* Soul

  • Her Face Mask is totally changed into Black
  • Still has a good side (Her own Normal Soul)
  • Has a deeper but (Light) Voice

Out of Sync Form

  • Her Armor is Black/Grey
  • Her Eyes are Red/Grey colored
  • Her Face Mask is totally changed into Dark Black
  • Is totally evil and can even attack friends or Family who are standing in her way
  • Has a Dark and Evil Voice

Omega Necro

  • Is the strongest of the Omega Soul
  • Has a totally other appereance then Leandra Omega
    Omega Necro

    Omega Necro *Leandra Omega's ultimate evil form*

  • Is controlled by Soul Edge *Necro*
  • Has wings and Orange/Yellow Eyes
  • Has a long tail on her back
  • Has a totally other voice then Omega/Dark Omega


  • Was created by Soul Edge *Necro* by transferring energy in to Leandra's Wolf-Creature
  • Changed the colors of the Wolf-Creature into Red/Orange
    Necro Wolf 5


  • Can unleash powerful attacks with the Necro-Wolf-Creature
  • Is much stronger then when Leandra uses the normal Wolf-Creature
  • After Leandra will calm down she will change back into her normal self again

Darkness Omega

  • Created when Leandra crossed her Dual Swords by accident
    Leandra V309

    Darkness Omega

  • has Red/Orange eyes
  • Fights not with Soul Edge *Necro*
  • Has a different hairstyle
  • During battle it is surrounded by Flames
  • Wears a Black/Red Armor (same as Leandra´s main armor)


Omega/Dark Omega

Leandra's malfested form is totally different then she normally is she has allot of rage in her body that she uses on her opponents but she can control her evil side when she is focussed and in sync with her soul, But if she looses that control her Malfested side takes over and nothing or anyone can stop her from destroying those who stand in her way (that goes even for friends and family).

Omega Necro

Omega Necro has taken over Leandra's entire body and Soul cause Omega Necro is the fully awakened version of the Omega Soul and is fully controlled by Soul Edge *Necro* and is more Evil then The Dark Omega


Necro itself in her Humanform is a menace and totally focussed to destroy anyone who gets in her way


Necro-Wolf its personality is the same as Omega (in Sync) Neutral but its has light waves of evilness cause the energy of Soul Edge *Necro*

Darkness Omega

Darkness Omega is a new created form but doesn't talk much only when its needed, it attackes with heavy attackes and might be the strongest form of The Omega Soul

Weapon: Soul Edge *Necro*

Soul Edge *Necro* is the main weapon of Leandra Ω it was created from the real Soul Edge wielded by Nightmare, Her main weapons The Master Dual Swords where reacting on Leandra's Rage and Angerand it attracted Soul Edge to her and made an duplicate from Soul Edge that would be called Soul Edge *Necro*, Leandra Scott became Leandra Ω (The Omega Soul was born)

Weapon: Necro-Wolf-Creature

its not a weapon but more a Beast with sharp claws and attacks and it is colored the same as Soul Edge *Necro*

Weapon: Dual Swords

Darkness Omega fights with Swords, the same Leandra also uses when in normal state

Critical Edge

Omega Rage Blast: Leandra Ω critical edge is a huge fireball with all of her rage in it that will hit the opponent very hard.

Moon Smasher (Necro-Wolf):Necro-Wolf unleashes the Necro-Wolf-Creature and will smash up the opponent ans it will also smash it down into the ground

Dark Flame Shot (Darkness Omega) Fires a powerfull shot from the Pistol Sword, this attack can be done twice and causes more damage to the opponent



  • Was created in the Caves of Death (when Nightmare was possessing her son)
  • Wields an exact duplicate of Soul Edge (Soul Edge *Necro*)
  • Can control her malfested side when in sync and focus with her soul
  • Her right arm changed to do some mayor damage when grabbing her opponent
  • Has revealed her darkside called: The Dark Omega
  • Became Omega Necro the third form and is controlled also by Soul Edge *Necro*
  • During battle against Astaroth Necro-Wolf was created by energy transfer from Soul Edge *Necro*
  • Its been revealed that Necro-Edge is the creature that controls Leandra's Omega Soul
  • Became Darkness Omega when crossed Swords by accident and was transformed
  • While Soul Edge *Necro* controls Leandra in her Omega-Form (DarkOmega/Omega Necro) Darkness Omega is also a part of The Omega Soul (who was created by Leandra's Dual Swords) by accident
  • Darkness Omega is the only form of Leandra's Omega Soul with flames
  • Darkness Omega's new form (stage 2) is even stronger then the stage 1 version, as it will be able to evolve even further to stage 4

Rise of Omega

SoulCalibur - Rise of Omega Opening-1

SoulCalibur - Rise of Omega Opening-1

Plot: Leandra Scott fights to free herself from her Malfested-Side and destroy it

Series' Appereances


Soulcalibur V (Omega/Dark Omega/Necro-Wolf/Darkness Omega)

  • You're nothing.
  • This is gonna hurt
  • You look nice and tough!
  • Prepare to die! (when doing a critical edge)
  • Nobody said life was easy.
  • You were just too weak.
  • You want to serve under me?
  • Come back after some training!
  • Sleep now!.
  • You look nice and tough.
  • I'll give you a lesson in humility.
  • You're not getting away! (taunting)
  • Why you...!?
  • Go!
  • Now retreat!
  • Not again! (during ring out)
  • This one's gonna hurt!
  • Save your breath!
  • Quit stalling!
  • You got nerve!
  • Just pathetic
  • Eat steel!
  • Ready?
  • It's over!
  • Lights out!
  • Useless!
  • Wide open!
  • Face your death!
  • Give it up!
  • Haha.....
  • Watch!
  • Ah....I can't believe this! (during time up)
  • Handle.....This!
  • Leave!
  • It's useless!
  • Die!
  • What's this?! (when breaking defence barrier)

(Omega Necro/Necro-Edge)

  • You dare to challenge my
  • I'll say even dogs have some honor
  • Wallow in youre weakness
  • Its time (when doing critical Edge)
  • Impossible
  • Damn you
  • Lets get this over with
  • Die!
  • Scram
  • But how.... (when breaking defence barrier)
  • Weak!
  • You should have stayed quiet
  • Bang
  • Youre faith is sealed
  • You should have stayed quiet
  • Is this my fate... (during ring out'
  • Observe
  • Impossible
  • Take this
  • Yet another waste of my time
  • Never!
  • This is youre end


Leandra Ω Story Mode Images

Rise of Omega