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"We fight as a Team, We survive as a Team"
— Leandra

Leandra Scott (リーンドラー・スコット, Rindora Sukotto) is one of the main protagonists from The Future War that lives in this Alternative World  

In her Soul lies: Vengeance

before the Future War

The Destruction of Omega

In the Years before the The Future War began Leandra was a woman that lived with her family and friends in peace and rest after all the happeings that happend to her and her friends but ONEof the most important things that happend was the destruction of Nightmare

Chaos Nightmare attacking Leandra Ω

This happend after Leandra Ω destroyed Nightmare after a long and intense Fight against the Azure Knight, she was able to destroy him cause of all the power and strength she got and a new era had begun for the One that had done the Impossible.

Years passed and nothing of anything was knowned of Nightmare till one day a Village nearby the home of Leandra was destroyed by a group of Malfested Soldiers, Leandra decided to go on a investegation on her own cause her son and daughter weren't needed at the time

She headed for the destroyed village and once there she saw the total destruction what the Malfested Soldiers had done l

Chaos Nightmare holding Leandra Ω in his claw

uckely every villager had escaped before the attack was done, as Leandra was looking over the entire village a group of Malfested Soldiers was still there looking for trouble as she drawed her Dual Swords the Malfested Soldiers where all defeated soon by Leandra's fighting Skills

As soon as the Malfested Soldiers had flew away from the Village and Leandra putted back her Dual Swords into the holster on her back she got Grabbed from behind by an Giant Claw  as she heard a Voice

AHHHH FINALLY WE MEET AGAIN............ AFTER SOME YEARS  The voice spoke while it let Leandra go

As she turned herself around she saw a Giant Flaming Creature with a well knowned Sword in his hand Soul Edge

NIGHTMARE..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............but how...........? Leandra yelled as she drawed her Dual Swords

Nightmare told Leandra that he had survived because of his Soul Edge and that the time had come for Leandra to be destroyed, but she didn't felt anything to meet her end as he

Leandra Ω smashed away by Chaos Nightmare's heavy attack

r Dual Swords where glowing up this was the moment where Leandra would become Leandra Ω

The time has come for you to be destroyed once again Nightmare.............. WAAAAAAAAA Leandra yelled while she stabbed her Dual Swords into the ground and be came Soul Edge *Necro*

The Leandra grabbed Soul Edge *Necro* and transformed into Leandra Ω (neutral form) and attacked Nightmare with some great strong attacks but Nightmare was stronger then before and he didn't ant to have an endless fight against Leandra Ω and decided that the Omega had to be destroyed once and for all.

As soon as Nightmare had the chance and Leandra Ω missed her attack he said:      

NOW WHATS THIS..........................   Nightmare yelled 

Nightmare as he was called now Chaos-Nightmare grabbed Leandra Ω and smashed her into the ground then he stabbed his Soul Edge into the ground aswell and gave Leandra Ω a ground attack that caused great damage to her Soul Edge *Necro* but she stoot up and attacked Nightmare again

Her hit was succes bu

Leandra Ω defeated by Chaos Nightmare

t[[Nightmare again grabbed her and threwed her away back on the ground and before Leandra Ω could raise up again [[Nightmare] grabbed her and was holding her again as he began to speak

You stoot long enough in my, sow now the time has come what i should  have done alreadu years ago: DESTROY YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL Nightmare yelled

As he threwed the weakedned Leandra Ω away again ans she landed on her back but she was able to get up

You will never defeat me Nightmare................. NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!  Leandra Ω yelled

While she was running towards the Azure knight Nightmare charged up his Soul Edgeand gave Leandra Ω and heavy hit and she flewed a long way back and Nightmare took his time to get to her location, as soon as he was there the more wounded Leandra Ω didn't move and was laying there as Nightmare stepped closer to end her life

I have won...............NOW DIE!!!!!!! Nightmare yelled as he wanted to stab Leandra to death

Then Leandra Ω opend her Eyes and blocked the attack with her Soul Edge *Necro* ands smashed Nightmare way back to the earlyer fight location and stoot up as she was very injured by Nightmare's attack, these attackes where much stronger the the fights with the previous Nightmare Leandra Ω was saying in thoughts

Chaos Nightmare draining Leandra Ω's energy from her body

Both Nightmare and Leandra Ω charged up their swords for one Ultimate attack that would end this fight and would destroy one of them, but it would be a total different way 

The Attack of Nightmare was stronger then the attack of Leandra Ω and she was smashed way back again and didn't move anymore and son as Nightmare was coming towards her she still didn't move

Now youre time has come to say good-bye to youre Omega-Side Leandra....., you will NEVER BE IN MY WAY AGAIN AS OMEGA   Nightmare Laughed hard

Leandra Ω was still not moving and Nightmare stabbed his Soul Edge into Leandra Ω's body and drained all of Lean

Leandra in de Claw of Chaos Nightmare

dra Ω's energy out of her body till Nightmare was holding a big ball of Energy into his claw ad Leandra reverted back to her normal self as she was heavy injured by Soul Edge's hits done by Chaos Nightmare 

Leandra's left-side of her face was totally damaged by Nightmare's attacks as Nightmare walked to Leandra with the Energy Ball in his Claw as Leandra woke up she was looking to Nightmare who was holding her Omega Energy in his claw

No...............i've lost.............. my Omega Powers................... Leandra struggled to say

As Nightmare was holding Leandra's Omega Energy Ball infront of her he spoke:

Finally, none are left with the strength to oppose us, This is the end of Leandra Ω   Nightmare spoke

Then Leandra saw how Nightmare threwed up The Omega Energy Ball en smashed it into pieces and all vanished in front of the heavy Weakened and injured Leandra,

Leandra out of energy

Then Nightmare picked up Leandra and was holding her in his Claw while saying:

Look how pathetic you are now without youre Omega Powers,........... THEY ARE GONE FOR GOOD   Nightmare spoke to Leandra

Leandra herself was in a very weak state and Nightmare decided not to Kill her and trewed her on the ground as he vanished into thin air with leaving Leandra behind.

When Nightmare was gone Leandra woke up but was still weak after the draining of her Omega Energy as she was thinking

I've lost my Omega Powers, Nightmare finally have what he got, NO MORE OMEGA............ Leandra was thinking 

But she was also in heavy pain cause of her Left-Side was totally damaged and could only see with ONE EYE cause also her Left Eye was heavy damaged, sow even a Face-Mask wasn't enough to save her left face side.

As Leandra wanted to pick up her Dual Swords who where changed also back but now without the Omega Energy she fell again and didn't move anymore

In her mind she'was thinking about her chlidren Alexandra and Luke or they would find her and bring her home....


Return of Leandra

While laying on the open field and not moving Leandra who just lost her Omega-Powers done by Nightmare was found by two old friends of her Helen and Xie Tian  They where in the neighbor when Leandra was fighting Nightmare as Omega, But didn't noticed their battle just when Leandra was out they found her and took her to her home.

But Leandra had gone into a sort of coma and woke up some times later, When Leandra woke up she was feeling something strange on her Left-Face side and one of her Eyes was different as she jumped up.........

NOOOOO.................... WHAT HAPPEND WITH ME    Leandra yelled

Calm down Leandra...... its okay   Xie Tian said

Xie Tian explained what they had done to Leandra cause between time Xie Tian had learned some of bionical parts and replaced Leandra's Left Side and her Left Eye with a Bionical Face Part, he also told her that her Left-Side couid not be saved anymore and to save her life that had to be done by replacing her Face-Part.

After the explaination of Xie Tian Leandra stoot up and toughed her Face and she felt something strange on her Left-Side like it wasn't a normal feeling, No it was feeling metallic as it was a Bionical Face and her eye she saw everything again.

As Leandra was looking to the wall of the house she saw a picture of herself in better times when she was in the age of 24 and she was thinking

Time goes very fast, as i stand here at the beginning of the War''  

Also Helen told Leandra that  Xie Tian and herself had found her in the open field and that she had gone into a short coma and n

The new Leandra attacking Chaos Nightmare

ow she was looking like this

I.............I.............. im still confused......, where are Alex and Luke''  Leandra asked

Xie Tian said they where fine but that a War was about to begin and they had to make plans to escape from this War and this war would ne leaded by Chaos Nightmare, as Leandra was thinking back at the day she lost her Omega Powers she knew that she would be in that War aswell to destroy Chaos Nightmare

Im will fight and destroy Chaos Nightmare  Leandra spoke 

Helen re-fixed Leandra's Swords and where given back to Leandra also she got new clothes given by Helen and then she was ready to face Chaos Nightmare again in battle.

Years passed since and the War was going on and survivors had to fight Malfested Soldiers and Giant Robots that where all lead by Chaos Nightmare

also Leandra was fighting in this War along with her friends abd Team Mates HelenXie Tian,  and her chlidren Alexandra and Luke  they formed an alliance together to fight against the forces of Chaos Nightmare.

In one of these battles Chaos Nightmare was also on the field and Leandra noticed that and had gone to him to fight him and to let him pay for what he had done to her by Destroying her Omega-side as she was facing him Chaos Nightmare looked suprised that she would e back to face him again

Well Well looks like you have a new FA...............   Chaos Nightmare wanted to say but he was smashed away by Leandra

SHUT UP YOU............................. IM HERE TO DESTROY YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME AND MY FACE Leandra yelled

As Leandra attacked Chaos Nightmare her power was stronger then before cause her Swords had gotten upgraded by Helen and they where much more powerfull then before, and she attacked Chaos Nightmare with moves of her own 


After a time while her friends where still busy with the Malfested Soldiers and the Robots Leandra was still fighting Chaos Nightmare as she had an idea to make some damage on his armor she jumped up and vanished and landed behind him while damageing his armor

Leandra preparing herself to fire

YOU................. WHAT IS THIS, WHAT YOU ARE DOING...............  Chaos Nightmare yelled

Im taking you down Chaos Nightmare, yeah thats what im doing' Leandra said

YOU CAN'T DESTROY ME..................   Chaos Nightmare yelled

Maby not but i will try..............     Leandra spoke again

YOU WILL................................ WAAAAAAA'   Chaos Nightmare wanted to say but was smashed away by a the Light Bullet fired from Leandra's Sword

I see Helen made some improvements to my Swords,............ I like it  Leandra spoke in thoughts

Then Chaos Nightmare stoot up and vanished into the air while saying

You will all PERRISH.............. and THIS WAR IS MINE TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!  Chaos Nightmare's voice yelled around

The War was still going on and the group of Xie Tian, Luke, Alexandra Leaded by Helen and Leandra would be ended one day till that moment



Last rites on the Battlefield


  • You're nothing.
  • This is gonna hurt!
  • You look nice and tough!
  • Prepare to die! (when doing a critical edge)
  • Nobody said life was easy.
  • You were just too weak.
  • You want to serve under me?
  • Come back after some training!
  • Sleep now!.
  • Perrish
  • You look nice and tough.
  • I'll give you a lesson in humility.
  • You're not getting away! (taunting)
  • Why you...!?
  • Go!
  • Now retreat!
  • Not again! (during ring out)
  • This one's gonna hurt!
  • Save your breath!
  • Quit stalling!
  • This war will be ended by the power of teamwork
  • You got nerve!
  • Just pathetic
  • Eat steel!
  • Ready?
  • It's over!
  • Chaos Nightmare will not defeat me again  (spoken at the start of fight against Chaos Nightmare)
  • Lights out!
  • Useless!
  • Wide open!
  • Even with my Omega Powers destroyed, im still powerfull
  • Face your death!
  • Give it up!
  • Haha.....
  • Watch!
  • Ah....I can't believe this! (during time up)
  • Handle.....This!
  • Leave!
  • It's useless!
  • Die!
  • What's this?! (when breaking defence barrier)


  • Destroyed the previous Nightmare as Leandra Ω
  • Lost her Omega-side when Chaos Nightmare drained the energy from her body then later he destroyed it
  • During the first battle against Chaos Nightmare, Her Face on the Left-Side was heavyly damaged
  • Was given a Bionical Face Part and a new Eye by Xie Tian
  • Got newly upgraded Dual Swords made by Helen
  • Together wih Helen she leads the group to fight for Survival



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Soulcalibur The Future War (Trailer 2)-001:12

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