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Johnson was a Pirate who was a commander aboard on his ship called *The Compass*, his Crew wasn't always happy with his idea's of collecting treasures or steal other stuff but they did what them was asked to do. 

Johnson and his Crew travelled for long days over the seas to search for new vessels to conquer and steal them empty and taking also all the Rum there was on the ships they conquer and after a good hunt Johnson and his Crew drunk the whole night tilll the Rum was gone.

But on one day when Johnson was sealing over the sea his ship *The Compass* was attacked by another pirate this pirate named Cervantes he had a Crew that was sow Evil that everyone feared these men, The men of Cervantes boarded the ship and killed evry men that was there, Johnson himself fought against Cervantes but the Captain of The Adrian was way stronger and he and his men stole everything on *The Compass* and destroyed the whole ship.

As The Adrian set sail again *The Compass* sunk to the bottem of the sea and Johnson was in the cold sea as he saw his total ship destroyed.

Sometime later he was still floating in the water as he saw an island appearing and he swimmed to the island, out of energy and weak he crawled on the beach and passed out, Some years later Johnson builded his own House as he was already for a serval years on his ownj that changed his Personality from a cool commander to a silent man who wasn't speak allot anymore but sometimes he spoke a few words.

As Johnson was standing on the beach looking to the sun he thought

Someday i will be a commander again.........

A few days later when he was working.he saw a ship passing by his island as he was seeing the ship passing he was thinking back at his time when he was commander of the *Compass*

That ship........... its coming to my direction   Johnson said to himself

As johnson saw the ship coming towards him he ws making things ready sow that the crew could enter the beach but he was prepared for an attack (if that ship was evil again) like The Adrian the ship of Cervantes sow he was waiting to see what was coming.....



  • Escaped from Cervantes after his Crew was killed and his ship destroyed
  • Likes to travel to islands to find Treasures
  • Build his own House on an island he owns


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