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"I will always protect my family"
— Evelyn

Evelyn Scott  (イヴリン·スコット, Ivurin· Sukotto) is a chaarcter in the Soul series and she appears sometimes on earth to help out her family

The angelic Evelyn

Evelyn Scott is the Mother of Steven and Leandra she died when her daughter Leandra was 12 years old when Evelyn and her husband where both killed by the evil pirate Cervantes and his evil men, they burned down their home, she was married to Eric Scott 

As an Angel in the Utopia of the Blessed Evelyn helped out Leandra when she was raging around in her Omega-Form sow Evelyn reverted her back to normal before she could do any harm to innocent lives.


As Evelyn returned to her place in the Utopia of the Blessed as she later one had heard on a newly angelic lady named Annelon, this angel was not an ordinary angel but she had the power to give herself various forms of humans and animals as Evelyn als heard that her unknown daughter named Sirvandra as she became friends with Annelon and she asked her to search for her missing daughter

As Annelon agree'd to help her to be re-united with her family as Annelon was sended down she took the disguise of a ninja-like human to convinse Sirvandra that she was a fighter also and as her end goal re-uniting the family again as Evelyn asked her


Evelyn was a mother that always stoot up for her family even when Cervantes was burning down their home she stoot up to protect their chlidren, This costed the life of Evelyn and her husband Eric as they where murdered by the dread captain

Fighting Style

As Evelyn wield a snake sword what had to be a  copy of Soul Calibur what was created from a soul calibur shard, she fights her way off by using the abiliy's that the sword uses for long and short attacks


Soul Calibur (Snake Sword) this weapon from the angels is used by Evelyn

Critical Edge

Angels Edge: She grabs her opponent and fly's up the parts of her Snake Sword are raging on the opponent and come back together when its over to form the whole Snake Sword again




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