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"I am the one and only ruler in this Kingdom"
— Draiden

Draiden is a character in the Soul series and he is the ruler of Draiden's Kingdom (after he renamed it to himself as it was first named The Hearas Kingdom)

In his Soul lies Vengeance

New Ruler of the Kingdom

The Hearas Kingdom a place ruled by King Hearas (who was a demonic king) are living lots of demonic creatures wich weren't able to live in the world above as The Hearas Kingdom was the perfect place to live and no human was ever seen inside The Kingdom till on a day a Human (named Draiden) entered the hearas kingdom and after battling lots of demonic soldiers he became the commander of the demon army to keep the kingdom safe, but soon everything inside the realm would change.

In the days inside The Hearas Kingdom at the time ruled by King Hearas all was going well till a blowing storm arrived that was the beginning of a fierce war and the hearas kingdom became the battlefield where thousands of strange creatures came in and took over everything they saw and even killing all of them who stoot in their way, as the war raged among the kingdom, King Hearas was feeling someone was responseable for this and he knew it was his former commander of his army Draiden, Draiden was in the past the commander of the entire army of The Hearas Kingdom as it was a good commander in the beginning, but Draiden started to kill people in the world above that got the attention of King Hearas cause a soldier who was gravly injured and near death caused by Draiden, The soldier didn't wanted to kill a human in the world above cause that was against the rules of King Hearas as Draiden killed the human instead the soldier stopped him as it said Its against the rules to show ourselves into the world above but Draiden enjoyed the torturing of weak humans from the world above.

After the King was informed by the deeds of Draiden he already killed 30 People from the world above just to enjoy himself as Draiden became a ruthless commander and even his own soldiers weren't safe from Draiden's evil doings, after Draiden killed another soldier he was taken of the army and was banished by King Hearas and was putted into a dark pit where no-one was able to escape from.

After a few years no-one heard someting of Draiden as he was still in the pit where he was thrown into after all those years, he became obssessed with power and even more the will to kill and to enjoy the feelings of someone else's pain and suffer, also he started to mutate as he was in the Pit for some years, what King Hearas didn't knew about this Pit of Dark Souls is that is was full of evil energy and Draiden absorbed all this energy and mutated into a powerfull creature with the ablility to use his Whole body as a weapon.

By the time Draiden had fully absorbed all dark energy inside the Pit of Dark Souls he could escape by blasting open the seal with a powerfull blast of his hands and he headed towards the palace of King Hearas as he arrived there he killed everyone in the palace even his own former soldiers and by the time he reached King Hearas's throneroom he prepared himself to fight his former commader as Draiden was way to strong for the King.

Draiden made a sword of his hands and cutted off King Hearas's head as he was keeping in next to him he said

Now this kingdom deserves a new name and a new ruler and that's me

Instead of getting rid if the head he kept it as a token of his victory over King Hearas by putting the head in a bottle of liquid stuff that would keep the head in good shape as he putted the bottle next to his new made throne.

Draiden became the new ruler of The Hearas Kingdom and renamed it to himself as from now on it was called Draiden's Kingdom, also he gathered also a new army that would listen to Draiden's commands as all soldiers (like a thousand) stoot before him he spoke

The times of a new era has come we shall rule the world above and kill everyone who will stand in our way Draiden yelled

As he took place on his throne he looked in front of him and was waiting what was about to happen.

A few years later an unknown girl named Annelon infiltraded into Draiden's palace as he had expected her as she was a gifted person that he needed to made his plan to make the Sword of Dark Souls by infusing the sword with her energy, sow he killed the defeated Annelon and wanted to take her energy but she had came back to life by the help of her Tri-Cryatal and lefted draiden behind after she revealed herself to be an angel

But Draiden swore to find her and make his plans reality.

Times later a woman strange looking woman named Mihatana joined Draiden's side as she promised to get what Draiden needed for his plans as in exchange she would become his right hand.



Draiden is a ruthless man that Rules with an Iron Fist as he is evil and enjoys another person's pain and suffer, as he was in the beginning a loyal commander of King Hearas's army, he became greedy and started to kill people for no reason from the world above as King Hearas banished him and threwed him into the pitt of Dark Souls, he came back as a fully mutated ruler and killed King Hearas and took over his realm


Draiden uses his whole body to attack and kill everyone he sees and are against him, he also can make swords of his hads to attack even harder and cause more pain to his opponents

Fighting Style

Draiden's fighting style is strong and powerfull as he uses also close combat attacks and can also do some attack from the air like firing eneryballs from his hands, as he also is able to make greater energyballs that come from his giant tooth looking claws

Critical Edge

Crushing Banishment: Draiden calls upon his throne and smashes it upon the enemy, he can also uses a double attack by smashing the throne and after that takes place on it as the opponent is crushed underneath his throne


Draiden's Kingdom Throneroom

Theme Music

Draiden's Theme02:27

Draiden's Theme

Series' Appereances


  • Was the former commander from the army of The Heeras Kingdom
  • Got greedy and started to kill people for no reason
  • Was banished from the realm and was locked up in the pit of Dark Souls
  • Free'd himself after he was mutated by absorbing all evil energy inside the pit
  • Killed King Hearas and kept his head as a token of his victory and renamed the hearas kingdom into  Draiden's kingdom
  • Commands a new army of a thousand demonic soldiers who will follow him
  • Defeated and killed Annelon to steal her energy for use of his plans
  • got a new follower named Mihtana


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