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"The Path i believe in is the path of the Rightious"
— Annelon

Annelon is an Angelic Shape-Shifting chararcter in the Soul series she can change forms (animals or human) with the help of her Tri-Crystal, she appears in Soulcalibur V

In her Soul lies Purity

Arrival of Annelon

Annelon is a girl with a special gift, she has the ability to change forms with the help of her Tri-Crystal she is able to take the form of a human or an animal this ability she used when she first arrived on earth she took the form of a white wolf to investegate the planet and its people as soon Annelon would find out that this planet had a beautifull side but also a darker side.

Her origin is unknown as Annelon came from a distand place as she was special with her shape-shifting gift, she was still in her changed form of a White Snow Wolf she discovered the human world with all of its goodness and even the darkside of the humans.

In an unknown Kingdom underneath the earth a Demon Lord named Draiden was watching how Annelon discovered the world from above, this evil Ruler of his kingdom named Draiden's Kingdom had special plans that he wanted to do at first he wants to create a very powerfull sword that has the power to turn humans into demonic creatures, he called the new weapon the Sword of Dark Souls but to get started with his plans he needed a serval things like he had to create the sword first and then he had to power it up but to do that he needed 2 things also his oiwn Energy and the energy of a special person with a gift and that person was Annelon as he saw her in his visions

Draiden sended out a few of his men to capture the gifted Annelon and bring her to him as he could steal her powers to energize the Sword of Dark Souls.


Death and Reincarnation

Some times moved on since Annelon came to earth the gifted girl staý'd in her wolf form sow that no-one could see her as she hided herself in a forrest near a town, on one day strange creatures arrived in her Forrest, as she saw them she looked to them and was wandering what busness they had here as curious Annelon was she followed them from the forrest to an unknown hole in the ground as the strange creatures vanished in this Hole Annelon switched forms from wolf to human (with a black/red costume) and without hesitating she jumped in the hole not knowing where it would lead to.

After falling in the deep hole she landed on the ground and looked around as she started to walk, meanwhile in the same realm in his palace Draiden noticed the arrival of a stranger in his realm as he calls upon one of his visions he saw that it was the same girl he wanted to capture a time ago but never could find her even if he used his visions, Draiden decided to wait patiently till she would arrive.+

Later Annelon saw a huge palace in front of her as she entered the vessel she saw no-one around that was suspicious as Annelon moved on to arrive in a big room with a throne in it as she heard

Welcome to my throneroom inside the realm, i've been waiting for you Draiden said

Then all the sudden he attacked Annelon and hitted her as he says

I was waiting for you and i also where expecting you as i need your special powers to get what i need to make the Sword of Dark Souls, sow i will kill you and take your powers from you filthy ordinary creature  Draiden yelled

I am not an ordinary creature, i just have a special gift but i am NOT a ordinary creature Annelon yelled after dodging his attack

As Annelon try'd to defend herself by also attacking him she was not able to get rid if him as he grabbed her and kept her high above him as he said

Time to die

As he made a red sword from his hand abd stabbed Annelon in her stomach after that Draiden dropped her as she try'd to reach for her Crystal underneath her clothings as Draiden stepped forward he saw the lifeless body of Annelon on the ground as he try'd to reach for her all the sudden her body began to shine as she was going up she changed of form, Draiden stepped back and yelled What is this............Magic

Annelon was brought back to life because of her Tri-Crystal, she had changed into an angelic form with shining wings and long blond hair with a blue/white shining outfit, as she was looking into Draiden's red glowing eyes and said

You will never get my energy as she vanished leaving Draiden behind

As Draiden yelled MY PLANS ARE RUINED...........

Fighting Style

Annelon's fighting style is a mix of strong combo's and other attacks that she can do with her swords as she carry's them on her back, she mostly attacks with one sword in her hand but if its needed she can use both of her swords


She is a a strong woman with a good personality as she is a special person with a gift as she never told anyone she can take the forms of humans and animals as she was always in a disguise (animal or human), she can also a bit shy but when it comes to battle or anything she puts it away to take the opponent on


Blades of Light: forged from a Soul Calibur Shard and infused with a ray of lights, as her blades are able to overpower a demonic creature when she uses her blades against it to break its defence the lights will be unleashed as she is able to attack the creature

Critical Edge

Ray of Light: she unleashes a ray of Lightwaves what solves into a three hit attack, and even she can double the attack power by unleashing the lightwaves first and then grab her opponent to take it up in the air and land on the ground what causes more damage


The Heavens of Light

Theme music

Annelon's Theme05:08

Annelon's Theme

Series' Appereances


  • Befriended Evelyn Scott
  • Was introduced to Leandra and Steven when they came all together by the scott house in San Salvador (el salvador)


  • Was murdered by Draiden
  • Took the same disguise as used against Draiden to find Evelyn's lost daughter Sirvandra
  • Owns a special jewel named a Tri-Crystal, with this Annelon can change forms (Human or Animal)


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