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"Shut up and come on........."
— Acheron

Steven *Acheron* Scott (スティーブン アケロン スコット Sutībun Akeron Sukotto) is a character in the Soul series. he made his first appearance in Soulcalibur IV and returned in Soulcalibur V.

In Soulcalibur IV in his soul lies:Truth and Loyalty as for Soulcalibur V in his soul lies:Revenge


Acheron (also knowned as Steven Scott) born June 25, 1558 is the brother of Leandra Scott they where both born and raised in San Salvador and are the children of Evelyn and Eric Scott.

Steven Scott (as he used to be called) was kidnapped when their house was burned he was kidnapped by the evil Zombie-Pirates (Under Cervantes his control) he was brought to his ship in a harbour nearby their house, When Steven woke up he saw that he was not home anymore but on a ship somewhere on the sea *Welcome to my vessel* Cervantes told him i brought you here because i have plans with you to become my newest apprentice *i wil not be anything* Steven said he wanted to go home to his parents and sister *My sister wasn't home when i came back at home and the house was burning i had to find my sister* Steven said.

Cervantes told him that his sister was safe and that nothing happened to her, Years passed on since Steven was aboard the ship of Cervantes he started to train himself to use a Sword then Cervantes told Steven: Why one Sword when you can have two Swords my boy* Steven didn't understand what he was saying sow he showed how to use two Swords, This is my fighting style Cervantes told him, Then steven began to learn the style from Cervantes he learned him to attack and defend with two Swords.

The Steven became more and more better with the Dual Swords, On one day Cervantes told Steven that he had become a good swordsman and (meanwhile steven began to forget his past and his sister) he became a more evil man under the guidance of Cervantes.

When Steven turned 32 Years old he was the best Swordsman aboard the ship Cervantes had felt that his sister was looking for him sow he decided to send Steven on a mission *Now go take this 2 Blades with you they called Acheron & Nirvana and they will serve you well my Apprentice Cervantes told him and you will be named Acheron from now on.

And Acheron left the ship to do what Cervantes told him, While Cervantes tuned himself into a human and started to practice when he saw a young girl walking.


When Acheron (Steven) was free'd from the grip of Cervantes by his sister Leandra he started over a whole new life he past was behind him and he was ready to face a new world thanks to his sister.

Leandra was Steven's hope and trust cause he could always return to ask her for help sow Steven (Acheron) had a rough adventure behind him he fought soem battles during his journey he even defeated a creature named Voldo a tough battle but he would not be scared for that creature,

Steven decided to pay his sister a visit cause he heard about his nephew Luke that he was already 15 years old and he never saw him during when he was a baby sow Steven had to pay a visit to his lovely sister, When he came in Ostrheinsburg he thought

Its been ahwile since i was here, I hope my sister is home to welcome me

But when he was near her house Nor Leandra or Luke where home they where gone

Hmm it seems my sister is out in the field and her son is with her.... Steven said to himself

Steven did a walk for awhile when he arrived in the harbor his memory's came back from 17 years ago

Those memory's, Those moments, Times i was searching for my sister and never i had the hope to find her. Cervantes told lies about my Sister that she was death and even more lies, i didn't believed him sow i always hope that she would find my or i would find her Acheron said to himself.

Steven walked away from the harbor and walked towards the house of Leandra and Luke and knocked on the door but no-one opened the door Still not home Steven thought sow he walked away to find his sister and Nephew in the hope that he would be seeing his beloved Sister once more

The Lions' Pride

After vistiing Leandra and her son Luke who weren't home at the time Acheron decided to stay alittle long in Ostrheinsburg as the city was full of people who didn't unwelcome visitors but Acheron was still in Ostrheinsburg after walking for a while he took alillte rest to gain some strength also he did some practicing moves with his swords Acheron & Nirvana  

Then a group of rebels saw Acheron with his swords and one of the walked to Acheron and said

PIRATE SCUM and he attacked Acheron but he could defend himself as he was also attacked from behind and he fell down and the also the other rebels attacked him and took away his swords and the rebels where leaving Acheron behind who was wounded by the attack of the rebels.

As the rebels where gone Acheron was laying on the ground barely moving he crawled to a fence and stopped in the grass he was weak and wounded and just before passing out he said

Leandra my.........sister and he passed out

A few moments later a group of men walked on the path and where talking about some things these men where sended by a woman named Helen she was the leader of a group mercenaries who where on a mission when they saw the wounded Acheron laying there

Looks like a wounded man, but who is he said one of the mercenaries

We will take him to Helen one other mercenary spoke

Sow they took Acheron to Helen's hideout and brought him in as Helen was waiting for them

Any news? Helen asked

Looks like the rebels got away. We found a wounded man a Mercenary told

Keep an eye out for more. I will take care of our patient Helen said

As Helen walks to the location where the wounded Acheron is and saw him she got a strange feeling inside herself cause this man had a look that she saw before

Could it be........... Helen was asking herself

After some time of beeing out Acheron woke up again in the presence of Helen as Acheron came up helen spoke

Do not strain yourself; you have been unconscious for several minutes

Where am i......... Acheron asked Helen

You are safe. My men have found you while you where attacked by a group of rebels Helen said

The attack.......... MY SWORDS.......... Acheron yelled

Do not worry, my men found them as well and brought them here. We have repaired your blades, so they should be as good as new Helen spoke

I........ have to thank you for saving my life Acheron said

Then Helen asked him about the strange feeling she had

Do you know a woman named Leandra? Helen asked Acheron

Yeah thats my sister........why do you ask Acheron asked Helen

You bear a slight resemblance to her, but I was not sure. How rude of me; I have not introduced myself. My name is Helen Helen said

Steven........ but they call me Acheron, because of my swords, But my sister i was visting her to see my little nephew but they weren't home Acheron spoke

That is because Leandra and Luke are on their respective journeys. No harm has come to them yet. Helen spoke

Sow she is alive thats great to know Acheron said

A few days later Acheron was back on strength and he helped in the camp with some stuff as Helen comes to him to ask him something
Acheron SCV2

Steven *Acheron* Scott wearing his *Lion's Pride* armor

Would you like to join my mercenary clan? We can use a good man like you Helen asked Acheron

I owe you my life sow yeah i will join youre group as a token for helping me and also that you restored my weapons, But one thing....... Acheron said to Helen

What is it? Helen asked

Do not tell Leandra that i am here, knowing my little sister she makes herself to much worry's about me sow don't tell her till the time is right Acheron asked Helen

Very well. You have my word Helen said

Some times after Acheron's addition to Helen's group Helen sended Acheron away on a mission with a group of other mercenaries to help a village, But also Leandra came back to visit helen to ask her to help Leandra to test her new found battlestyle with the help of a Wolf-Creatureshe cought during a battle against it.

In this test battle Helen knocked Leandra's Face-Mask off her face as Helen saw the big Burn Mark but Leandra putted and eye patch on to cover it a bit, after the fight Helen picked up Leandra's Face-Mask and gave it back without saying any words bout the Burn Mark. Helen was tempted to tell Leandra of her brother's whereabouts, but keeping her word, she did not.


Soulcalibur IV Acheron (Steven Scott) uses the Dual Swords named Acheron & Nirvana he got those from Cervantes when he became his student and was sended away for a mission to retreive Soul Edge parts

Soulcalibur V

In Soulcalibur V he still has the same Dual Swords Acheron & Nirvana cause he was named after these blades and he never decided to get rid of them.

Fighting Style

Acheron's fighting style is based on the style he learned from his former master Cervantes he became the best aboard the ship where he lived till he was free'd by his sister Leandra.

Critical Edge

His Critical Edge is a Fired Bullet from his pistolsword that hurts the opponent



Soulcalibur IV

  • Shut up and come on!
  • Die Already
  • Have fun in the after life
  • You're so pathetic...
  • You better keep my amused
  • Annoying!
  • You fool..!
  • You irritate me.
  • Bastard!
  • Quit Stallin
  • You suck
  • Die
  • You loser
  • I'll devour you...
  • Now go to sleep
  • I don't have time for corpses

Soulcalibur V

  • I can't run away!
  • Fine I'll fight!
  • I really did it!
  • That was tough.
  • That wasn't really hard as I thought.
  • Oh god, I'm alive!
  • Damn you!
  • It's over!
  • I can do this!
  • My it comes! - spoken during Critical Edge
  • Now take that! - spoken during Critical Edge or guard impact
  • I won't die!
  • Just die!
  • Back off!
  • Bastard!
  • I won't run!
  • It's all over!
  • You're finished!
  • How's that?
  • Not yet!
  • Go down!
  • I won't give up!
  • Grant me...the courage!
  • That's how it's done!
  • I can do it!
  • I won't lose!
  • Come on!
  • Ha!
  • Fine...I'll do it!
  • Damn it, I'm so weak -spoken when time's up
  • Are you weak? - taunt
  • I'm too young to die! -spoken when ring out
  • It can't be! - spoken when ring out again
  • It's too much - spoken when guard crushed
  • Too strong! - spoken during Ivy's Sweet Dominance throw


  • Is the Brother of Leandra Scott
  • Is named after his weapon Acheron & Nirvana
  • Sparred against Leandra, to see how strong his sister had become
  • Has an eye-patch on his right eye cause he lost his eye during a battle
  • Loves a good fight against a more stronger opponent
  • Became good again after his sister has found him again and turned him against Cervantes
  • Has begon a journey after the events of Soulcalibur IV
  • Defeated Voldo during his journey
  • Is still in search for Cervantes to get his revenge on
  • Battled against Siegfried, Mitsurugi and Z.W.E.I.
  • Was brought back to health by Helen after he was attacked by a group of Rebels
  • Joined Helen's Mercenaries as a tokes for saving his life
  • Got knowledge of his uknown sister named Sirvandra
  • Fought with other Legendary Warriors under the command of Siegfried, Helen and Sakura against the Helios Army in Soulcalibur: Legendary Battle


Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur V

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