Image Available:

Character: Link

Soul: Pyrrha

Height: 3

Face:1 or 23

Hair: Regent (4-7-12)

Eyebrows 18 (4-7-12)

Voice: Young Villager/-9/9/none

Hat: Theif Bandana (5-16-25)

Undergarments: Long Sleeved Top (0-0-0)

Upper Body: New Centurian (5-16-25)

Upper Covering: Holster (Body) (4-5-20) (Optional)

Lower Body: Knee Pants (0-0-0)

Arm: Princess Gloves (4-5-20)

Feet: Cuff Boots (4-5-18) (6-5-10)

Specialized Equipment: Racoon Tail (5-16-25),Elf Ears, Quiver (3-5-20) (Optional)

Weapon: Aeneas

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