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Voldoreem is a character in Soul Calibur V. His species is unknown, just that he was born above the clouds. He appears as a human, although slight differences on his ears, being elf-like.

Special Moves

Spin Attack- Voldoreem holds his sword out and spins twice quickly. It knocks the opponent down and opens them up for another attack while they are prone.

Long Stab- Voldoreem lunges forward and stabs his opponent in the chest.

Shield Bash- Voldoreem smashes his opponent with his shield, knocking them down and opening them uo for another prone attack.

Jump Stab- Voldoreem jumps onto the opponent's body and stabs his sword in their chest.
Down Beat- Voldoreem sheaths Voldor and stands over his opponent. He then punches them across the face multiple times.
Stomp- Voldoreem walks over to his opponent and stomps on their head.

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