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Sephtis (Hell)
Name Sephtis
Birthplace Persia
Birthdate Unknown
Age Appears to be in early 20's
Gender Male
Height Five Feet and Seven Inches (5'7)
Weight 70 kg.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Gold
Blood type Unknown
Weapon Dao
Family He speaks not of them


A shadow dances about the light. With it, others pursue. One by one, the pursuers are bled. That is all it had ever been.


Relationships of Significance
Asa Prey and Predator Aneko
Asa (thumbnail)
Aneko (thumbnail IV)
Subchapter: II Raisa Zhirova Act: III
Raisa Zhirova (Act- III)
Raisa Zhirova (Act III)
Subchapter: II Kusanagi Ky Act: III
Sergeant Kusanagi (Dawn thumbnail)
Kusanagi (Hybrid)
Subchapter: II Aliyah Ruel Halteese Act: III
Aliyah Ruel Halteese
Aliyah Ruel Halteese (Act III)
Hell NikitaRiese Act: II
Nikita (Act- I, Subchapter)
Riese (Act II)
شيطان Pyromancer & Enchantress Malice
شيطان (Heresy)

The Flame Dancer: Heresy

Malice (thumbnail)

The Enchantress: Malice

Sasaki The Brothers Volkov
Sasaki Kuro (Act II thumbnail)

Thanatos' Thumbnail
Hell Ryia The Mantis War
Ryia (1586)
Ryia (1507)
Isai Werewolves Kissa
Isai (Subchapter II)
Kissa (Act III thumbnail)

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