Blake Benvolio is a fan character in the game Soul Calibur V and an unlockable character in the fan game, Soul Calibur: Essence of Phaze. He is seen as the style of Patroklos.

What lies within his soul is Retribution.


Blake is dark-skinned,with dark hair. And short. He as average features. He wears a simple cotton grey-ish, blue shirt with grey pants and brown shoes. His 2p costume is same grey shirt and pants, but with gauntlets, greaves, and a breast plate.


Blake is the son of Sariel, the fallen angel, and Teresa.


Sariel is a Fallen Angel and father of Blake Benvolio. He is the Angel of Death and a former Archangel, meaning he has tremendous power. As an Angel, Sariel has a divine energy called Grace. This energy, which is unique to angels, has the power to destroy any evil. This Grace is what makes Sariel, as well as every other Angel, holy. Not only this, but he was also an Archangel, the highest rank of Angel, meaning he was authority and command. To add to this, Sariel was the Angel of Death (sometimes called the Grim Reaper, though this is not accurate as Death himself is a being). His task would be to guid good souls to the path of Salvation. As such, he is given some influence over the dead by Death. He has necromantic potential but is only limited to damned spirits, meaning he cannot bring back a soul from Salvation. Sariel truly loved his wife and son, but could not stay with them as he had been banished by a "Higher Authority". Despite this, he did all he could to protect them, until the day he was killed by Soul Edge.

Teressa Esperanza Benvolio

Before being kidnapped and turned into a Wendigo, Teressa Benvolio was a caring and strong willed single mom. She worked day and night just so they would have enough to eat, and often times she would not even see her son at all, and due to this she'd communicate with him by leaving sticky notes around their apartment in those brief moments she's home. Blake was her world and she would do anything for him.


·         Blake is a Nephilim.  A Nephilim is a half angel/half human. Blake does not like the fact that he is Nephilim, due to the constant bullying from other kids because he saw crazy things. Blake is unable to use his special abilities, but he can unconciouslly alter lightning storms and electrcity, and also see things for what they really are. Blake is also able to use “Divine Implements,”  which are tools crafted using supernatural means, such as the “Ring of Solomon” and the “Holy Lance.”. The only two instances where Blake was actually able to use his abilities was when he was fighting the Leviathan and another time when he fought an Army of Demons. The first time he used his powers he killed the Leviathan by summoning a lightning storm. the second time he used his powers, Blake embraced his father's Angel of Death title by summoning an army of undead warriors to battle a horde of demons. Both instances nearly cost Blake his life.


Blake can be quite pridful when fighting or talking, but after achieving something very important, he may accidently blow it up, or drop it somewhere, showing him to be quite clumsy. He has knoledge of his bloodline, but he does not accept it. Because of this, he often holds back; not fully committing to a fight. He also doubts his abilities and his skills. This does not restrict him from being a dangerous foe.

Fighting Style

Blake's fighting style is quite amaturish, but has it advantages. Basically, Elysium just gave him a sword and shield and said "Go kill stuff, kidI". He has had no formal training, but his instinct to slash anything that doesn't look normal seems to be enough.

Critical Edge

Blake sheathes his blade into his scabard, hit is opponent into the air with his shield, throws his sword up at them, then jumping up, slashing the sword up his opponent. If at the right damage percentage, this can result in an armor break.


  •          “You son of a butt!”—Spoken during a Ring Out
  •          “I’m gonna kill you now.” Spoken before battle
  •          “Aw crap.” Spoken during Yoshimitsu’s Critical Edge, or when Ivy uses her back throw
  •          “Not again!” Spoken during a Ring Out
  •          “I hate clowns.” Spoken when facing against Tira or Voldo
  •          “I hate demons.” Spoken when facing against anyone wielding Soul Edge
  •          “I hate Wendigos.”
  •          “I am the Son of Death!” Spoken after winning a battle
  •          “Sure, why not?” Spoken when taunting
  •          “Killing me will only make things worse.” Spoken when beginning battle
  •          “What the what?” Spoken during ground shake
  •          “I wasn’t serious!” Spoken during Guard Burst
  •          “I hate my life!” Said after losing to anyone wielding Soul Edge
  •          “Oh sure, like the Leviathan wasn’t enough!” Said during the start of a battle with Nightmare.
  •          “Here’s a good idea: go away.” Spoken before battle
  •          “Just die already.”  Spoken while taunting
  •          “Somebody, kill me now.”- said after a Time Up
  •          “Are you freaking kidding me?!” said after losing
  •          “If I die, you know the world ends, right?” Spoken after defeating Tira or Voldo


  • Rage-partners, friends.
  • Dark Samus- Rival, sworn enemy.
  • Nightmare -his other sworn enemy.
  • Shade- His other, other rival; she is also Blake's love interest.
  • Mark - Acquaintance, once met him for a short time.
  • Link- Friend; Once met him in the wilderness... until Blake fell off a cliff.
  • Sonic- Saw him from a distance... For about three seconds.
  • Shadow- once fought him in the wilderness.


  • Blake came from the future(modern-day society).
  • Blake had many achievements while fighting:
    • Hunted down and killed all 33 members of the Cult
    • Tamed and rode the Manticore.
    • Killed the Leviathan
    • Held his own against an army of Zombies!
    • Prevented world domination... twice.(spoiler alert)
    • Stood toe-to-toe with Nightmare... he died though,but was brought back to life by Elysium( Spoiler alert)
    • He discovered the Fountain of Youth, but then blew it up. Accidentally, of course.
    • Found and used the Ring of Solomon; a sacred ring that has the power to bend the will of any demon. Blake dropped it into a road side drainage.

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