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Pure Mark is an alternate version of Mark, transformed by Elysium to destroy Soul Edge.

Pure Mark is the style of Elysium (Soul Calibur-Essence of Phaze), and then the style of Aeon (Soul Calibur-Rise of the Unknown)

What lies in his soul is Freedom


Mark Massey


April 30, 1568


36(Soulcalibur V/Essence of Phaze), 38(Rise of the Unknown)







Dual Axes

Weapon name

Soul Calibur

Unholy Blades


Father- Kyle



Circus crew


Soulcalibur V

Soul Calibur:Essence of Phaze

Soul Calibur: Rise of the Unknown

Blood Type


Alternate Form



Mark looks just as he always does, except he has a white robe and pants, with sandals.


Soulcalibur V

After losing his bodily control to Soul Calibur's living incarnation, Mark became pure...and even more pure than any other being in the world. Elysium had taken over Mark's body. Now she seek's Soul Edge....

Soul Calibur-Essence of Phaze

Phazoark and Rage had been dueling for about ten minutes, and Phazoark would stop at nothing until Rage was defeated. Phazoark had momentarily let his guard down, and Rage had used his Ninja Arts Magic ability, and defeated the fiend. After a few brief moments, Mark's body began to transform back to normal, but soon desolved, and became Pure Mark. Mark thanked his brother, and flew into the heavens.

After a few months, Elysium began to fill Mark's mind with selfish thoughts, and attempted to force him into doing the unthinkable, such as killing his brother, who had saved his life. Mark wouldn't have it, and engaged into battle with Elysium. After defeating the spirit, he quickly settled down, and became a free spirit.

Soul Calibur-Rise of the Unknown

Two years had passed, and not one sign of anything wrong with Rage, or the country around it. While watching the Earth below, Elysium had came back, and removed him from the heavens, resulting in him becoming a Fallen Angel. Mark traveled for weeks, and had wandered into Greece, and learned how to use Dual Axes. He combined his newly received Dual Axe skill with his angel wings, and now searches for the one called Blake.


Pure Mark was originally a captive spirit, who had no personality, only to be commanded by Elysium herself. After he defeated her in Essence of Phaze, Pure Mark became a free spirit, who was free willed, and did as he pleased.

Fighting Style

Pure Mark is the style of Elysium.

After being kicked from the heavens, Mark stuck around with a circus crew, and was tought how to breathe fire. He then traveled to Greece, and began to wield Dual Axes. With these acquired skills, Mark combined his Fallen Angel wings with his Axes and Fire to create a unique moveset, resembling that of a lizard...


Soul Calibur V-Astral Chaos


Soulcalibur V-

  • Fear me mortal.
  • I am the banisher of evil!
  • Forget your past, remember the future...
  • Soul Calibur shall rule over all!- Said after defeating Nightmare
  • Little not fear...-said after defeating Shain
  • Is this the world's fate?!- said after being defeated by Nightmare
  • You've done well for yourself...-said after being defeated by Shain
  • Noo!!- said during a Ring Out
  • Is that...all?
  • Come on!
  • Ha!
  • Hup!
  • Go!
  • Regret your decisions...
  • Not bad...-said after a Time Up
  • This is my body!-said to Elysium before battle
  • Only I can change my destiney...-said after defeating Elysium
  • Your wish is my command...-said after being defeated by Elysium


  • In his new form, Mark has a different attire; he wears a white robe, instead of black, and no hood, therefore you can see his face and hair
  • Even in his pure form, Mark is still rivaled to Shain
  • Mark seems to have the same personality as Elysium, considering the fact that "he" is "she"
  • Pure Mark came to be by losing in battle to Elysium
  • Pure Mark's 2p costume is a white wrestler's mask, along with a white breatsplate, and the same white robe and sandals he wore before.


  • Shain-brother/rival
  • Soul Calibur/ Elysium-current soul
  • Soul Edge- forced rival

In-game photos

In-game Videos

SOULCALIBUR V Pure Mark Gameplay03:22

SOULCALIBUR V Pure Mark Gameplay

Pure Mark Gameplay

SOULCALIBUR V Pure Mark Gameplay 203:00

SOULCALIBUR V Pure Mark Gameplay 2

2p costume gameplay

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