Dhaipha is a fan-character in Soul Calibur V. She is an unlockable in fan game, Soul Calibur-Essence of Phaze, and a main villain in Soul Calibur-Rise of the Unknown.

She is the style of Tira.


Dhaipha is the eldest of two children; her younger sister is Phayla. As a young teenage girl, Dhaipha was well mannered, and always happy. On her 16th birthday, a deadly gang of killers, led by Cervantes, had attacked their home. Dhaipha's mother had told her and Phayla to run, run far away. Phayla couldn't leave her mother, but Dhaipha grabbed her arm and they ran. Dhaipha had become so enraged by this, that she vowed to find that gang, and kill them.

Whilst finding a way to kill the gang, Dhaipha and Phayla learned how to fight, mostly Dhaipha. She wielded a ring-blade; she thought it was cool because it reminded of how her family would always have hula-hooping contests.

About 15 years later, Dhaipha found the leader of the gang that had killed her parents, and told them to be prepared to taste the steal that is her blade. 


Dhaipha is a tall, dark-haired girl. When she first debuts, she wears a white tube-top, and black leather vest, with black pants.

In Rise of the Unknown, she has shorter dark-brown hair. She wears red bell-bottoms, a tub-top, and red leather vest.


Dhaipha has a very twisted personality, not shown while fighting. The only thing that differs is her moveset. At most times she is happy, like she was as a child. She now has a vicious side.

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