Samus Aran is a customized guest character in the game Soul Calibur V,and fan game Soul Calibur: Essence of Phaze.   She appears as the style of Ivy.  


Aran appears as her normal self, but without the arm-cannon she normally possesses.

Name Aran
Birthplace Futuristic planet
Birthday Unknown
Age Unknown
Height 5"7'
Weight Unknown
Blood Type Mixed with Logovo DNA
Weapon Snake Sword
Weapon Name Red Snake Sword
Fighting Style Taught by Intergalaxy Ferderal Government before departure to the past

John Aran(father)- Deceased

Virginia Aran(mother)-Deceased

Logovo tribe- raised her

Appears in

Soul Calibur V

Soul Calibur: Essence of Phaze


As mentioned in Soul Calibur: Essence of Phaze, Samus was sent back in time to find her arch rival, Dark Samus, who is attempting to corrupt that time.

Soul Calibur V

Samus only appears as a customized character as a soul of Cervantes.

Soul Calibur: Essence of Phaze

After departing with her newly made friend, Samus sets off on her own again to find Dark Samus, only to find more trouble with Space Pirates. Well, more PREHISTORIC than futuristic like in her time.

After her fiasco with the pirates, she encounters a copy of Dark Samus in the same battlefield she had fought 

Elysium. Defeating the copy wasn't difficult, but it left a message, telling Samus to "beware."

Samus went to a cavern to find food, only to find her two friends, Rage and Sonic, "phazed." She fought the two, returning them to normal.

After curing her friends, Samus and the two went to a castle where a large monster was being tamed. Across the cliffway, there was a dragon.

As it began to warn the trio before tresspassing, Dark Samus shows up, and attacks the monster. She challenges Samus to a fight, losing. The corrupted version of our hero flees into the air, leaving the trio there.


Samus normally works alone, making her more crude when it comes to team work. After meeting Rage, she became more kind and helpful. After departing with him, she became her solo self, and refused to help anybody, including Link, who got lost in a forest.

Fighting Style

After being transferred into this time, Samus' fighting style changed a lot; it changed from simple jumps and shooting, to a more focused type of attacking. She also gained new abilities, including some kind of teleportation method and fire-charged shots.

Critical Edge

During her Critical Edge, Samus charges up her short sword's pistol to a very powerful shot, and shoots her opponent.


Soul Calibur VShrine of the Snake God Palgaea


  • Rage- Good friend
  • Sonic- Friend
  • Link- Aquantaince/Rival
  • Dark Samus- Arch Rival
  • Elysium- Rival[Essence of Phaze only]

In-Game Videos

SOULCALIBUR V Samus Gameplay 501:39

SOULCALIBUR V Samus Gameplay 5

SOULCALIBUR V Samus Gameplay 602:18

SOULCALIBUR V Samus Gameplay 6


  • Samus tends to call Rage by his real name, "Shain"
  • During Rage's story in Soul Calibur: Essence of Phaze, Samus tended to be very rude to Link and Sonic, and in her own story, she was still mean to Link, but more friendly towards Sonic.

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