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Omega (オメガ/Ω) is a character in the Soul Series. She made her first appearance in the Soulcalibur II home version. 

She can manage magic (black and white), and she can float but not in fight. 

Her nickname during Soulcalibur II to Soulcalibur Legends was Purple Careless Bird. From Soulcalibur IV to Soulcalibur: Unbreakable Souls her nickname is Motus Super, what means Rain of Emotions in Latin.

What lies in her soul is Loneliness.


She has a black dress with a white apron and a red bun in her neck. The dress has short tanks and the apron (and the dress neck) has laces. She has a pair of black boots. 

Omega has a very white skin, and her eyes are purple (as Tira's eyes). Everytime you will see a serious expression in her face.

Her hair is very large, reaches her ankles, and is very black as her dress.


1p Costume

Omega's 1p is a black dress with a white apron and a red bun in her neck. The dress has short tanks and apron and dress' neck has lace, and she is wearing a pair of black boots. Her eyes are purple and a very large and black hair. This costume represents her loneliness and suffering.

​2p Costume

Omega's 2p is a purple dress with a wite apron and a black bun in her neck. She is wearing a pair of purple boots. Her apron bags are adorned with checkered pattern in the left bag and an Omega symbol on the right bag. Both black. Her eyes are red, and her hair now is purple. This costume represents her transition to her suffering.

3p Costume (SCII)

Her 3p is a recolor with the Cassandra's 2p pallette in the same game. Her dress is green, and she has a spotting in her left bag and a heart symbol on the left bag. Heart is purple, spotting is red. She is wearing a pair of purple boots. The apron continues in white. Her neck bun is wine, but with a gold ornament. Her eyes are blue and her hair is blonde. This costume represents her normal state.


She was born in a place of the Holy Roman Empire. Later, when she was just a child, her parents abandoned her near from Oben-Gatzenberg. Omega wandered alone for many years until she could find a cult that manage the white magic. She was raised there, and also had the knowledge to handle white magic, until the day that the Evil Seed attacked and she could easily invest her knowledge to handle black magic. Omega falled in coma during 3 months, caused by the Evil Seed. This altered her senses and her sanity, but not her memories.

In a moment of desperation decided to go out to kill he parents, because she was abandoned and possessed by Soul Edge only sought revenge. 

When she managed to regain her senses was decided to try to purify Soul Edge with white magic, but her skills were too vague and basic to consume Soul Edge sword and make it right.

However, she searched for the Dvapara-Yuga. Omega wandered too many years searching for who has it. But she disappeared in her longer search. 


She is serious. But having violent spasms concurrently. Sometimes it can be a good person and sometimes lose her way. This is because what Soul Edge left inside her. She is  cursed. So it can not be controlled at any time. 

It is considered bipolar. Nymphomaniac is reputed too.

She has OCD. She is a perfeccionist. Also Omega has scars in her legs and shoulders, but this are not visible in the Armour Break. She has mental problems by Soul Edge cause. 

In Broken Destiny's Gauntlet

She actually has a similar behaviour as Nightmare during the Gauntlet. But, she in the Gauntlet is a very lovely girl. Omega can smile during the Gauntlet and say things like "Forgive me! But I don't want a fight!". She also manages white magic, not black.

She continues with her violent spasms, as Nightmare, but this are not too "violent" and are only mood changes.

Fighting Style

Omega handles the Zasalamel's fighting style but with her style. Is based on Zasalamel's moveset, but she is a bit more easy to handle. Is more skillful and fast than Zasalamel too.

She floats in almost all her victory poses too.


  • Very well.. Shall we begin?
  • Is that you who should be punished?
  • Maybe I can fight against you...
  • Is there no another way?
  • Are you ready?
  • I don't care who you are, I shall brake you!
  • Oh... Who are you?
  • I think I can change my mind...
  • Are you sure you want to do this?
  • Ok, here we go.
  • Oh... I don't want a fight right now... But if you wish...
  • Hmph... I can't fight against you, you are to weak.
  • So, do you think you can beat me? What do you think right now?
  • Go to hell. I will go later.
  • How's that?
  • Here...
  • We go!
  • Haha... Too weak for me.
  • You are like a toy. A useless toy.
  • You will be in darkness.
  • Do not doubt me, right?
  • Do not... Call me princess...
  • Do you still want more!?
  • I just want to meet your limit. Let's begin - in a fight against Siegfried or Nightmare (SCIV).
  • Go to hell, worthless soul!! - Beating Siegfried (SCIV).
  • Forgive me... - Beating Nightmare (SCIV).
  • Ah... This can't be!!
  • Is over.
  • No...
  • This is...
  • The END!
  • Useless..
  • Out of my way!
  • You can't beat me.
  • Right here!
  • Are you tired or something? - taunt.
  • Well...
  • I don't care who you are, but I shall kill you anyway.
  • Who's real in this damn world?
  • You was a good fighter. But not so good as me.
  • Oh well... You don't know when give up?
  • Don't get up. As I do with my life.
  • What's the real meaning of "past"?
  • I know already that I don't like you. Nobody likes me.
  • What are you waiting for? 
  • Go away and never return no my feet.
  • Are you going to attack me with that thing?
  • Hmph! 
  • Very well... Farewell.
  • Are you ready to die?
  • What is this!? - During SCIV Story mode.
  • I don't have a story. Forgive me. - During SCIV Story mode.
  • Kill me, owner...- During SCIV Story mode.
  • Give yourself to the evil sword... Someone makes it for you...- During SCIV Story mode.

Soulcalibur IV unused voice clips (CaS)

  • Well... Shopphing...
  • How does this look, he?
  • I don't like this...
  • Oh... This would do.
  • Wait a minute...!!
  • Not enough money, ha? FINE!
  • I.. I don't know...
  • I take this.
  • You know what? Nevermind!



  • Yellow Cave (Soulcalibur II).
  • Golden House - Feather gate (Soulcalibur III).
  • Water Palace (Soulcalibur IV - Soulcalibur Broken Destiny).
  • The Bird Cage (Soulcalibur. Lost Swords).


  • She looks a bit like Aya Drevis from Mad Father.
  • Her age maybe can be around 13 or 14.
  • Omega wears the same costume along all the series. 
  • Her 2p is a recolor of her 1p. Just like Charade (SCII) or Kilik (SCV).
  • She dragged Kilik to the dark side in Soulcalibur V. Even if she dosen't appears in the game.
  • She has a third custome in Soulcalibur II. Who has the Cassandra's 2p colour pallette. This 3p represents her average state. Normal personality (happy and sad, but with a perfect balance).
  • She is in love with Nightmare.
  • Her custome is the Alice Kirkland's 2p! (Axis Powers: Hetalia) dress.
  • She is the second character who dosen't change music theme in the game. The first is Astaroth. But Omega is the very first who dosen't have a remake of her theme. The same with her custome.
  • Nightmare can open her sexual desire too. That is the reason why she has a Nynphomaniac fame.
  • Her parents really had no interest in her. Always was viewed as "useless bird", by her parents and the rest of her town. Her OCD was formed from an early age, wishing it were something important to her parents.


Omega Δ is the full-powered version of Omega. This appears in Soulcalibur V, and shares stage and theme with Pyrrha Ω. Is presumed that she was who really has dragged Kilik into the Astral Chaos and the Dark Side. She's a Soul Edge servant. She abandoned Nightmare when she knows that Raphael was Graf Dumas. She powered the rusty Soul Edge and the rusty power of the sword, what transformed her into a malfested. 

She looks a bit more mature than the normal Omega. This is cause of the 17th years breach. Cronologically she has 31 "human" years, but by cause of Soul Edge, she still looks like a 14 years girl, but with the mind of a 31 year old woman.

Her mental state is described as "paranoid". She's a psychopat and an assassin. When she's decided to kill someone, when she's angry or simply when she has the interest of kill someone, she smiles, just like the optical illusion of Soul Edge when the sword has blood in the blade.

Her unstable mental state reminds to Van Kleiss from the Cartoon Network TV series, Generator Rex. Also her relationship with time and space reminds to Van Kleiss.


She has a long dress, with a layered skirt and a lace as belt. Her left arm is deformed (it has the Nightmare's SCIII deformed arm). Her eyes are red, and her sclera is black. She has wavy hair, and a non-colored skin. Her dress is dark blue, with details in dark red and dark green. She also has a necklace with the Omega symbol. 


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