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Safara Diadem ( Sapharah Daidem (王冠サファリ) Safari Crown) is a bonus character created by the CPU she can be founded in Quick Battle mode and in a pic in the Creation Menu. Safara appears to be a tiger girl due to her outfit and tail.


Safara wears a cat hat with tiger fur print and tiger makeup on her face, she also wears a rubber unitard and also a noble dress that seems to have tiger fur print but is actually zebra fur painted in yellowish range, she also uses a thief belt with some warrior shoulders and studded bracelets, on her feet she wears large stockings and leather shues and also some baggy pants. She is white skinned and has her black hair with a beige stripe on her left side. one of her most significant clothing details is a cat tail with tiger fur print.


Safara's life is unknown by now, possibly she was born in 1592 b.c and she learned how to use staffs as her weapon and made it to survive many battles without confronting Nightmare or Soul Edge and without becoming a malfested. Probably she just decided to stay away from fights and battlefields.


Safara Diadem in possible Malfested form.

Fighting Style

Safara uses the Soul of Xiba style to fight, she always uses a staff to attack and to defend herself, even though she's a created character her starting quotes are: "OK, Lets get this started" and "Don't underestimate me", and her ending quotes are: "What was I too gorgeous for you", "It wasn't as pathetic as I thought" or "Do you really thought you stood a chance?". her Title is "Crane's Range" which shee's always refer too.


As an usual Xiba's soul she'll have the option to use all the staffs available, but she always uses Jingu Staff .


Conqueror's Coliseum (SCV)


Xiba's theme. "A high-Spirited Tiger"


Even though she's not an important character in Soulcalibur V many fans and gamers spect her and wish her to be an important character in Soulcalibur VI probably as Xiba's and Natsu's Daughter or whatever.

She is hasn't ben confirmed to be played in Soulcalibur VI but though people saw her and Vincent in the creation menu they think that they're going to appear as secondary character in the Soul calibur VI just like Xiba, Leixia and Natsu in Soulcalibur V.

The name Safara comes from the word Safari which means a free place full of distinct things specially animals and the word diadem means the same as a crown.

Also many gamers spect Safara, Vincent and Gohst to be playable characters in Soulcalibur VI as well as a new gay character.


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