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Tayola Senocivić-Vatera is a player in the Soul series of fighting games. She appears from Soul edge to Soul calibur V.


Early life

Early life was hard, her parents and 4 out of her 5 siblings was killed by Elysium and Voldo went on a rampage in Serbia soon Elysium defeated Voldo and the rampage stopped. She was 5 years of age, her sister was 3 so they ran off to the Ottoman Empire. Were she learned how to fight with two daggers with her sisters.She was raised in Baku,Azerbaijan.

Soul Edge

So she and her sister embarked in a journey for power. After failing to get with her sister they were going to die when they bumped into the Edge Master her sister was not interested but Tayola was so she trained with every weapon to get The Master.They went separate ways and promised to meet another day.But she was to occupied to complete training with all weapons so she just took little steps. Almost giving up on her dreams she almost killed Rock, so she continued on her journey.

Soul Calibur

After what Soul edge did to Siegfried she warned her sister to not get Soul edge and she did not too. She once again united with her sister,Shatira,to get Soul Calibur. After getting kidnapped from Cervantes,Shatira got killed by him causing a grudge and vengeance. Soon teaming up with Ivy to kill Cervantes then left her because she got losted in the Asian mazes.They went in the mazes to get Seung Mi-na which led to a fight between Ivy and Seong Mi-na.Then she found out when she got kidnapped Cervantes possessed her with Soul edge so she needed Soul calibur or else she is dead.

Soul Calibur II

Tayola was caring the corpse of Shatira to the home of Xianghua to kill her to get the evil soul calibur. During the battle Kilik and Maxi come to defend Xianghua. Tayola split Soul calibur in half and ran away. She healed herself and saved the rest of soul calibur. She set out to get a shard from soul edge,so she seemed out to the one man she thought of. Cervantes she tore of some flesh off his sword considered shard of soul edge. Then she did good she trained Necrid to become stronger and lead him to Talim (His destined battle). Then at Shatira's death place collided the shard of Soul edge and Soul calibur to bring her sister back to life, she gave up her dream of wielding soul calibr.The mission is successful Shatira is alive and give her a shard of Soul calibur so she can be protected from the evil.

Soul Calibur III

After the resurrection of Shatira she sought to search for soul edge even though she knew what soul edge would do to her, she had a plan. Her plan was to travel with Yun-seong and Hwang to find the sword and kill them. Soon teaming with Setsuka she took the umbrella weapon. She trew it at them and took out the Zweihander then swung the sword and killed  Hwang and badly injured Yun-seong. Gave back the umbrella weapon back and arrived to Luoyang, Ming Empire (present day China), expecting Olcadan and he came she killed him viciously and got soul edge. With the sword she killed Abelia,Chester,Luna, and Charade. Atfer the deaths she realised to give up soul edge it was too dangerous so she had a left over shard of Soul calibur that she forgot to give to Setsuka and she used it.

Soul Calibur  IV

Valeria gave Tayola a boy she said it was a sibling that Voldo forgot to kill and kidnapped him I got him his name is Xingno. In puzzle Tayola accepts him he wields the zweihander Tayola gave him. she abandoned him because she was afraid he would ruin her relationship with Shatira. She  got frozen in ice by Siegfried. So later  aafter the evnts of Soul Calibur IV she killed Viola's master Gipa and stole her orb of non-aging.So she turned 14.

Soul Calibur  V

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