"I shall guide you......."
— Zarah

Zarah (ツアラー, Tsuarā) is a character in the Soul series and she appears in the game Soulcalibur:Rise of Omega - Back in Time


Zarah came from above the sky to earth when she noticed an evil arrival and not one that would be easyly defeated,

She forged herself a weapon from a shard she had since the destruction of the original Soul Calibur and named it Calibur and headed to earth to find out what this new evil was all about.

Soon after Zarah's arrival she noticed the Evil Presence but she also knew she wasn't able to fight it alone sow she started a search for two warriors with enough power to take out this evil

Zarah would soon meet the ones of destiny named: Leandra and Kilina



  • Forget a weapon from a shard of the original Soul Calibur
  • Came down to earth when an evil power had arrived
  • Searches for the ones who can deal with this new evil


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