"In the moon i see everything"
— Katrina

Katrina (カトリーナ, Katorīna) is a character in the Soul series and she appears in the game Soulcalibur:Rise of Omega - Back in Time


Katrina is a witch from a far past she cames to this realm by the help of a time spell she casted upon herself to get to this time location as she srrived allot was new to Katrina as she was an exellent fighter with magic spells she soon would find out that she needes more then only spells and words to get the fight done.

As soon as Katrina learns of the styles in this time she decided to learn it herself aswell to master the swordsmanship but no style could fit Katrina, till she found a warrior named Algol he used his whole body as a weapon, Katrina was hungry to learn the style Algol had mastered but Algol didn't mastered the style he was infused with two shards of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.

Algol told Katrina that if she wanted to use her own body as a weapon she needed to absorb also two Soul Edge and Soul Calibur shards and started a search for it not very later she found two shards and brought them back to Algol, Katrina knew a spell to infuse the shards with her body as she spoke the words the shards where infused into Katrina's body and her body became a weapon.

After she lefted Algol she started her own mission to know more bout this time and place..... 

The Time has come to show this world who i am.... Katrina spoke



  • Was infused with two shards of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur
  • Can use her body now as a weapon
  • Started her own mission to learn things bout her new home


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