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Raine is the name of a character created in Soul Calibur V by Bandai Namco. She was previously created in Soul Calibur III.


Raine was the only survivor of a shipwrecked vessel that crashed on its way South America. Her parents- a wealthy merchant and his wife were among those who were killed. Young Raine, then only 7 years old, washed up onto shore and found herself on a beach leading into the Amazon river basin.

She somehow survived in the wilderness for days before being found by an indigenous clan of hunters. Having never seen a person different from them before, they at first attempted to kill her. However, Raine managed to escape these trained hunters, a feat which no other creature could. The clan leader saw this and was impressed by this fact. Another few days passed and Raine was weak and starved when the clan located her again, about to be attacked by some wild animals. They saved her life by staving off the beasts, and young Raine, unable to defend herself, expected to be their next kill. However, by the clan leaders orders, they instead took her in, deep into the jungle, to their village.

Raine was nursed back to health, and as the clan leader saw she had the skills to survive in the wild, she was treated as one of their own. The clan leader, who himself had lost a child in h

Raine, in her Warrior Queen outfit

is youth to the jungle, treated Raine as if he was her daughter, and showed her many skills and tactics to further survive and fend for herself against even the most bloodthirsty predators. She slowly taught this clan things about the world beyond them in turn, such as speaking and reading her native English language. By the time she was 18, Raine was a master hunter and the clan had been able to successfully defend themselves against natural predators and outside intruders alike.

The Cursed Blade and her destiny

Years after the day she was shipwrecked, Raine returned to the wreckage of the ship which crashed to find anything that would give her clues of her past life. She managed to find a journal which was kept by her father. In it, it told of a pirate who had been pursuing his ship named Cervantes de Leon, and how his presence was almost like a that of a ghost or a demon. It told of these demonic blades he wielded, rumored to be what some sailors and locals in England called "The Cursed Blade" or "Soul Edge". He had feared for his life as he was close to finding "three treasures" in Asia which supposedly could destroy Soul Edge, and took his family to escape to South America. This
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Raine, in noble/civilian dress

was the last page in the journal, which lead Raine to believe that this Cervantes had something to do with the attack which killed her parents.

Her focus then became that of revenge, and finishing her father's work. With her clan's blessing, Raine would leave to return to Europe and search for Cervantes. In her hunt for Cervantes, Raine traverses hostile territory and takes up battle against many nefarious forces. She through no means of her own became a known and feared "hunter"; a killer of killers, all the while searching for the one who changed her destiny to ultimately end his.

Weapons & Powers

Raine's weapons of choice are two shorts swords, called "Red Blaze" which allow her to attack swiftly. These blades were forged using mystic powers designed to stave off any evil entities. She is also very athletic and uses acrobatics and kicking combinations not unlike those used Eastern warriors such as the Fu-Ma Ninja clan.

Also similar to them are her shaman-like magical abilities, taught to her by the clan she was raised under in the Amazon.

Extra Information

Through her learning of her father's business, she is aware of her place as the heiress of all of his riches which still sit unclaimed in England. His empire is governed for now by other family members, who believe her to be dead from the shipwreck as well. She's yet to reveal to them the she's still alive.

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