Rage as he appears in Soulcalibur V

Rage is a fan character first seen as a ninja in Soul Calibur III. Rage later appears in Soul Calibur IV as the soul of Taki, and as Natsu in Soulcalibur V.

What lies in his soul is Desire


As of Soulcalibur III-IV, Rage's appearance is to resemble a ninja. He wears a black ninja suit with a white belt, gray gaunlets, and black shin guards and shoes.

In Soulcalibur V/Essence of Phaze, Rage wears a white shirt, with a purple belt with a yin-yang medal on it, and a blue belt under that. He wears black pants and boots, with black gaunlets stripped with white lines. Rage's new appearance is to resemble Yin and Yang.

In Soul Calibur-Rise of the Unknown, Rage reappears as a ninja, but instead, his ninja outfit is all gray and white, and with a black belt. His weapons are also white and red.

Shain Massey



February 14, 1570

Small Village on East side of Japan

Age 15(Soul Calibur III) 17Soul Calibur IV), 34(Soul Calibur V)
Height 5"6
Weight 152 lb
Blood Type A-
Eye Color Blue
Weapon Dual Swords



Kunai(SCIII) Fu-Ma Kugi(SCIV)


Fighting Style Self-taught

Father, Kyle(deceased)

Mother, Rina(deceased)

Wife, Sandra Victor-Massey

Older Brother, Mark, alledgly deceased, due to the fact he could not find him after the fire

Joseph, closest friend, lost sanity due malefestation

Traveled with Yun-Seong and Seong-Mi-Na(Soulcalibur IV)



Soul Calibur III

Soul Calibur IV

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

Soul Calibur V

Soul Calibur: Essence of Phaze


Rage is a solo ninja, who raised himself, as his family and entire village died due to an attack by the evil Soul Edge and its wielder, Nightmare. Ever since he was 15, he decided to go out on his own, because there was no one to accompany him on a journey to reserect his family and friends.

Soul Calibur III

Shain was playing with his friends in an open field on a sunny day when a strange aura appeared from the horizon, and then it suddenly became dark. A strange man then walked torwards the children, wearing strange blue armour. The aura was coming from this man, and he was carrying a large weapon, what seemed to be a sword. This man was Nightmare. The children, all but Shain and some others, knew of this sword and told them to run.

"What is this?!" Shain asked running from the strange man.

"Its Soul Edge! And the Azure Knight!" said Shain's closest friend, Joseph. Joseph's parents told him about the Azure Knight when he was 12 years old. And Joseph feared this story, but kept hold of it for two years just in case it came in need.

The children ran home to there parents and told them the tragedy and the strange man following them. By the time some of the parents of the Asian village came to see what was going on, the monstrous man had already arrived at the village and was holding his sword up into the air, raising chaos and fear. Shain's parents told him to run away and don't look back, and would attempt to hold him back so he and Joseph could run. Shain had went to Joseph's home to tell him they should run, but Joseph was nowhere to be found. Shain ran around the house, and then found Joseph laying on the ground, with a strange orange aura glowing around him.

"Joseph..." Shain had said in sadness and confusion. He tried to wake him, but he lay there, silent. Soul Edge had gotten to his mind and destroyed his sanity. Shain had left the house to erased the cursed picture from his mind, but it stuck to him like glue. When he looked up from his thoughts, his whole village was engulfed in flames, and through the flames, he saw Nightmare, glaring right at him.

Shain ran far, far away from his home never to return again.

As Shain grew older, he made it his sworn duty to destroy Soul Edge and its wielder. And to find a cure for Joseph's malefestation. When Shain turned 15, he learned the Ninja Arts and how to wield dual swords. Shain then ran across Yun-Seong and Seong-Mi-Na and became close friends. He had introduced himself as Rage, and explained why he called himself that. The two though it was a pretty cool name, and a sad story, and agreed to call him that.

Shain now travels with the duo.

Soulcalibur IV

By the time the trio reached a beach within the Halcyon Harbor, Rage decided he needed to rest and told Yun- Seong that they should set up camp. Seong-Mi-Na said that they would set up camp, and Shain should rest. Shain quickly agreed. As Yun-Seong and Seong-Mi-Na, had just went into the woods to get wood for a fire, Shain heard a scream and quickly rose.

"That sounds like Mi-na..." He said and dashed into the woods. He found Yun-Seong and an injured Mi-na.

"What happened?!" Shain had asked.

"I dunno. All I heard was a scream and immediatly ran back here. I found her like this." Yun-Seong explained. Shain remembered something from the time he was training to learn the Ninja Arts: he could tell what was wrong with a person, but he could not heal them.

"She's been a"Shain had gasped in shock and fell backward.

"What's wrong?" Yun-Seong asked Shain.

"This my very best friend from when I was at least 3 years old...Joseph..." Shain had said in sadness.

"Could you tell me what had happend?" Yun-Seong asked.

"Yes...but as we go. We are going to find a doctor or something that could heal her comlpetely." Shain picked up Mi-Na and walked out of the woods, Yun-Seong following him.

"Three years ago, I was playing in a field with all of my friends, when Nightmare had came from the horizon, slowly.At first, I nor my friends knew what was going on. But we had all ran home to tell our parents. By the time we had went outside to see if he was following us, and surely he was. He had raised his sword into the air and caused chaos and fear. My parents told me to go get Joseph, and we should run and don't look back. I went to tell Joseph, but he was nowhere to be found. I went through his house, searching any possilbe way to find him. I finnaly found him, laying on the ground with that same aura that Nightmare had had around himself. I finnaly noticed that he had been infected with Soul Edge, and he had lost his insanity. I had ran out of the house to remove that cursed image from my mind, I couldn't remove it...I had looked up and saw that the entire village had fallen and it was engulfed in flames. And through the flames, I saw Nightmare, glaring right at me. I had ran and I never looked back, just like my parents told me. And for the next year, I trained myself to learn the Ninja Arts and to wield Dual Swords. I had made it my sworn duty to avenge my home, my family, and my friends. And then I found you guys."

They took a boat to Greece to find a medical person, but along the way, they ran into some trouble...

Soul Calibur V

Shain had lost sight of Yun-Seong and Mi-na as they were killed in a battle in China. Shain was scared with this memory, as it haunts him just to think about it. He had traveled on his own, as he is a man able to fight for himself. As he traveled through Europe, he ran across someone with a very similar face.

"Hey, you there!" Shain had shouted to the man. He looked at him and ran off.

"Come back!" Shain said as he chased after him.

"Who are you..?" The man sounded insecure and had a strange tone in his voice.

"You look awefully familiar..." Shain walked closer to the man, but the man unsheathed his sword and pointed it towards Shain.

"Shain....Massey...." the man had said.

"Yes, that is me. Who are you?" Shain replied.

"Mark Massey...your older brother..." the man replied. He had a hood on his head and wore a black cloak to cover himself.

"Mark?!" Shain exclaimed. "Is it really you?!"

"I was sent by the evil sword, Soul Edge, to destroy the one who fights againts it, Shain Massey!" And with that Mark charged at Shain.

"Why are you working for Soul Edge?! Why are you attacking your little brother?!" Shain asked his brother.

"I was sent....I was not ordered to answer your questions. Soul Edge wanted you destroyed....I want you DEAD!"

Mark was malfested. He wanted to destroy his brother. He never cared, he had no love from his parents. He wanted revenge.

Shain managed to defeat his older brother, and he returned to normal, regaining his sanity.

Shain had left his brother there, and set off to find Joseph.

Shain was in Italy in order to find Joseph. A woman by the name of Sandra Victor had told him of a mansion in Rome she saw him go into the previous day. Shain asked if she would lead him there, and Sandra agreed. As they walked to Rome, the got to know each other better, and fell in love. As they reached the mansion, they decided to stick together. Shain went into the mansion and found a large room. In a chair, sat Joseph, and behind him was Soul Edge. Joseph was the new wielder of Soul Edge! And a strange girl in what seemed to be a clown-like costume walked in.

"Hi there! I'm Tira. And this is my new friend Joseph!" She said in a happy voice.

"What have you done?!" Shain demanded.

"Oh, me? I just found him walking from a died-down fire, all sad, and for the next three years, I tought him to kill...hehehehe!!" she giggled.

"Joseph, you have to fight againts her and Soul Edge! This is not the real you! We're best friends!" Shain tried to get Joseph out of this trance, but failed.

"Soul Edge is my friend....he wants to help me...he didn't abandon me in my bedroom...he didn't leave me for dead!" and Joseph screamed and charged at Shain. Shain fought hesitantly, not wanting to risk killing his best friend. But he knew he had to, so he fought, for the sake of his friend. Sandra spotted Tira staring at the battle, and snuck up on her, grabbing her neck. Tira struggled to release from the grasp, but the Italian woman had a strong arm, and slit Tira's neck with her Asian blade. Tira lay there, dead. Shain and Joseph were still at it. Shain used his Ninnja Arts fighting style to evade Joseph's attacks and strike with a counter. Joseph had a large sword, so he would have to charge up his attacks. Soul Edge got deeper into his mind, and gave him senses in which he could strike a counter to Shain's attack. He succeeded in countering Shain's attack, and Shain lay there, injured. Shain got up, and ran towards Joseph. The only way to defeat him, is to stab him in the stomach. As he ran towards him, he used a magic skill that launced Joseph into the air. Shain teleported up and stabbed Joseph in the stomach. They both fell to the ground, Shain on his feet, Joseph laying there, with the same orange aura as he had twenty years ago. This time, Soul Edge was in Joseph's grasp. Shain ran up to Soul Edge, lifted his sword, and stabbed Soul Edge in his eye. This destroyed Soul Edge, and released Joseph of its trance. He quickly healed, and they all walked to Vatican City, where Shain and Sandra were happily married. They were blessed with three children 5 years later: two boys and a girl. Joseph lives with the family, and Mark is missing, but that brought no concerne to Shain.

As they thought they were safe from Soul Edge, a tiny shard lay inside Joseph, awaiting for its awakening...


Rage is a nice, kind young man. He pursues his goals with great courage and responsibility. He is brave and courteous to people, but has a very strong dislike for someone he's against.

Fighting Style

Rage learns the Ninja Arts fighting style at age 15. He uses a combination of Magic and Athletic Skills.

Ninja Arts-Skills

Rage combines his use of the Duel Swords, is Ninja Arts training, and the use of his athletic abilites to create a unique moveset. As he gets older, his Magic skill becomes for advanced.

List of Magic Skills

  • Launch- Use of Magic that allows Rage to send his opponent into the air. Also used as an unblockable attack.
  • Disappear- Use of Magic that allows Rage either jump into the air or roll out of his opponent's way in order to dodge. He can also use it as a throw.

  • Launch
  • Rage using disappear
  • Jump

Critical Finish

Rage kicks his opponent twice and jumps backwards, then uses the Disappearing Skill to attack his opponent. Doing so, he triples himself, and all three Rage's attack the enemy by going through him in a format of a triangle, and then reappearing on top of the opponent, he strikes downward.

Critical Edge

Rage sticks his swords in the ground, saying "On my honor...begone!," and six magic beams appear on either side of Rage, launching the opponent into the air.


Soul Calibur III-Ling Sheng-Su Temple Ruin

Soul Calibur IV-Distant Marsh

Soul Calibur V-Fu-Ma No Sato: Mechanical Spider


Soulcalibur III-

  • Come on, I'm in a hurry!
  • Let's settle this!
  • Heh, not to shabby.
  • Feel the vengeance of my people!- Spoken in battle against Nightmare
  • No...!- Spoken during a Ring Out.
  • Aah!!- Spoken during a Ring Out.
  • Now I must find Joseph....-Spoken after defeating Nightmare.
  • I must go on...
  • I believe that's considered a victory!-Spoken after winning a perfect in battle.
  • Ah, man...gotta try harder...-Spoken after a Time Up.

Soulcalibur IV-

  • All right! Let's get started!
  • Bring it on!
  • You...-Spoken in battle against Nightmare.
  • I just had more drive than you!- Spoken after a Critical Finish.
  • Ninja Arts!
  • Ha!
  • What?!
  • No!!
  • How can this be?!
  • Ya know?!
  • Scream!
  • Feel my power!
  • Begone!
  • Now you will feel the pain of my village...-Spoken after defeating Nightmare.

​Soulcalibur V-

  • Let's go!
  • M-m-Mark?!?!-Spoken in battle against Mark
  • Joseph, I WILL cure you!-Spoken in battle against Joseph
  • You're gonna wish you hadn't crossed me.-Spoken in battle against Nightmare.
  • Cursed power, cursed man, die!-Spoken after defeating Nightmare.
  • Joseph! Snap out of it!Spoken to Joseph in story mode.
  • I'm sorry...Joseph..-Spoken after defeating Joseph.
  • Ninja Arts!
  • Haa!
  • Feel my power!
  • Know the power of the Ninja Arts!
  • You can't beat me!
  • Fall!
  • On my honor...begone!- Spoken during a Critical Edge.


  • Rage's weapon in Soulcalibur V is Edge Master's weapon "The Master" for Natsu.
  • Rage dresses as a ninja from Soulcalibur III-IV, but changes his attire as he grows older.
  • Rage learns the Ninja Arts fighting style when he is 15.
  • Rage's real name is Shain Massey.
  • His story is a mixture of Natsu and Patroklos' story: Patroklos' family (except for Pyrrha) is killed, and Natsu is looking for her master, Taki. Rage's whole village is killed, and he searches for his friend.
  • As of Soulcalibur III, Rage became close friends with Yun-Seong and Seong-Mi-Na. They were killed in battle against Chinese warriors. This is also a resemblance to what happened to him when he was 14. Now he seeks to avenge his former friends.


  • Father-Kyle Massey
  • Mother-Rina Massey
  • Brother-Mark Massey
  • Best Friend-Joseph Hardey
  • Wife-Sandra Victor(Soulcalibur V)
  • Nightmare-Long-term enemy
  • Travel companions with Yun-Seong and Seong-Mi-Na(SCIII-IV)


Rage comes from the Latin word, rabies, meaning rabid and fury.

In-game Photos

Soulcalibur III

Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur V

In-game videos

Soulcalibur III-

Rage vs Nightmare SCIII01:20

Rage vs Nightmare SCIII

Rage vs Nightmare (SCIII)

Soulcalibur IV-

Soulcalibur V-

SOULCALIBUR V Rage Gameplay02:10


Rage gameplay

SOULCALIBUR V Rage(2P) Gameplay03:34

SOULCALIBUR V Rage(2P) Gameplay

Rage 2P Costume Gameplay

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