"I can do it!!"
— Nitso

Nitso is a character in the Soul series. His first appearance was the sixth installment of series, Soulcalibur V. He is the adopted brother of Natsu.


Pre Soulcalibur V

After the events of Soulcalibur IV. Taki had found two children. One was Natsu, where the evil demon Arahabaki destroyed the village were Natsu lived in. The other was Nitso. Taki had found Nitso two years after she found Natsu. Taki was returning home from another mission when she heard a baby crying from a distance. There, in the woods she found a baby boy, looking recently born. She could not leave the child in the woods, so she brought home the baby and gave him to Chie. The baby was named "Nitso", a name that Natsu came up with. The two were always playing with each other. Chie loved the site of the two bonding, it always made her happy that the children had each other.

However, since Natsu had the demon within her, Taki did not teach Nitso her style, she felt that Nitso was safe with Chie and the Fu-Ma Ninja clan protecting them. Nitso would become upset and burst into tears because he would never be able to learn how to fight. Luckily, Natsu would teach him a few moves of Taki's to Nitso when no one was watching. One day, they were caught, Taki scolded Natsu for teaching Nitso while she wass still being trained, and also reminded her and that she has the demon sealed within her. From that day on, Natsu did not show any other move. Nitso became upset, but he was able to create some of his own moves. Nitso never knew about Arahabki within Natsu. Natsu pleads to Chie and Taki to never tell Nitso about Arahabaki, as she fears he will be frighted of her.

Soulcalibur V

Taki told Natsu and Nitso that she would be back in two weeks as she heard that Toki was seen. But two weeks had past, no sign of her at all. This worried them both, Natsu decided to go search for her. Natsu told her that it is dangerous out there, but Nitso showed her that he can protect her and himself. Natsu agreed with him coming along, they both set off. They met up with another young girl, Leixia, who Natsu decide to be her bodyguard. Nitso developed a crush on her, He often found himself saying stupid things around her. They were later rescued by Xiba and Maxi when they were attacked by a monster. He gain high respect for Maxi and became best friends with Xiba. Together, they all headed to the west.


Nitso is a kind-hearted and caring boy. He is sort of clumsy when it comes to fighting, since Natsu didn't probably teach him since she was under training as well. He isn't cocky like Natsu even if he looks up to her. He also a little timid when it comes to fighting. He tries his best when it comes to fighting, he doesn't seem to care whether he loses to his friends. He also share a brotherly relationship with Xiba. He jokes about stealing his favorite food, steam buns. He has high respect for Maxi, referring to him as what Leixia refers to him, "Lord Maxi". He is scared of him when it comes to fighting. He has a crush on Leixia, he would say ridiculous things when she is talking to him and some blanks out when just looking at her. Natsu takes notice of this and teases him about it when no one is around.


He is very young boy with brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a mask to make himself looks "scary". He dresses like what an average ninja would. A black body suit, armor and sandals.



  • Found in the woods as an infant by Taki
  • Adopted son of Chie
  • Adopted brother of Natsu
  • Best friend of Xiba
  • High respect for Maxi
  • Has a crush on Leixia


  • I can do this!
  • Uh...should we begin?
  • Sorry."
  • Ahh!
  • Foul demon....PERISH! -when battling an "evil" character.
  • You may be impressed! - when engaging a battle with Natsu.
  • I failed!!! - when KO'd by Natsu
  • Do we have to?!? - when engaging a battle when Leixia
  • Those steam buns are mine! -when engaging a battle when Xiba


Thanks to JasseyJasee for screenshots!!

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