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Reynold Ashland (レノルド アッシュランド Renorudo Asshurando) is a character appearing in the Soulcalibur series of fighting games, making his first appearance in Soulcalibur IV, and returning in Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as an alternate costume for Sergei Dragunov.  He is a character in the Soulcalibur: Kinouishi universe.

What lies in his soul is Weariness.


Early Life

Reynold was born a peasant in the 1300s. During the Black Plague, he was a child of 10, and the only survivor of his family. He, along with other orphans, were among the original founders of the Bird of Passage.

When he was 27, Reynold was tasked with eliminating a mysterious man. Little did he or anyone know, the man was a vampire, which Reynold found out the hard way. During the ensuing fight, Reynold was bitten. For a while, his brothers in arms accepted his new transformation and considered it a blessing. But when he began to lose control over his new form, he broke his own ring blade and left the organization.

For years, Reynold traveled England and rose up the ranks in society, serving as a knight and mercenary for decades, and eventually gathering enough riches to rival those of nobles. However, due to his condition, he stayed a recluse as often as possible.

Soulcalibur IV

For over 200 years, Reynold Ashland watched as people came and went, and observed the violence that occurred throughout humanity. Despite building up his own success, he was conflicted; he was weary of the world, and yet he desired to make some final mark on it.

Rumors of the Soul Swords arose once again, and their power affected the world more strongly than ever, with warriors all over the world looking for it. For the first time in decades, Reynold felt a sense of ambition. He would take the swords for himself, use them to shape the world as he saw fit, and then use them to end his own life.

Later Life

Having failed his mission, Reynold once again lived the life of a wanderer and mercenary.  However, this time he felt a renewed sense of life, having explored parts of the world he had never been to. Over the next two decades, he wandered all over Europe, Asia, and Africa, collecting objects and trinkets from the various places he had been to. After returning to England, he became a merchant of foreign curiosities.  

Reynold eventually became among the first British colonists in America, and fought in the Revolution for independence.  Knowing that killing was his best skill, he fought in just about every other war that America became involved in.

At some point after World War II, Reynold learned judo and jujutsu while stationed in Japan.  This would become his preferred unarmed fighting style, and he would become known among the American troops as "The Pale Judo Master".  In the early 21st century, he would continue to use his martial arts skills while serving the French Foreign Legion.

He would eventually use them once again against the Mishima Zaibatsu in the Third World War caused by Jin Kazama.


Reynold was originally a natural killer who reveled in killing and bloodshed. After leaving the Bird of Passage, he enjoyed the life of a wanderer and mercenary. However, after 200 years with riches, he has become a weary man whose desire is to make one final mark on the world, then end his life.


Reynold is a muscular red-haired British man born of peasant stock.

Both of his costumes contain a brown hood and cloak. His primary costume is a fancy black noble outfit with a red sash, tall brown leather boots, and white gloves.

His secondary costume is more akin to his peasant roots, consisting of a brown shirt with grey pants and brown leather boots.

In the Tekken series, he is usually seen in modern military uniforms.

Fighting Style

Reynold, a noble vampire, uses a style identical to that of Raphael.

In the Tekken series, his fighting style is a form of combative judo similar to Sergei Dragunov.


External Links

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