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Minor characters of PutYaGunsOn's fanon Soul Calibur universe.

Hirosuke Takazaki

The daimyo whom Seiji Kazemaru serves. Lord Takazaki who rules a small territory known as Sawajima, located on the northwest side of the Seto Inland Sea. Due to their childhood friendship and his wide variety of skills, he considers Seiji among his most trusted samurai.

Ji Gang

Description Soulcalibur IV
A Chinese warrior monk who encounters Seiji Kazemaru and Tong Lingmei on their quest for Soul Edge.  He challenges them, asks them their reasons for their journey, and briefly trains them after warning them of the sword's evil nature. He secretly follows the two after they leave, keeping an eye on them. IMG 1699


The daughter of General Fujita, a samurai who served under the Yasuda clan until Seiji Kazemaru of the Takazaki clan killed Lord Yasuda. After the demise of the Yasuda clan, Fujita swore loyalty to Takazaki, and Rinko was arranged to marry Seiji, a long time family friend of the Takazaki clan, as a way to ensure his loyalty to his new master. She would bear Seiji's first three children, and was noted to be more skilled in combat than the average samurai's wife, having been personally trained by her father.

Though their first year together was full of tension, she was known to have a happy marriage with Seiji until her untimely death in 1607, caused by a fragment of Soul Edge. Her death would contribute to Seiji's already heavy depression during that year.


Description Soulcalibur V
A one-eyed Siamese cavalryman and boxer who is sent by the king of Ayutthaya to investigate Soul Edge, and possibly contain its power for the kingdom.  During the wars with the Burmese, Somchai fought alongside Japanese mercenaries, and thus has a strong understanding of samurai culture. He wears a tsuba as an eyepatch in memory of his deceased samurai friend, who wielded the sword from which it came. IMG 1721

Tong Wufan

The father of Tong Lingmei, and the previous owner of the Tong School of Martial Arts. A master martial artist who desires to spread his family's style among the jianghu. Though initially hesitant to allow his daughter to seek out Soul Edge, due to having previously lost a student who pursued the same quest, he eventually accepts her maturity and acknowledges her as a worthy successor.


Description Soulcalibur IV
A kunoichi of the Fu-Ma clan who seeks to find Soul Edge for her master Toki. IMG 1703

Wu Chun

Lingmei's childhood friend and eventually husband, and Seiji's first real friend at the Tong School. In addition to helping his wife manage the school, he is also a government diplomat who regularly travels to the Ryukyu Islands, often exchanging martial arts techniques with the locals.

Guest Characters

Giren Noa

Description Soulcalibur IV
A Mirialan bounty hunter from another galaxy who wields a vibroblade.  By unknown means, he ends up on 16th century Earth, and must find the source of this anomaly.  He believes that the two legendary swords on the planet might have something to do with it. IMG 1713

Hirotaka Yamashita

Description Soulcalibur V
A member of the Japanese Assassin Brotherhood who was sent to Europe to keep Soul Edge and Soul Calibur out of the hands of the Templars. IMG 1732




  • The guest characters of each game correspond with the universes of the official guest characters, such as Giren Noa being a Star Wars character alongside Darth Vader and Yoda, or Hirotaka Yamashita being an Assassin alongside Ezio.

Soulcalibur IV

  • The colors of Ji Gang's P2 costume is inspired by the attire worn by Shaolin monks, though he is not necessarily a member of the Shaolin Monastery.

Soulcalibur V

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