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Shu Jiaohu (蜀 娇虎 Shǔ Jiāohǔ シュウ ジアオフー Shū Jiaofū) is a character appearing in the Soul series of fighting games. She made her first appearance in Soulcalibur V.  She is a supporting character in the Soulcalibur: Kinouishi fanverse.

In Soulcalibur V's promotional material, she is referred to as The Desert Thief of the West.


Early Life

Shu Jiaohu was the daughter of an Imperial Chinese soldier and a woman from the western deserts. Her father taught her a form of military sword combat. However, when he died while on a mission, her family fell on hard times. She learned how to survive through theft and scams.

Soulcalibur V

As rumors of Soul Edge resurfaces, Jiaohu's eyes lit up with a desire for adventure.

"Soul Edge...the ultimate treasure," she thought to herself.

Jiaohu noticed two men walking through her home town. Judging by their journey west and their obvious far eastern appearance, she deduced that they were searching for Soul Edge. She pickpocketed the two men, and the ninja caught on. After a chase throughout the town, the two warriors clashed in a duel of deception, pragmatism, and wit. Jiaohu lost, but she held her ground long enough that she earned the respect of the two warriors and allowed her to travel with them. Little did they know that she planned to steal Soul Edge right under their noses before they had a chance to destroy it. However, as they traveled, she would develop feelings for Ryuki.

When the three reached the lands of the former Wolfkrone Kingdom, they encountered a group of two Astaroth. One broke Seiji's kodachi, and the other tossed Ryuki off a nearby cliff, apparently killing him. Out of revenge for her new friend, Jiaohu killed one Astaroth, while Seiji killed the other using Ryuki's nunchaku.

When the Soul Swords disappeared and Seiji returned to Japan, Jiaohu thought about her purpose in life. She began to think that petty thievery was not the right path for her, and that she should be more like Seiji and Ryuki, saving and protecting people. The things that she learned and experienced while traveling inspired her to turn a new leaf. Though she would still make use of her skills as a thief, she would steal from the corrupted wealthy and give to the poor, not unlike Robin Hood or Yoshimitsu.

She would gain the attention of a small number of Manji thieves who were still in Europe, and they would try to recruit her.


Jiaohu is a young, tanned woman from Western China, possibly of Turkish or Uyghur descent. Her dark brown hair is usually tied in a messy ponytail.

Her primary outfit is a blend of Chinese and stereotypical "Arabian" dress. She wears a white and gold sleeveless top that exposes the midriff, a red sleeveless vest over it, with a purple sash, beige pants, and Shaolin leg wraps over white shin-high socks and brown shoes.

Her secondary outfit is more in line with Han Chinese clothing, consisting of a blue wrapped top with a yellow sash, brown pants, and kung fu shoes.

Fighting Style

Lingmei's fighting style is a copy of Xianghua's, consisting of graceful wushu techniques with a dao.



  • The original concept for Jiaohu was a female version of Chang Chen's character Luo Xiaohu/Lo "Dark Cloud" in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  Both are Chinese desert thieves who are not of Han descent. Her name is also a combination of the two main characters, Jiaolong and Xiaohu.
  • Jiaohu's design is a mix of fantasy depictions of Chinese and Middle Eastern characters.

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