"Don't let these clothes fool you!"


Porton Hays is a fan character from the game Soul Calibur V and an unlockable character in the fan game, Calibur: Essence of Phaze Soul Calibur: Essence of Phaze. In these games, he is seen in the style of Z.W.E.I., and great enemies with Patroklos Alaxander/Alpha Patroklos.

What lies in his soul is Shadows

In Soul Calibur V, Porton is known as Summoner of Shadows


Porton is known for his black and blue clothing, mostly black jackets and blue shirts, and a nice pair of pants.


Porton is a rich sorceror who lives in eastern Austria. He was married and had a little girl. One day, and man known as Patroklos had attacked the homes in Austria, claiming them to be "malfested."  Porton had lost it. He attempted attack on Patroklos, but failed.

During a two-month time period, Porton learned a new type of sorcery: Summoning. He searched all of Austria for Patroklos, finding nothing. He then searched Turkey. He found Patroklos, challenging him to battle. 

After defeating the "holy warrior," Patroklos swore vengeance on the rich man.

After a long while, Patroklos came back to Austria where Porton had rested.

"I've come back to regain my honor!" Patroklos stated.

"Well, hope you got comfortable without it, because you aren't getting it back for a while. I've learned a new skill while you were away. I call it 'Shadow Summoning.' Now I control the shadows." Porton stated.

"You are to call me Alpha Patroklos. Fear my might!"

Porton, defeating the warrior, said "Who am I kidding? This guys nothing. Give me more of a challenge."

A dark light appeared in the sky as Soul Edge came crashing down. Then rising from it, Dark Samus formed. 

"You dare challenge me?" She said.

"Finally, something fun!" Porton said out loud. Then he charged for his opponent.


Porton can be quite mean when fighting, but he has a whole different side when talking. Before Patroklos ruined his life, Porton showed his loving side toward his wife and daughter, caring and playing. But when they died, he became something like a shadow, hiding his emotions and getting riled up during a fight.

Fighting Style

Porton uses sorcery for most of his attacks, summoning a shadowed werewolf the size of a boulder. It was considered a counterattack.

Critical Edge

Porton calls upon his werewolf shadow, and it charges towards his opponent, launching them into the air, grabbing them, and slamming them onto the ground, causing them to bounce.


Deserted Wastleand


  • Wife and daughter- deceased
  • Patroklos/Alpha Patroklos- enemy
  • Dark Samus- Rival


  • Porton tends to brag about his sorcery.

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