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"We are Pain! We are God!"

―Nagato (throu the six paths)

Nagato (長門, Nagato), also known as Pain (ペイン, Pein), was the recognised leader of Akatsuki and Amegakure and a major antagonist of the series. Referred to as "Leader" by all Akatsuki members (except for Konan), he directed the actions of the rest of the members and maintained authority over them.

What lies in his soul is Pain. In Soulcalibur V's promotional material he is referred to as The Child Of the Prophecy.

Appearence ( as Nagato/Pein(Yahiko) )

Nagato was a fair-skinned man with chin-length red hair (a colour which is a trademark of the Uzumaki clan) with his most noticeable trait being his Rinnegan eyes. As a child, his hair would regularly hang off his face blocking the view of his eyes; his normal eyes are never seen. Nagato grew into a tall man, but after subjecting himself to the Summoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, Nagato was reduced to an emaciated version of his former self with chakra receivers implanted into his back, one in each of his shoulder joints, smaller ones in his forearms and two metal-like screw under his collar bones, near his shoulder joint.

Yahiko had short spiky orange hair and blue eyes (depicted as brown in the anime). Under Jiraiya's tutelage, he wore a short black shirt robe with green trimmings, dark pants, a black and white belt that he tied in front with mesh armour underneath. As an original member of Akatsuki, he wore a long black robe with a red line running down the centre along with an armour that covered only his midsection with a pouch attached to it. He also carried a relatively large sword during this time. However, as Pein, he now wears the actual robe of the akatsuki, and sports piercings around his face together with his rinnegan, the only trait that is shared throu all of the Six Paths.

Fighting Style

Like in Naruto's ninja storm series, Pein has the black rod within him, wich he uses to impale his enemies. In SoulCaliburV, the black rod becomes the main weapon. Nagato, while using Pein, can still use the manners of the Rinnegan, hence it is despicted as a powerful offensive character. Overduing with this, is the fact that Shinra Tensei and Banshō Ten'in are two of the most powerful movements that Nagato has on his vast arsenal of attacks. However, it should be noted that being so offensive requires a good look at the defensive, and that is what Pein lacks on SoulCaliburV. Regardless this flaw, Pein can also summon the six paths to his own battle, wich means a strategy to finish the battle quickly will be put at good use.


Nagato. The child of the prophecy. The new god over the ninja world. The war was going on, with deaths at everyone's sides. As that, Nagato had lost his fellow akatsuki members Hidan, Kakuzo, Deidara, and even Uchiha Itachi and Sasori. This had to stop, in order to bring peace to the world. Nagato was ready to enter on the battle. But his fight against Jiraya got one of his bodies killed, in wich during this time of recoil he had to get another body. Eventually, he catched one.

But something was strange. During a scan of the country of the Rain, the village was no longer seen. They where at a forest, in wich the green and blue ruled the water and trees. The strangest thing on the situation was: Nagato's disappearance. He was in other place, hidded on a litle cave near the localization of the forest.

Decided to go all out and escape, the Six Paths of Pain where now ready to scan the area..and to kill everyone who was to treath peace.

Critical Edge

Pein will start his critical edge by posing his hand at the floor, whereas a summon seal places on the floor, whereas the six paths of pain will appear behind the Deva Path. After the Deva Path states "Scater", all of the paths run at the target designed ( the opponent). They will burst against him/her, until the last path, the Asura, punches the opponent. If the last punch has the connection, the opponent is brutally sended at the air, whereas all of the paths had their rods pointed at the opponent, hence hitting him/her violently and bashing him/her against the ground. After that, the paths disappeared, less the Deva one.


  • Black Rod
  • Asura Rod
  • Deva Rod
  • Human Rod
  • Animal Rod
  • Preta Rod
  • Naraka Rod
  • Outer Rod ( The Master Weapon)
  • Akatsuki Cloud Rod (Joke Weapon)


  • Mist of Rain (warzone/Night-time) (SCV)

Theme Music


  • Crimsom Flames
Crimsom flames02:31

Crimsom flames

Pein Theme in SoulCaliburV


  • Prepare for your judgment.
  • ....This is not normal. Vanquish him.
  • You must be another who use tailed beasts. Prepare to be captured.
  • The Six Paths Of Pain will show you what Pain truly means.
  • Beware..the power of my Rinnegan.
  • The last thing you will feel...will be my hand over your troath.
  • Argh!
  • Attack.
  • Asura! - when summoning the Asura Path
  • Human! - when summoning the Human Path
  • Animal! - when summoning the Animal Path
  • Preta! - when summoning the Preta Path
  • Naraka! - when summoning the Naraka Path
  • Those who do not understand true pain can never understand true peace.
  • We are Pain! We are god!
  • One who knows pain...knows peace.
  • Scatter! - Spoken at the beginning of the critical edge.
  • Know Pain.. - Spoken at the end of the critical edge.
  • Yahiko..Konan... - Spoken when time runs out.
  • This is absurd. We are God.
  • You..stronger than the rinnegan..?
  • Your resemble the Nine Tails Fox. We must capture you. - Spoken when enganging in battle against Natsu.
  • This Kyubi is weak. You are not Naruto, for you will die now. - Spoken when defeating Natsu.


  • Initially, the one who was to be portraiting Akatsuki on SoulCaliburV was to be Itachi-Uchiha. However, since an Uchiha will be on the game, the team felt that thei would fit by putting another person with occular powers. Therefor, Pein is the one.

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