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Noel Striker is a character that appears on the Soul series of fighting games. She only appeared in the beginning of Chad Striker's story in Soulcalibur III as a NPC and also reappeared on Soulcalibur V as playable character. Noel is the aunt of Chad Striker and his siblings and is the wife of Levi Striker who assisted the Striker pirates to destroy Soul Edge and Soul Calibur until she along with her son and daughters Jake, Mary, Erin, and Carol were attacked by the Dalkia forces and were presumed dead. But in Soulcalibur V, it turns out that she and her children survived the onslaught and reunited with her nieces and nephews Chad, Gail, Arie, and Cory and they resumed their quest to destroy the two swords.

In Soul Calibur III, what lies in her soul is Sympathy.

In Soul Calibur V's Promotional Material, She is referred as The Motherly Pirate.


Noel Striker is the aunt of the Striker siblings Chad, Gail, Arie, and Cory who is born of Greek and Chinese descent. Noel is also the wife of Levi Striker, a super strong pirate who is born of Swedish and Japanese descent. During that time, Noel was known as Cameron Zhang Halteese who was one of the two sole surviving noble princesses along her sister Everlyn Halteese whose father is a Greek Halteese nobleman while their mother is a Chinese princess and consort. They raised the two girls in Northern Wei territory in china and were living a happy life with each other, the happiness ended when the Azure Knight led a rampaging genocide in the country. The resulting chaos got the sisters' parents killed and Cameron became blind when the evil energy of Soul Edge scarred her eyes and it also killed her sister when Nightmare absorbed her soul into the cursed sword. Levi eventually found her alone in the forest and treated her wounds, falling in love with her in the process which soon led her to change her name to Noel. 5 days later, Noel and Levi got married and gave birth to their son Jake and daughters Mary, Carol, and Erin, they also took in and raised the Striker siblings soon after.
Noel striker

Noel Striker

12 years later, the warlord of the Tokugawa clan Ieyasu Tokugawa ordered the Striker pirates to destroy Soul Edge and Soul Calibur before they cause any form of chaos and calamity across the eastern Asia. Noel, along with her children and her nieces and nephews embarked on a journey to destroy two swords.

On their way to Europe, the Striker pirates stopped to rest in a deep forest. But they were suddenly attacked and ambushed by Dalkia forces led by a man named Roin, the Striker pirates and Noel were caught by surprise and was unprepared for the onslaught. However, Noel and Jake was able to hold their own against the hostile Dalkia soldiers with a combination of hand to hand fistwork and powerful magic that sent their attackers flying and finally facing off against Roin himself. They fought bravely against him but the Dalkia commander's strength was too much for the Striker siblings and Noel to handle and Roin took them out with ease, he then ordered his troops to bombard the Striker pirates ship with fire arrows. The large ship soon caught on fire and exploded, causing the disappearance of Noel and her children and knocking Chad and his siblings unconscious.

In Soulcalibur IV, it turns out Noel and her son and daughters were still alive and survived the explosion when Noel used her magic to create a force field which teleported them to a different location in Europe, however, the effects of Noel's magical powers caused her to stop aging and continued to sustain her physical youthful appearance. Still believing that her nieces and nephews were still alive, Noel along with Jake, Erin, Carol, and Mary heads out to search for them.

In Soulcalibur V, Noel eventually reunited with her nieces and nephews Chad, Cory, Gail, and Arie as well as her husband Levi and they continued their journey to destroy Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Along the way, Levi sent Noel on a scouting mission to find valuable leads on the two swords which the answers led to the citadel hideout of the Schwarzwind, before she can obtain the necessary information, Noel was suddenly discovered by Schwarzwind member Z.W.E.I. and was knocked unconscious before she can make the first move. Levi, having heard that the Schwarzwind has captured his wife heads out to save her with the Striker pirates assisting him. They eventually encountered the mercenaries led by Siegfried at the docks where they holding Noel captive, Levi demands him to let his wife go but the Schwarzwind captain tells him that he will let Noel go if they stop their quest to destroy Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. An enraged Levi then shoots at Hilde and a brawl between the Striker pirates and the Schwarzwind ensues, the battle lasted at a standstill as the Striker pirates held their own against their attackers and with Chad Striker eventually taking out Siegfried, rescuing Noel in the process.

The Striker pirates put aside their hostility against the Schwarzwind and joined forces with them to fight the malfested army led by Graf Dumas at Denever Castle. Siegfried fought off the large number of malfested troops with the help of Levi and Noel, Noel then sent her two nephews to assist Z.W.E.I. in his bout against the graf at the throne room. Z.W.E.I., Chad, and his brother Cory watched Dumas transformed into his true form as Nightmare and the battle ensues. Despite the Azure Knight unleashing brutal attacks against his three foes with the cursed sword, Chad and Cory managed to hold their own against him by performing a series of lightning fast hand to hand and weapon techniques that caused numerous amount of damage towards Nightmare, temporarily stunning him. The brothers then charged forward to finish off Nightmare, the azure knight suddenly unleashed a devastating slash at them with Soul Edge, causing the impact of the cursed sword to fatally injured Chad and killed Cory in cold blood. The distraction gave Z.W.E.I the chance to deliver the final death blow to Nightmare, killing the evil azure knight once for all, Chad was devastated and heartbroken to see that his brother died by the cursed sword that he cradled Cory's body while sobbing in a fit of rage.

After hearing from Chad about Cory's death, Noel grieved for the loss of her nephew and Levi arranged for the funeral at Wei Province. During the funeral that morning, Noel discovered that Chad has disappeared after the Striker pirates buried Cory's body in his grave, his sisters and cousins wanted to search for him but Noel told them to let Chad go because she knows that it was best for him to recollect himself for his brother's loss and that it was for the greater good.

Having said those words, Noel along with her husband and children called off the quest to destroy the spirit sword Soul Calibur and heads back to live in Japan while bidding farewell to Arie and Gail. Now that Soul Edge was destroyed, the two sisters continued their adventure to destroy Soul Calibur. Knowing that their big brother Chad is gone and is nowhere to be found and their relatives withdrawing from the mission and are moving back to Japan to settle down, Arie and Gail realized that they have to look out and protect each other no matter what.


  • The wife of the pirate general Levi Striker.
  • The aunt of the Striker siblings Chad, Gail, Cory, and Arie.
  • The mother of Jake, Mary, Carol, and Erin Striker.
  • The younger sister of Everlyn Halteese.
  • Was blinded by Nightmare when the latter sliced out her eyes with Soul Edge.
  • Assisted the Striker pirates on their journey to destroy the cursed sword and the spirit sword.
  • Was ambushed along with the Striker pirates by the Dalkia forces.
  • Was presumed dead due to the Dalkia's fire attack that exploded the Striker pirates' ship.
  • Survived the ordeal by creating a magical force field that teleported her along with her children to safety.
  • Stopped aging due to the effects of her magic which also kept her youthful over the years.
  • Reunited with the Striker pirates after 8 years of searching for them.
  • Was captured and held hostage by the Schwarzwind as they mistaken her for a spy.
  • Helped her husband and the Schwarzwind fight off Graf Dumas' malfested army.
  • Calls off the quest to destroy Soul Calibur and moved back to Japan along with her children and her husband after Cory Striker's funeral.


Noel Striker is a gentle and caring pirate who gives compassion and support to the Striker pirates in their adventures. Despite losing her eyesight to the cursed sword, Noel is very motherly to her four children and her nieces and nephews that she is willing to protect them from any form of evil and corruption at all cost. However, She shows devotion to her husband and she does her best to support and aid him in many battles. Noel also comforts the Striker siblings when they are going through hard times which led them to see their aunt as a mother figure.


Noel Striker is a 46 year old woman who looks 20 years old due to the effects of the evil energy flowing through her bloodstream which gives her a young appearance. She has long dark brown hair with long curled up bangs that is covered up in a yellow bandana that has a Chinese symbol for passion, she wears a dark grey chiton which has on hip skirt tied around it. Her eyes are covered by white bandages with a Chinese symbol meaning sorrow, she sports black thighighs on her legs and samurai kote on her feet. And she also has dark grey cloth armlets on her arms.


Bansho Fan

The primary weapon that Noel uses in Soulcalibur III, She levitates the fan in front of her and can perform any elemental magic attack with it like summoning bolts of lightning, unleash powerful fireballs to engulf and burn enemies, create cyclones to blow her foes away and even freeze her opponents with a powerful blizzard attack.

Wisdom Crystals

These three floating orbs are a unique weapon that Noel uses to perform magical attacks of the nine elements that are Fire, Lightning, Wind, Ice/Water, Earth, Light, Darkness, Heaven, and Void. The orbs will change color depending on which element that she switches to, like for instant red is for fire attacks while blue is for ice and water attacks, green is for wind attacks, yellow is for lightning attacks, brown is for earth attacks, dark purple is for darkness attacks while the peace color is for light/holy attacks, and finally sky blue is for heaven attacks while black is for void attacks.


  • Chad, please be careful out there.
  • Cory, please stay out of trouble for me and don't give your brother a hard time.
  • Leave my family alone!! (spoken when engaging Roin in battle.)
  • I hope my nieces and nephews are still alive.
  • My poor nephew is dead and it's my fault that i couldn't save him.
  • It's okay everyone, there is no need to go after Chad because he is trying to mend his broken heart for what happened to his brother Cory. I am also sad that my nephew is dead but i have decided to let the whole thing go and move on, everyone in the striker pirates should move on too. '(Spoken to the Striker pirates at Cory's funeral in story mode.)
  • We're decided to head back to Japan and end our adventure of destroying Soul Calibur. Arie, take good care of your sister, i know that your brother Chad has disappeared and he won't be there to help you but you two have to look out for each other for now on and be careful in your travels, you can come by and visit us anytime you want. ''(spoken to Arie and Gail in story mode.)


  • Everlyn Halteese is the older sister of Noel Striker and is also the mother of the Striker siblings Chad, Gail, Cory, and Arie. Noel and her husband took them in after their mother passed away.
  • Noel Striker's real name is Cameron Noel Zhang Halteese.
  • Everlyn got married to former Halteese officer Leraje at age of 20, which led her to give birth to her children Chad, Cory, Arie, and Gail Striker.
  • Noel is married to Levi Striker who is a powerful pirate general of the Tokugawa clan and is also the younger brother of Leraje.
  • The source of Noel's elemental magic was due to Nightmare slicing out her eyes which allowed the evil energy to seep into her bloodstream and her mind as well.


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