"I hope you have a better sense of humor than the last guy did..." --Mailce

Azazel Vuorinen is a character in the Soul series. He made his first appearance in Soulcalibur IV and will return in Soulcalibur V.

What lies in his soul is Corruption.

In Soul Calibur V's promorional material, he is referred as A Twisted Trickster.


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Once an esteemed Jester for the ruler of Italy, Azazel Vuorinen lived most of his years as a young man in extravagance. Despite being considered more of a servant than a subject, Azazel very much enjoyed the spoiled lifestyle; the king even had a golden polearm crafted for the harlequin, under the condition that he would utilize the weapon in his performances. Though, as he matured, greed began to cloud his mind; when he reached the age of 21, he began to steal from the king's estate, slipping gold coins, bejeweled goblets, and whatever other items he deemed valuable under his jacket. This thievery did not go unnoticed, however; caught in the act by one of the king's personal guards, Azazel was sentenced to rot in the dungeon below the castle. His spear, which he later called "Limbo," was confiscated, as well as his high-quality Jester garb, and he was locked away in a dark stone cell. After several years of this mind-numbing imprisonment, insanity soon began to take him; Azazel fashioned a knife from a bone left in the cell, and started carving tally marks into his skin, one per day he was jailed. As the guards continued to monitor him and report the Jester's strange behavior to the king, the time finally came that he was to be executed. Upon hearing this, something snapped in Azazel's mind, causing him to display fits of both seething anger and childlike tantrums. Within the week, the day had come, but when the guards arrived at the cell to retrieve him, Azazel was nowhere to be seen. The guards drew their swords and cautiously stepped inside; Azazel hung by his legs from the ceiling of the cell, a bone dagger in each hand. Once the guards had all entered the cell, the Jester fell from the ceiling, plunging his shivs into the guards' necks and guts, gleefully cackling at the bloodshed. He managed to grab one of the guards' keys and fled the cell, locking his jailors away. He snuck through the dim halls of the prison until he came to the armory, where he, by luck or chance, found his spear. Azazel grabbed his weapon and prepared to leave but something caught his eye; two tarnished and bloodied katars rested on a wooden table, each engraved with intracate Persian designes. He smirked and took them as well, finally fleeing the prison.

Weapons and Fighting Style

Soulcalibur IV

Soulcalibur V

Critical Finish

Joker's Wild: Malice strides toward his foe, shuffling a deck of cards; he spreads them out into a fan, holding it with both hands and tells his opponent to, "Pick a card!" Before the opponent has a chance to respond, however, Malice splits the deck in two, creating one smaller fan in each hand. He grins wickedly at his foe, hurling the bladed cards at them; the enemy stands stunned for a moment as the several cards strike their body, before finally falling on their back. Malice cackles manically and jumps around before preforming a bow.



  • Has formed an "alliance" with Tira; though it appears to be more of an actual relationship
  • Ally of Aeon Calcos and Voldo
  • Annoyance of pretty much everybody else


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