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Soulcalibur IV


Yuriko is calm and level-headed, and is the one who comes up with the plans. Tsubasa is chaotic and gets angry easily and is quick to attack. He is very protective of his sister, Yuriko. In general, they are both mischievous.


Yuriko and Tsubasa both use Soul Edge, Sword and Shield.




Soulcalibur V


Okay. Let's get this started!

Don't underestimate me.

What? Was I too gorgeous for you?

It's not easy being beautiful.

Did you really think you stood a chance?

You're mine!

I'm not done!

Are you ready?


Brace yourself.- before performing Critical Edge

This will hurt!- after performing Critical Edge

Let's play!

Here we go!

Do you like this?!

I am The Bringer of Destruction! Hahahahaha!


You will die.

Your time has come.


Are you scared?

Are you afraid?

Fear me!

See you in Hell!- before performing Critical Edge

I am The Bringer of Death...

Let's have fun!

You will die!



Character Creation

Soulcalibur V


Height: 2

Face: 1

Hair: Long Braid

Upper arms: -6

Forearms: -6

Pectorals: -20

Hips: 20

Thighs: 1

Calves: 1

Stomach: -13

Chest: 3

Waist: -20

Muscle Mass: 1


Height: 2

Face: 1

Upper arms: -17

Forearms: -20

Pectorals: -20

Hips: -20

Thighs: -17

Calves: -20

Stomach: -12

Waist: -20

Muscle Mass: 1


Soulcalibur IV Soulcalibur V

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