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Oberleutnant Fredrick Von Krone is a playable charatecter in (Insert Soul Game). Onlike many of the other fighters, Fredrick hails from 1942 Germany. He went back into the past to retrieve Soul Edge on Hitler's request, so that Germany may push back the Red Army. Born in Berlin, he is 6 feet tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, and blood type O. He would be considered the perfect Aryan, if it wasn't for some Jewish ancestry.

In his soul is Survival


Born in October 7, 1929, he is 21 by the end part of World War 2. Growing up in prewar Germany was tough, despite his farthing being a war hero. He also heard storys of his ancestral home of Wolkrone, yet he putdown these storys as fairy-tales. When Hitler came into power, he joined the Hitler youth, and later joined the army. Due to his heorism on the Eastern Front, he was promoted to Oberleutnant. When he came home, his father had passed one, and he received his father's calvary sword. By 1945, Germany was losing the war. Hitler called on Fredrick to test a new machine, know as the "Die Glocka". Hitler gave the order to retrieve Soul Edge, so that Germany may push back the Soviets.

Once he got out of the time machine, he was surprissed to learn that Wolfkrone existed. However, her did not want to be noticed, and bought a robe with money given him for the mission. He then set out to find soul edge and fought many foes including Taki and Voldo. He even fought Mitsurgi and barely won do to the fact that he had a pistol. Once he found Nightmare, he defeted him and gain control of Soul Edge. Soon Siegfried, or more accuratly Soul Calibar, showed him what would happen if Hitler won and that Fredrick is part Jewish. After learning of this, fredrick shot Siegfried, adn took Calibar and Edge back to the present. He then presented Hitler both swordsm, and then killed Hitler. Fearing for his life, and wanting to prevent the Soviets having the swords, he went back into the past and hid both swords. He then became a travaling hermit. It is unknown if he had any children.

Weapons and FIghting Style

Fredrick uses both a WW1 Calvary sword and Lugar. His fighting style is based on fencing, German sword fighting, and WW1 WW2 trench Fighting. Despite having a pistol, he has limited ammo and has a bar that determines his ammo use. Despite having both a sword and pistol, he does not use Cervantes fighting style.


Possible Ancestor = Hilde

Dead Father


Multiple Cousins and Uncles

Former Leader and Commander = Hitler

Possible Unknown children


Fredrick wears a German officers tunic, pants, coat, and Boots. His alternant outfit is his uniform he had when in the eastern front. He wears a Soldier's tunic, pants, Stielhelm helmat, and soldiers boots. On a side note, non of the outfits have any Nazi symbols


Fredrick has calm demeanor and barely attracts agttention to himself. Despite this, he is cocky and often gets into a fights that are not needed. Despite living in Nazi Germany, he does not consider Jews as lower lifeforms, but as equals. However, do to commands, he tends to not persicute, nor help the Jews. He is also nieve, as he did not know of Hitler's intentions and is shocked that HItler is killing the Jews. His mission is an evil one, but later denounces the mission in order to save lives and end the war. He can be considered a good to neutral character.

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