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Vazdas is Character that appears in Soul Calibur IV looking to kill the Azure Knight and accompanying Kotoe.

What lies in his Soul is Power.


Vazdas is the son of Sahra Tyolen the leader of a family of a clan of Ninjas and Teo Sker a Kiev Trader who fell in love with Sahra and remained in Kiev but then in 1585 his mother and father were murdered by a knight in blue armor in an attack to the town.
He is later looking for some place safe, in the posterior years he found the diary of her mother that reveals the secret weapon of her clan and he posed to find it in his journeys he meet many people but in 1588 he sensed that something was wrong and arrived to a town in Ober-Getzenberg, it was the same knight attacking the town he sees a young girl about to be killed but he saved her.


Due to his skill, Vazdas is a very confident swordsman. He is so self-confident, in fact, that one could call him arrogant. He believes his sword skill is the best there is, and as of yet he's not been proven wrong. In addition, he likes to train constantly, and when he's not sparring, he's working out. For him, physical conditioning is almost an obsession. Vazdas believes in is strength and power, and he believes that one must feel the power within oneself. But even though he believes that, he cares about winning than strength itself.


Blade of the Hell Dragon - The opposite sword of the Blade of the Heaveny Dragon although not much is known about the origins of the swords, but it said to both of them have been forged by the Dragon God and used to focus the energy of the universe.

Soul Embrace - Soul Edge and Soul Calibur united as a single ultimate sword. Instead of anulate each other the power of Vazdas could make them one with the powers of the Soul Swords united, this blade is seemingly unrivaled and can only be described as ultimate.

Soul Anulation - An sword that is said that is been passed down from the purificators of Soul Calibur it is used in case that both sword need to be destroyed, the power of this sword easy could overmatch SoulCalibur and SoulEdge being able to destroy once and for all.

Wooden Sword - A wooden sword that Vazdas used during his training days. It lay unused in storage until Vazdas’s journey lead him back to his old home. It’s not much as a weapon, but the sight of someone wielding it could make the enemy let down their guard perhaps...

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