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What lies in his soul is Protection.

Rodrigo is the protector of Tabitha and an ex-royal guard he left that title when he scape whit Tabitha and Leo take the power over the kingdom to use the army of Talhoffer to challenge the Azure Knight and get Soul Edge.

Starting Again

In the year that he spend with Tabitha he train her to make her strong to face Leo but in a sesion she wounded Rodrigo and tell him that stay away because she don't want to hurt him and when she face Leo, he will probably hurt for that she start living alone but when the assassins knew her location she was attaced and almost killed but Rodrigo shows up and beat the assassins, when he tell her that he will be waching her, one of the assassins pierced his stomach with a sword, at seeing this she carryed to the inside of her home and Bandaging him but she has to get a doctor soo she went to the mountain path, seeing that she don't return he went out to search her.


He faint and fall's to the river for the pain, in the time he was unconscious he saw a vision of him with a sword thrust in his chest and seeing to Tabitha and a dark haired girl were crying but he tell them that don't be sad that it doesn't hurt anymore while a man was trying to heal him and then his vision start to fade to black, when he barely weake up he see the same dark haired girl trying to heal him and then he faint again, when he finally weakes up he is in a church and the dark haired girl bring him some water and introducing herself that her name was Olette and were he was now and were she found him whan she finish the elders of the shrine of Arconte say that he was in debt with Olette and they say that if not where for she he will be death they leave them alone, and Olette say's that he don't debt noting to her but he say's that he will do anything for her but she say's that he should rest a month later when he is finally heal he is called by the elders.

New Jorney

In the reunion was Olette and the elders that ask him to travel to investigate the reason for the seal were weakening that he accept in the same instant that he is informed that Olette were going.


Rodrigo is a very cold, callous, dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm his enemies should they ever get in his way. He refers to anyone he does not find interesting as "trash" and treats them as expendable. Despite this, he is not particularly violent and will only fight when provoked or someone try's to hurt his friends.

His cold demeanor allows him to stay completely calm and in control in most situations, and he is not easy surprised or caught off-guard.

Rodrigo is also highly perceptive, cunning, and analytical; during his scape from the castle with Tabitha, he makes several surprisingly accurate remarks on the distance of the fall, he theorizes that Leo true objetive was to obtain Soul Edge and for that take control over the kingdom, and also that he will reunite with Tabitha after his vision .

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