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What lies in her soul is Passion.


Kotoe is the daughter of Mizore Yumeshiro the leader of a family of priestess of the shrine of snow and John Lonkheart an German painter who fell in love with Mizore and remained in Getzenberg(Germany) but then in 1588 Nightmare attacked the town in were she lived killing every one she was saved by Vazdas a young boy that were locking for a safe place but encounter only dead and destruction.

She then awoke in a forest in compañy of Vazdas, she was filled with hate to the Azure Knigh and sadness to her family.

She went with Vazdas, to one day kill the murderer of her family. She heard that Soul Calibur, a sword with great power, that could give the user anything they desired, and the one thing that she wanted more than anything else was to be with her family again. So with grief in her heart, and nothing to lose, Kotoe set out her quest for Soul Calibur.


Kotoe is spunky, intelligent. The sword arts has given her a strong dedication to self-improvement, both mentally and physically. she hopes that by honing her own skills, she can eventually help others to do the same. At the same time, her young age and general inexperience with the world around her can sometimes cause her to not fully think things through. Along with a strong motivation for self-improvement, She is also somewhat prideful and becomes angry if she feels she is being taken advantage of or being looked down upon. This may be the core reason for his fixation and need to prove herself to Vazdas, who had rescued her in a time of need the day that Nightmare attacker her hometown.


Dark Falcon - A living sword that draws it's energy of the sun beam and transfer the exes of power to the user heling and invigorating her.The design of this weapon embodies the immense power of birds of prey. The weapon features not only steel claws strapped to the hilt, but bladed attachments in the blade as well. Kotoe is a master it's use, and with this weapon instantly allows her to convert her physical attacks into cutting and slashing movements. Although the claw blades themselves are short, this is more than made up for by the attachment of multiple short blades in the blade itself. This increases the overall cutting surface and results in devastating attack capability. Due to its savage brutality, this weapon has long been feared. In addition, because the hilt is based on a protective gauntlet design, have high defense capability, making it an extremely well-rounded weapon.  

Soul Calibur (Evil) - After being exposed to the poisonous evil of Soul Edge for an extended period of time, Soul Calibur was eventually taken over by the cursed sword after taking a brutal encounter with the cursed blade.

Soul Calibur - Soul Calibur is the spirit sword created to combat Soul Edge.

Lonk Heart Sword - A sword that Kotoe used in her training whit Vazdas . It’s not much as a weapon, but the sight of someone wielding it could make the enemy let down their guard perhaps...

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