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Nahuel not remember where he was born or who his mother only remembers his brothers and blurred images of a man with a rod.Of children living in the Thesmophoros' Imperial Garden under the protection of gods. One day he went to buy bread at a bakery and was found with a blonde woman who was the baker's daughter (Sophitia)who was carrying a sword and asked: -This is your sword miss? She said yes and gave him a smile -I would like to know how to use a sword but no one can teach She politely said she could teach to use the sword and shield, and he agreed

Soul Calibur III

For his birthday 15 Sophitia give him a sword and a shield to go find the man of him memories he believed he was him father...

His first travel was to Spain where he met two ninjas who were traveling to Ostrheinsburg to destroy Soul Edge. After listening to a long history was determined to destroy soul edge and protect the world And so the four were shipped to Ostrheinsburg...

Already in Ostrheinsburg the four were divided into teams:Nahuel and Thomas and headed east and Taki and Runo headed west

The boys were near the castle when they are ambushed by a pirate who was about to kill his son Nahuel and Thomas ran quickly to protect the boy and confront the pirate Cervantes de Leon They won the battle and getting information to find Soul Edge and Kilik

Weeks after he left to find his father who had become unconscious after a fight

near a city found the man with the rod. After a long talk the attempt to persuade him to teach him to use the iron rod without noticing that is his son ...

Soul Calibur IV

-It had been 4 months since I had found my father.were innocent words he told his future bride a letter without knowing that everything had changed

At the end of your train, father and son said goodbye and agreed to reunite for the wedding of Nahuel.

Nahuel had reached Thesmophoros to join his brothers, his girlfriend and his best friends to destroy Soul Edge.

they formed a group called the Legion of the Sword (Later called Soul of the 17 swords). It was a long way in a waltz of 6 young faced each des enemies who did not want to enter an Ostrheinsburg

Already Ostrheinsburg, Nahuel Receive a painful notice: Sophitia had joined a Soul Edge (because they had kidnapped Pyrrha) and had to confront her and Maxi

Seeing them is defeated Nahuel was full of rage and kill Nightmare but were defeated and had to go

With Cris(his little brother) addresses, Nahuel and his team traveled to Tower of Remembrance In Tower of Remembrance - Spiral of Time Had to Deal With Siegfried, Hilde and her soldiers for getting Soul Calibur

Carlos, Runo, Victoria, Thomas and Cris fought along fullest while Nahuel was facing Siegfried to obtain Soul Calibur

When Nahuel rose to the top floor of the tower he saw his friends defeated

A white and blue light came out and absorbed to nahuel giving his powers and energies to the fullest. creating a Soul. Nahuel

His appearance is returned as an ice statue, his eyes were white and his voice more serious

and so began a chaotic battle between Soul Calibur and Soul Edge

Nahuel was not able to control the power he had to spend half of their forces to his sister. both two turned into Soul Nahuel and Soul Runo with the power of Soul Calibur destroy Soul Edge

And creating peace in the world for now ...

Time between Soul Calibur IV And Soul Calibur V

During the 3 years that went before traveling to the future They attended a tournament in a new island called MoonLight Bay

That tournament consisted of 16 rounds of combat between 38 competitors

The intentions were not Legion win the tournament but to find young people with supernatural powers to make a team

The last fight was in the Conqueror's Coliseum,the 6 came to the last round in a match consisting of 19 participants all against all

They knew that the other 13 fighters would be needed to complete the team

The last 2 were fighters without losing Nahuel and A boy named James.James was about to win when Nahuel. Grab Soul Calibur And he beat him...


Nahuel is a boy with black hair and black eyes. Athens has the facial features and Spanish is a lot like his father Kilik.

His costume dragon theme 1P is used noble clothes and has a dragon tattoo on right arm

His suit has 2P village theme and use the sword and shield underside of his iron rod

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