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Khaos Edge: The Formation==

Katronna Lao

Name: Katronna Michelle La'Pointe Lao

Age:(chron.) 126 (on Milkaya{Earth}) 34

Birthdate: August 26, (1884 on Shavadia) (1976 on Earth)

Origin: Juristian, Shavadia

Weapon(s): Sai, Lai sword and parasol (in khaos edge and soul series), Steel fan, Tamborine

Power: Electricity

Likes: Fighting, her family, her realm, youth

Dislikes: Cocky people, rudeness, and betrail

Status: Shavadian half god; mother; Princess of Shavadia

Family: Katranna Blade-twin sister. Blaze Blade-brother in law. Ashontie Blade-niece. Quantae' Blade- nephew. Xafina Mitchell-younger sister. Jatara Mitchell- niece. Richardo Mitchell-nephew. Travis Lao-husband. Chris Lao-son. Curtis Lao-son. Amaryia Lao-daughter.

Personality: Katronna is quiet and calm, as thought to be because of her place of origin. She prefers to attack her oponets multiple times, almost allowing them no hope of escape or recover. She is nicknamed "The Lady of Stealth" for her love of adhesive combos and various quick attacks. However, she has no thought of being merciful, for if she is bothered or her family is harmed, she attacks with neither regret nor thought of her actions. She is a frisky character, constantly taunghting her opponets to become distracted by her beauty. Because of her training, she prefers to let the opponet assume she has no will power to fight, and prefers to just look pretty. But as soon as the opponet lets their guard down, she shows her vast attacks, being the lady of lightning.

Appearances: Soul Calibur 3, Soul Calibur 4, Soul Calibur Broken Destiney, Mortal Kombat Armageddon, Khaos Edge.

Biography: being born a shavadian half god, katronna has unbelievable god like powers. at the age of just only a year old, she was abandoned by her true mother, Symetria, the goddess of war. an unsuspected prophersy foretold that she would be weak, only poessing the power of a common mighty warrior (her father to be thought of) so, she left the child in the middle of an abandoned ally in juristian shavadia. wanfering arounf the ally, was valaria lapointe, (her foster mother) who took in katronna for her on daughter feeling pitty for the child.

through her years living with her foster mother, her father has on an never ending journey to find his daughter. when he finally found out that she had been taken in for 5 years by a stranger named valaria in the same location as his kingdom, he fled to her. in the years to come he feel in love with valaria and married her. her father, king taven was in fact not a common pilager at all, but the most powerful and strongest man in the realm, discuised to trap intuders from invading his beautiful home. before he actuall got to tell symetria that, she fled and abonded not only her daughter, but him as well. the entire plan of the prpohersy was a set up. once katronna was born, taven had heard of symetria betraying the realm in search of ultimate power.

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