Mike Herbert Spencer is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. He appears in Soul Calibur IV. He uses a Zweilhander in the same style as Siegfried due to passed down memories of its past wielder, as before this time, Mike has never touched a sword.


Mike and his wife Jennifer lived life as a simple Antiques Dealer until they got an unusual sword in there store. This sword was blood red and appeared to have an intrecet eye on the blade. It had been years since Soul Edge had been forgotten due to the passing of time, but that very same sword had found its way to them, as if by fate.

But everything seemed fine for a week, but then a news report on TV announced to Mike that a Serial Killer had been mercilessly killing people, and the modus operendi was that the deaths were all caused with a sword. Worried, Mike went back to his store only to find the sword gone. But that was not the end of the story for Mike, as when he returned home, his wife was waiting, Soul Edge in hand, to kill him. Worried for her sanity, all he wanted to do was stop her killing streak and help her obviously sick wife. His wish was heard by the Spirit Sword Soul Calibur, who appeared in front of both of them and engulfed them in a bright light.

When he woke, he realized he was no longer in Utah, but in a completely new place with people wearing old fashion clothing. Soul Calibur had sent him back in time, and the blade was right next to him. Without hesitation, Mike picked up the blade. The blade glew with power and infused some power and knowledge into him, making him stronger and giving him the ability to fight properly with the Spirit Sword.

Leaving with Soul Calibur in hand, he resolved to save Jennifer from her maddness, at any cost.

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