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"This is my family, my wonderful family. I can't let you take it away from me." -Regina

Regina Aghul Madison is one of the main protagonist the fanmade story series, Spirit Sword: Pandemonium and wife of Derek, and Mikal and Dia's mother. She founded the rune mark, Hyperion, which caused her to gain immortality. Her title is Mother of All Things. She makes an appearance Soul Calibur V.

What lies in Regina's soul is Love.


As a child, Regina was born in a royal family. In that family was an ancient relic. One day, Regina had decided to see the relic for herself. Once she got a chance, she then was marked by it, now becoming the first to bear the rune mark Hyperion. In order to not be seen with the mark, she began to wear less revealing clothes. Sometime later, Regina's parents fell ill and died, 23 days after she was cursed. She was then sent to warrior school when she turned 6. As time passed, she began to surpass all of her classmates except for one, Derek Williams. He was a determined young man who would stop at nothing to reach the top. Curious to see what he was capable of, Regina challenged him and lost. Regina then revealed that she had a major crush on Derek, shocking him. So from that day, they became lovers.

Many years later, Regina was pregnant with Derek's son and daughter. However, Derek wasn't in denial. He knew it was his son and daughter because he always spent time with Regina more than anyone did. He wanted to be there for his newborns and girlfriend. However, Derek wanted to get married before their children were born. So 7 months later, Regina and Derek had gotten married and their newborn children had came into the world, being named Mikal and Dia.

12 days after Mikal and Dia were born, the village was attacked by three ruthless demons, Evon, Plague, and Nirvana, whose purpose was to destroy Mikal and Dia before their rune marks had awakened, knowing they would be a threat to their plans in the future. Derek had fought them off, giving Regina time to escape with them. With little time to spare, Regina had found a place for her and her children to hide. It was an old cottage that was outside of the village border. By the time they escaped, Derek died trying to save his family, but the demons died as well. However, instead of the children and their mother having guaranteed safety, they were attacked again by nightmare scarecrows. Protecting her only family, Regina fended off the marecrows, and the house somehow caught fire. Regina escaped, but her newborns were still inside. Desperate to save them, she tried to go back inside, but the fires were too fierce. Regina's heart trembled, all she could do was listen to her son and daughter cry.With nothing left in her heart, Regina ran away to somewhere safe, with teary eyes.


In Part 1, she acted cold towards Derek when they were young. But as their friendship grew, their relationship grew as well. When she gave birth to Mikal and Dia, she was overjoyed and happy that Derek stood with her.

In Part 2, she is a more caring and loving towards her husband, her children and Mikal's family. When she meets him and Dia all grown up, she breaks out into tears of joy and runs to hug them, not letting go of them for awhile.


Disclaimer: The following music is only fan music for this character and its egos. I don't own any of it.

Regina's Theme

My Dream - A04:52

My Dream - A

Soulcalibur V Fan Theme

 Seeing Mikal Again, Grown Up

Also Sprach Brooks01:52

Also Sprach Brooks

This when Regina sees her children, but as grown-ups.


  • Regina's family was very rich and abundant.
  • Her favorite foods are bananas and ramen.
  • Regina is faithful in things she believes.

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