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"I'm confident in what I believe in." -Naomi

Naomi Neelson-Williams is a traveling mercenary and a friend of Mikal's, later becoming his wife and mother of their children, Mikal Jr., Pamela, Jaden, Amelia, Len, and Sophia. She, like the rest of her family, is immortal. She is highly interested in Mikal other than anyone else.

What lies in Naomi is Valor.


As a little girl, Naomi was verbally and physically abused by her parents and then was abandoned by her parents, who later died. On her own, she had to survive by herself, without any food or water. Until one day, Yukan Tora, Mikal's teacher, had found Naomi and gave her place to stay. She couldn't thank him enough for all he had done for her. Two weeks later, Naomi was then sent to the same school that Mikal was attending. 

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