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"If I were to be defeated, I wouldn't have Hyperion." - Mikal

Mikal Sadiq Williams is the main protagonist of the fanmade story series, Soulcalibur: Pandemonium. He is a truly feared man because he has limitless power. Mikal bears the titles The World's Bravehearted Warrior, The Immortal Dash, and is often called M by his family and friends because of the M-shaped mark in his palm. He is immortal and has incredibly inhumane traits and can use magic that originate from his rune mark, Hyperion. He makes his appearance in Soulcalibur IV and V. He is the son of the famous Alice and Elric, and twin brother of Ella, his sister. He later became the husband of Naomi and had six children: Mikal Jr., Pamela, Jaden, Amelia, Len, and Sophia.

What lies in Mikal's soul is Justice.


A day after Mikal and Ella were born, his village was attacked by three ruthless demons, Evon, Plague, and Nirvana, whose purpose was to destroy Mikal before his rune mark had awakened, knowing he would be a threat to their plans in the future. Elric, his father, had fought them off, giving his mother time to escape with him. With little time to spare, his mother, Alice, had found a place for her and her children to hide. It was an old cottage that was outside of the village border. By the time they escaped, Elric was already dead (presumed), but so were the demons. But, instead of Mikal and his mother having guaranteed safety, they were attacked again by demons called nightmare scarecrows. Protecting her only family, Alice fended off the marecrows, and the cottage somehow caught fire. Alice escaped with Ella, but her son was still inside. Desperate to save him, she tried to go back inside, but the fires were too fierce, burning her. Alice's heart trembled, all she could do was listen to her son cry. Then, all of a sudden, Ivy, who was on her way to his village, not knowing it was destroyed, also could hear crying coming from the house and broken inside the burning inferno. With nothing left in her heart, Regina ran away to somewhere safe, with teary eyes and Ella in hand. Ivy, inside of the house, found Mikal, wrapped him in cloth, and retreated from the cottage just before it collapsed.

Ivy took Mikal to her mansion, knowing she had no choice but to take him with her, and looked after him as if he were her own. 6 years passed... She started to treat him like he was her son, taking him to school, feeding him, and taking care of him when he was sick. Mikal grew more attached to Ivy as he was with her. But one night, Ivy had a nightmare that he would submit the Cursed Sword, Soul Edge. She had no choice but to give Mikal up for adoption. Mikal had lived with a foster family from thereon.


In Part 1 of Soulcalibur: Pandemonium, Mikal was confident and calm. He was always calm even in a state of danger. He had never lost a battle to his opponent. No matter who it was, he stayed content. When Naomi told him she was pregnant with their first child (or what they thought was their first), he felt shocked because it was so sudden and did not expect her to tell him. Nevertheless, Mikal loved Naomi and wanted to go through what was set out for them. But, when they discover (a day after she told him she was pregnant) that she is going to give birth to six babies that will born in no more than a month's time, Mikal is not taken by surprise, for he was told this by his (real) mother because of Hyperion. On the day his children are born, Mikal is overjoyed to see his children. But, they soon discover that newborns Sophia and Len had died in Naomi's womb, deeply  

In Part 2, however, Mikal is more headstrong and confident than he used to be. But seeming that he has many forms, his personality will change depending on which form takes place. When Mikal discovers that his "parents" isn't his real birth parents, he is shocked and starts to doubt himself of his real parents. When he meets with his mother, he doesn't get angry for her leaving him in the burning house. In fact, he is more than happy to see her. At a different time, but on the same day, when Mikal learns that Ivy had saved him from the burning cottage and took care of him when he was little, his heart trembles and goes to search for her. When he finds her, he asks her what made her give him up for adoption, with a frustrated look. She tells him that she was afraid to lose his body to Soul Edge at a young age, which didn't make much sense to Mikal. However, Mikal is still more than grateful that she tried to look after him.

The alternate version of Mikal from an another dimesion has some similarities despite his world's incapability of producing magic and paranormal entities do not exist. However, his world is a lot more modern and complex. In this dimension, Mikal is a street fighter, fighting for money for Naomi and his kids. This Mikal also swears more than the real Mikal, who rarely swears.


In Soulcalibur V, Mikal has a total of six forms, which aren't like stages. In Soulcalibur IV, he has none.

Hyper Form: Mikal's eyes turn blood red and his right eye has a scar. He wears a mask with symbols on it, and his hair get yellowish-orange streaks.
Hyper Mikal

Hyper Mikal

Dark Form: Mikal's eyes are no longer in his eye sockets and must wear a bandage around them, while blood runs down from his left eye socket. Influences of darkness spread across the right half of his face, which are covered by the bandage and his skin turns greyish-black. His hair has red streaks.
Dark Mikal

Dark Mikal

True Form: Mikal's hair turns white and grows long. A thick blue streak streches vertically across his face, white angel wings sprout from his back, and his eyes turn blue.
True Mikal

True Mikal

Nightmare Scarecrow (Marecrow) Form: Mikal's skin turns yellow and stitches appear across his mouth. His eyes are red with a black background and a spiked spine pokes out of his back. His feet are then transformed into that of a demons.
Nightmare Scarecrow (Marecrow) Mikal

Marecrow Mikal

Vampire Form: Mikal's hair grows long and his eyes turn dark red. His yellowish-brown skin then grows pale.
Vampire Mikal

Vampire Mikal

Beast Form: Mikal gets marks on his face and his eyes are turn red. His chest also has an X-slash mark on it.
Beast Mikal

Beast Mikal



Soulcalibur IV

On the top of the tower, Mikal slashs through Ragnorok, Nightmare, Fear, and Devilsoul using Soul Calibur in a katana form. They all are then frozen in crystal, and Mikal leaves to go back home to Ostrheinberg. There, he is cheered on by every citizen there.

Mikal: I did it. It's finally over.

Naomi: MIKAL! (runs to him)(kisses him) You did it. I knew you could.

Mikal: Do you always doubt me?

Siegfried: Well done, comrade. I am in your debt. Your life is fovever in my hands. I thank you for setting my soul free.

Mikal: Thank you, Siegfried. No problem.

Siegfried: (nods)

Man: He did it. He saved us all.

Mikal Jr.: Hey, dad. You know, we still have one last thing to do.

Mikal: Hmm? And what's that?


Crowd: (prepares Mikal for crowd surf)

They throw him up and down a few times while chanting 'Mikal' and the screen turns black. The text-only epilogue displays: The immortal hero has been acknowledged by everyone. He was praised, no matter where he went.


Disclaimer: The following music is only fan music for this character and its egos. I don't own any of it. 

Mikal's Themes

Nickelback - Hero03:10

Nickelback - Hero

Soulcalibur V Fan Theme

Mikuni Shimokawa -Tomorrow03:58

Mikuni Shimokawa -Tomorrow

Soulcalibur IV Fan Theme

Vampire Mikal's Theme

The Black Ghosts - Full Moon-103:51

The Black Ghosts - Full Moon-1


Hyper Mikal's Theme

Sambomaster - Seishun Kyousoukyoku04:47

Sambomaster - Seishun Kyousoukyoku

Beast Mikal's Theme

Fear Factory - Zero Signal (Instrumental Version)-005:00

Fear Factory - Zero Signal (Instrumental Version)-0

True Mikal's Theme

Nickelback Figured You Out03:48

Nickelback Figured You Out

Nightmare Scarecrow (Marecrow) Mikal's Theme

Foo Fighters - The Pretender04:31

Foo Fighters - The Pretender

MikalXNaomi Theme

From Now On - The Features-003:20

From Now On - The Features-0

Alternate Mikal's Theme

Redman-Let's Get Dirty Instrumental04:13

Redman-Let's Get Dirty Instrumental

Alternate Mikal's Theme when fights the real Mikal for the first time.


  • Mikal is autistic.
  • Mikal's skin has a metallic alloy that makes his body impenetrable because his father had a metal plate in his knee.
  • His favorite foods are apples, pizza, ramen, rice, and he has sweet tooth.

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