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"I shall show you what I am capable of!" - Jaden                                               

Jaden Malcom Halloway Williams is one of the main protagonists of the future fanmade machinima series, Spirit Sword: Pandemonium and is the 2nd son of Mikal and Naomi Williams. He bears the rune mark Hyperion, like the rest of his family and is immortal. He is also married to Natsu, whom he found interest in when he first met her. He has the title, The Absolute Genius. He makes an appearance in Soulcalibur IV and V.

What lies in Jaden's soul is Duty.


In Part 1, Jaden is looked up to as a "intellegent but shy" person. However, he gets along greatly with his siblings because they always do things together. He rarely smiles and does what he has to do whenever his assistance is needed. He also trys to be distant from people he doesn't like being around but is always at peace.

In Part 2, Jaden is more open to people and actually enjoys being that way. When he meets Natsu, he is marveled by her beauty and they fall in love. Most times when Jaden is with Natsu, he feels that she triggers his love emotions for her. But, that changes when he discovers she is pregnant, shocking him at first, but doesn't stop him from loving her. As time passes by, Jaden then discovers that his love emotions are somewhat getting the better of him and decides to marry Natsu. They get married and she gives birth to their first child, Eryo.


Disclaimer: The following music is only fan music for this character. I don't own any of it.

Jaden's Themes

Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories OST - The 13th Struggle (Organization XIII Boss Theme)02:30

Kingdom Hearts Re Chain of Memories OST - The 13th Struggle (Organization XIII Boss Theme)

Soulcalibur V Battle Theme

Bleach - Catch 22 remix01:51

Bleach - Catch 22 remix

Soulcalibur IV Main Theme

JadenXNatsu Theme

Death Note - Light Lights Up Light (Piano)02:04

Death Note - Light Lights Up Light (Piano)

Operation: Save Ostrheinsburg

Time of Judgement - Final Fantasy X03:40

Time of Judgement - Final Fantasy X

This plays when Jaden explains his strategy with Mikal to Siegefried and Hilde to save Ostrhiensburg


  • Jaden was once a strategist for Siegefried and Hilde's plan to raid Ostrheinsburg and to have it made a local civilization for the people who had once lived there or had no homes.
  • Jaden found interest in Natsu when Taki had introduced her to him and his father.
  • His favorite foods are dumplings and ramen.

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