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Takehiko is Taki's partner during on the mission to kill evil and Taki's step-brother, Takehiko is in charge in the group with Taki, Hiki, Ayako, and Honoka, they were spread out during in the mission. Takehiko wields with his twin katana and shurikens. He used to be the most intelligent ninja in Japan. He is also the world's fastest character in Japan, which made him the fastest character in Soul Calibur history.


Takehiko is the first one who is born, making him the oldest siblings in Mygyushi family, he was trained in the ways of ninja by Toki, the Mygyushi family adopted Taki when Takehiko is at the younger age. Toki trained Takehiko how to use the twin katanas, until he learns how to throw a shurikens, and he became stronger and stronger and he knows how to use a twin katanas and shurikens. Takehiko was loyaled to Toki, and Toki was pleased with Takehiko's skills. He listen to Toki of what it takes it be a ninja, by reading many books about the ninja. His father Gorou was the greatest ninja in history, he was smarter than the rest of the ninja until his father was the master of the ninja clan and Toki was still a Grandmaster.


He was strong, intelligent, and a fast and he was the most intelligent ninja.

Fighting Styles

He carries his twin katanas, and his shurikens. He can use smoke bombs, teleport, and do air combo. Also he can do a massive combo while standing and in the air.

Critical Finish

The Way of Fatal - He throws many shurikens as possible, and then use his twin katanas and then dash and slash the opponent in half.


  • The Red Dragon Temple
  • The Red Dragon Courtyard


Soul Calibur V

  • "I have my will to duel you."
  • "I can't believe this, this is impossible."
  • "As long as you don't hurt me, I won't hurt you." -To Taki
  • "I ignore your request, demon, time to sacrifice." - To Nightmare
  • "This is where it's the end of YOU!" -To Cerventes
  • "Damn, you're too strong."
  • "Nobody defeats me, except you are skilled enough."
  • "I know you're not going to defeat me."
  • "I never give up, I never quit, and I never run."
  • "*Grabs the opponent's head who is on the ground* How did you like me now, huh? Good day! *Slams the opponent's head to the ground*"
  • "Excuse me, sounds like you have mental problems." -To evil people
  • "I will accept the duel if you require my opponent."
  • "Evil deeds should be end."
  • "I will never leave until you leave me alone."


  • Son of Asuka and Gorou.
  • Brothers of Hiki, Ayako, and Honoka.
  • Foster brother and a close friend of Taki.
  • An enemy of Mitsurugi.
  • A loyal to Toki.
  • An enemy of Cerventes, Setsuka, and Shura.

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