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Solvan was a hero of the England, he protects people in London. And he serves Templar Crusades as a Captain of the Templar Crusades. Cassandra always loved him so much that she can cuddle Solvan like a teddy bear. Solvan always help Cassandra and he help her sister Sophitia from the possession of killing her family. He always got into a lot of trouble with the Soul Edge due to his crimes and treason against the Soul Edge, but according to Templar Crusades, they always ban the use of Soul Edge due to its demonic power, according to Master Crusader Arth.


He was born in London, England, he was raised in "New Temple Church". At age 8 he reads every book on the bible. At age 10, he carries a practice sword and a practice shield so that Solvan, Zenthony, and Itina can practice whatever he wants, except Zenthony carrying a practice mace and shield and Itina carrying a practice spear and shield who kept practicing and practicing, until Terth came by and tell Solvan, Zenthony, and Itina to go easy with each other's and no fights. At age 12 he always berate, insult, and mocked at the Soul Edge when it comes into a nightmare in his sleep and then it comes into a killing moments where Nightmare is about to attack Solvan until Solvan wakes up within a hurry and had a message in a vision from Soul Edge that he would never use Soul Edge ever again, then he prays on his bed and said "Please god, don't let Soul Edge comes into my dreams," then he goes back to his bed and goes his sleep.

He join the Templar Crusades at age 16 where he has to go through every training that he will go, and so he listens to what Arth has to said, so he can be the knights of the Templar Crusades just like his father Terth, who was a General Crusader in Templar Crusades since his mother Winfy was a high priestess in "New Temple Church". At age 18, Solvan, Zenthony, and Itina were on adventure to attack the warlocks of the Soul Edge, while Solvan makes friends with Siegfried, who was later join on adventure with Solvan and his siblings, so they attack the warlocks of the Soul Edge, and then Nightmare comes and Zenthony runs up and attacks Nightmare while the rest were taking care of warlocks, and then Nightmare knocks Zenthony down and then Siegfried rushes towards Nightmare after Nightmare makes his strike on Zenthony and he parries Nightmare's attack and then Siegfried tells Zenthony to attack the warlocks while Siegfried would take care of Nightmare. And then Siegfried swings his sword backwards and slashes Nightmare's head off. After the Siegfried killed nightmare, the rest of the warlocks were dead. And Solvan and his siblings thank Nightmare for helping Solvan, Zenthony and Itina out.

At age 21, the Partas family were invited to a dinner party with Alexandra family, Cassandra has a crush on Solvan, since the Partas family were invited to dinner. Everybody was at the table, having dinner, and having a chat, and Cassandra looked at Solvan, and Solvan looked at Cassandra, Solvan and Cassandra were getting along real well when they were at the table, until Cassandra and Solvan meet each other's outside for a chat and they get to know each others, and Cassandra ask Solvan for a date, and Solvan accept Cassandra's date. The next day, Solvan takes Cassandra to a fine restaurant in somewhere in Athens, whatever her favorite is. And they still get to know each others. And what Solvan know about Cassandra that her sister Sophitia were using Soul Edge, and what Solvan told Cassandra that in Templar Crusades, they ban the use of Soul Edge due to its demonic powers according to Arth, and that's why Solvan explain Cassandra that he can't use Soul Edge, so Cassandra understands what Solvan were saying, and there is a music that is starting in the restaurant and Solvan and Cassandra dance with each other's and then Cassandra kissed Solvan in the lips. And then Cassandra and Solvan kisses each other's and then they leave the restaurant and Cassandra and Solvan said good bye to each other's and Sophitia arrives to take Cassandra home.

At age 28, Solvan and Cassandra were getting married according to Cassandra's father in the New Temple, and they were pronounced man and wife according to the preacher. And then Solvan and Cassandra later have 6 kids (3 sons and 3 daughters).


Solvan behaves very well, in Soul Calibur V, he was kind heart to other people, and he misbehaves with Soul Edge when it comes into an argument. And when Cassandra and Solvan are in love he was pleased to have a girlfriend.

Fighting Styles

Solvan uses his longsword and shield to engage in battle as a paladin style. He can do anything with his weapon style. But he can use his healings, protection, and smitings.

Critical Finish

Guardian of the Templar - Solvan prays to the past members of the Templar Crusades to attack the opponent and then Solvan gain his sword strength and then he jumps and thrust the sword at the opponent's chest, and the opponent burns.


Soul Calibur V

  • "I'm Solvan, the Captain of the Templar Crusades!"
  • "I've failed you father."
  • "This is why I hate Soul Edge."
  • "God, give me strength."
  • "Don't point your repulsive sword at me, demon!" - to Nightmare
  • "I'm the one of the hero who can save the world from destruction."
  • "'Take it back!"
  • "'Soul Calibur is the one that I would serve."
  • "'I hate to admit, but I don't lie."
  • "You leave me with no choice, but to fight you."
  • "I must go, excuse me."
  • "Did somebody say 'Satan will guide me,'?"
  • "How about a sword right up to your backside."
  • " that?"
  • "'Master Crusader, I failed you."
  • "You're too strong."
  • "Dammit, did I messed up or something?"
  • "'You are no longer human, anymore." -To Zasalamel
  • "This is impossible!"


  • Templar Crusades Courtyard
  • Templar Crusades Battlefield
  • New Temple Garden


  • A son of Winfy and Terth.
  • A brother of Zenthony and Itina.
  • A husband of Cassandra.
  • A father of the six kids: Arthos, Woodron, Rother, Athea, Casia, Josephie.
  • An enemy of Nightmare.
  • An enemy of Kratos where Solvan feared Kratos that he will destroy the gods.
  • A friend of Siegfried.
  • A close friend of Arthan, Arth's son.
  • Followed Siegfried in order to destroy a Soul Edge.
  • A friend of Archimera.
  • An enemy of Karvark, the Soulreaver.
  • A friend of Kholin Baston where he was a Lord Crusader of the Knights of the Nine.

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