Klya was a hero of Great Britain. She was a demigod carrying her sickles in order to serve Soul Calibur. Her father Neil III raised Klya in Great Britain since her mother Gwen died during a complications of childbirth. Nemo was a childhood friend of Klya for 15 years.


When Klya was born, her mother suffer a hemorrhage that causes maternal death, then she died, and Klya suffer a deeper depression among her wife when Klya was born, and it's up to him to take care of her. She goes to school at age 8, and met his childhood friend Nemo in school. Nemo was thinking of becoming a guard in Great Britain.

At age 10, Neil III and Klya saw the ghost of the Gwen (Klya's mother) when they were in the house. Having a conversation between Neil III and Gwen, until Gwen saw her daughter Klya that she was grown up, and she missed her so much. After the conversation, Gwen disappears into her graveyard.

At age 16, she was trained in the armory where she was working as a guard, until Klya asked the guard for two sickles, so the guard give her two sickles and begin training with it.

At age 20, she prayed at the Soul Calibur for the powers of the sickles, so Soul Calibur give her the Crystallized Sickles. And Klya wants to become a demigod, so the gods trained her to become a demigod. So now her Crystallized Sickles were enchanted with the Soul Calibur.

Until when she noticed from Siegfried, where Nemo works with the guard, and Nemo was killed by Nightmare. So now Klya was really mad about Nightmare, and she wants to destroy Nightmare, so Klya worked with Siegfried in order to destroy the warlocks of Soul Edge.

During a love interest with Siegfried, Klya and Siegfried gets to know each other's for 5 years until Klya and Siegfried were later married and have two kids Terekkieg and Bade. But Terekkieg got into a lot of trouble, Siegfried was very upset about Terekkieg that he bullied Bade and other kids, until he learns how to use a greatsword like Siegfried always use, and during 10 years later, Terekkieg's deception made a betrayal by moving out of Klya and Siegfried's house with a note that he left and works with the Shadow Monastery who were later became a shadow knight. When Siegfried read the note about Terekkieg moved out of the house and works with the Shadow Monastery, Siegfried was very mad, and show the note to Klya and she was shocked and very mad, and then show the letters to the Captain of the guard and the Captain was surprised to see Terekkieg's notes and then they were calling out the guards to kill Terekkieg according to a bounty.


She was also have a strong personality that she was kind heart to the Great Britain, she serve Soul Calibur as a demigod.

Fighting Styles

She use her twin sickles to deal a lot of damage. she can lift people up in the air and do an air combo.

Critical Finish

Soul Calibur Revenge - Klya slashes the opponent up in the air and slashes the opponent up in the air 10 times for the blue orbs coming out and then Klya lands down and the blue orbs surround them and then explodes and the opponent disappears.


Soul Calibur V

  • "I don't think there is no such thing as Soul weakness."
  • "What's wrong? You got beaten by a girl?"
  • "I'm not weak, I'm just getting warmed up."
  • "Why did you always overhaul me like a beast?!"
  • "Dammit, I lost my skills."
  • "'Soul Calibur, help me."
  • "Somebody needs a time out."
  • "Where'"
  • "I'm not a loser."
  • "I don't know what you're talking about."
  • " clamps down on the floor)."
  • "Don't like when I lose."
  • "Good, now I'm not dealing with this anymore."
  • "Oh, Satan's hell, you're a evil demon all by yourself." -To Nightmare


  • Neil III's Mansion
  • Porchimer Shrine


  • A daughter of Gwen and Neil III
  • A close friend of Nemo
  • Love Interest by Siegfried
  • An enemy of Kratos
  • An enemy of Nightmare

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