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Kit was Kat's Partner and a twin sister. Kit and Kat were been working with each other's for a long time. Where her father was slain by Voldo. Now Kit and Kat are now looking for one of the creature who killed her father. Her mother was worried if Kit and Kat would get hurt a lot, until it was okay to go after Voldo. Kit and Kat were both the entertainers in the throne room where Kit and Kat were entertaining the king and queen. When Kit and Kat faced Tira who wants to play with Kit and Kat to the death, so Kit and Kat were fighting Tira until Tira fall on the floor unconscious with a scratch in her face and a scratch around her body.


Kit and Kat born at the same time after her father was assassinated by Voldo. Kit was name Nemanda, and Kat was name Olette. Both of them were working together since both of them were 15 where she start practicing slashing the wooden dummy in the basement. At age 18, Kit and Kat were now working with the guards in France as the nickname, the Fighting Cats. So now they're on the adventures to find out who killed her father. She was thinking it was Tira until Archimera tell Kit and Kat that it was Voldo who was hired by Nightmare. So now they're looking for Voldo, in order to avenge her father's death.


Kit was calm and kind and very playful, and since Kit and Kat were partners, and sisters. And Kit always follows what Kat has to say. Since Kat was the smartest, and Kit was the follower. She listens to what Kat was saying.

Fighting Styles

Kit uses her tron claws from her glove and shoe that she can roll and slash, and she can dash and slash and do anything with her claw gloves and claw shoes. Especially she can call up Kat for some help.

Criticial Finish

The Cat's Vengeance = Kit calls her sister Kat for help to kill an opponent by slashing, and then Kit and Kat kicks the opponent in the air jumps and then slashes the opponent and then Kit and Kat dash and slash the opponent couple and then slams the opponent down with her claws.


Soul Calibur V

  • "Never messes with me and my sister."
  • "Kat, I need some help."
  • "You look innocent, can I help you get up?"
  • "Sounds like you wanna fight, fine with me."
  • "Kat...I need you..."
  • "I can play with you anytime you want."
  • "You got to be kidding me, you call that fighting?"
  • "You got to be kidding me, how did you do that?!"
  • "Kat, where are you?"
  • "Sounds like you need a timeout."


  • Kit and Kat's playground
  • Werming's Park


  • A partner and a twin sister of Kat.
  • A daughter of Norma and Leonald.
  • A friend of Talim.
  • An enemy of Tira and Voldo.
  • A friend of Patroklos and Pyrrha where Kit and Kat were helping them in adventures.

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