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Kholin is a Divine Crusader in the Knights of the Nine. He was the Lord Sheogorath in the Shivering Isles, and the leader of the Battlehorn. He destroyed the Mythic Dawn as he was the champion of Cyrodill according to the Order of the Dragon. He was a guildmaster in the Fighters Guild, he was a grand champion of the arena, he was a pilgrim in the Nine Divines, a Madgod in the Order of the Madness, and the member of the Blades.


He was born in Cyrodill, in the Anvil as his parents goes to chapel every other times. As for Kholin, he learn the ways of the Nine Divines and an Eight and one according to his father, the prophet, and the priest in the Chapel of Anvil, where the one is Talos. Kholin loves to go to the church, as he knows the Nine Divines. His love interest was his childfriend of his, and her name is Natheia, as he makes love with Natheia, and later on. Natheia died due to her cancer, and Kholin suffer a huge depression to see his love ones died, due to cancer. Later on in the future of Cyrodill, his parents was killed by the Auroran as his father Adoln were trying to stop them as he was a member of the knights of the nine, but he failed to do so. So Kholin got out of the house as his house is burnt down. And one of the guards taps on Kholin's shoulder and said "Let's go to the orphan house," so Kholin followed the guard. 10 years later, Kholin was in the imperial city, looking for a job that he can take, until a guard grabbed Kholin and put him to the dungeon for no reason, until the Uriel Septum, the emperor arrives at his cell, with the blades.


He is strong and good-spirited.

Fighting Styles

He use his Sword of Crusader and Shield of Crusader as he attacks and can counterattack with his shield.


Soul Calibur V

  • "I am Kholin Baston, a divine crusader in the Knights of the Nine."
  • "For the knights of the nine!"
  • "You're...too...strong...Argh!"
  • "I can't...accept...defeat."
  • "I will not accept the defeat."
  • "You should be terminated according to the Nine Divines, away with you!" -To Nightmare
  • "I can help you to succeed. Don't worry, I'm not hostile." -To Siegfried, Patroklos, and Pyrrha
  • "I will succeed according to the knights of the nine."
  • "I am the champion of Cyrodill!"
  • "For Talos!"
  • "By the nine divine, you're the demon that I shall smite you with!" - To Cerventes and Zasalamel
  • "Never underestimate the knights of the Nine."


  • Priority of the Nine
  • Battlehorn Castle


  • Son of Rebeena and Adoln.
  • A friend of Solvan.
  • Follows Siegfried in order to destroy the Soul Edge.
  • A childfriend and love interest of Natheia.
  • A friend of Siegfried

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