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Kat was Kit's partner and a twin sister, she used to be the leader and her sister Kit was her follower. Kat was mostly intelligent in the Fighting Cats. Kat and her sister Kit were working with the guards for 3 years. Kat basically command Kit for the strategies of what would be the weakest spot on the enemy. Kit and Kat were slashing the wooden dummy since they were 15 years old.


Kit and Kat were both born at the same time after her father Leonald was assassinated by Voldo. Olette was her name. They were playing each other's since they're 3-11. Both of them were working together since both of them were 15 where she start practicing slashing the wooden dummy in the basement. At age 18, Kit and Kat were now working with the guards in France as the nickname, the Fighting Cats. So now they're on the adventures to find out who killed her father. She was thinking it was Tira until Archimera tell Kit and Kat that it was Voldo who was hired by Nightmare. So now they're looking for Voldo, in order to avenge her father's death. According to Kat, she always gets help from her sister Kit. Archimera train Kit and Kat of how to be a great warrior. Until Kit and Kat met up with Siegfried and learning advice from Siegfried.


Kat was mostly intelligent and very playful same thing as Kit. According to Kat, she was a leader as her sister Kit was her follower. She was strong and kind heart as Kit. And Kat always tells Kit what she was saying. and Kit was listening.

Fighting Styles

She can call Kit for some help. But she use her iron claws as a weapon. She can roll and slash, dash and slash, she can be swift enough to outsmart an opponent. She can do air combos, same thing as Kit.

Criticial Finish

The Cat's Vengeance = Kat calls her sister Kit for help to kill an opponent by slashing, and then Kit and Kat kicks the opponent in the air jumps and then slashes the opponent and then Kit and Kat dash and slash the opponent couple and then slams the opponent down with her claws


Soul Calibur V

  • "You mess with me, I'm messing with you, or my sister will mess with you."
  • "Dammit, where's Kit? KIT!"
  • "Wow, you think you're smart enough against me, I don't think so."
  • "What's with you with a weapon? Oh, I'm sorry."
  • "Kit, where are you? KIT!"
  • "I like cookies crumble in your face."
  • "What the hell? How did you do that? Grrrr."
  • "Oh yeah, how about a claw in your eye and you can't see."
  • "Let's go, Kit!"
  • "Come again?"


  • Kit and Kat's playground
  • Werming's Park


  • A partner and a twin sister of Kat.
  • A daughter of Norma and Leonald.
  • A friend of Talim.
  • An enemy of Tira and Voldo.
  • A friend of Patroklos and Pyrrha where Kit and Kat were helping them in adventures.

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