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Alistair (aka: Hero of Brightwall) was the Xbox360 exclusive character in Soul Calibur V. He was a true hero of Albion and became a true king of albion, who helped people from disaster. He wields his Sword and Pistol, his fire gauntlet, and shock gauntlet in order to protect people and bring happiness to people.


As a prince after his parents died, Logan became a King, who is also a tyrannt of Albion. Everybody hates Logan, until Logan ordered Alistair, to choose whether his girlfriend Elise will be executed, or the people who is betraying, after a hard making decision, he execute the people who is betraying and Elise were not happy about the decision. Until he goes into a cemetery and go through the caves until Alistair activates the sanctuary, and then Walter and Jasper were now making allies in order to trimpth Logan's army. Later in Bowerstone, Alistair has to rescue Lazlo's girlfriend which is Alistair's past girlfriend, Elise, and then Alistair kisses Elise. Alistair and Elise were now married after Lazlo and Elise were broke up because of Alistair wants to be with Elise. Alistair, Walter, Ben, Page, and the whole army has succeeded over Logan's army, and Alistair became the King of Albion, and then moved into a castle with his wife Elise. At the throne room, Alistair pardon Logan for the help. He raises the taxes, open school for the factory in Bowerstone Industrial, have those builders to rebuild the Old Quarters in Bowerstone, raises the guard budget, have a good decor, restore Child Benefit, renovate the shelter for the orphanage, build sewage plant, remove the drink limit, drain and mine the lake, bail out of the economy, build a desert outpost, donate every fund to his treasury, reject the bribe from Nigel Ferret who is in the cell, and he kept every promise that he made, especially the Brightwall Academy who was once reopened. After 365 days later, the Bowerstone has been under attack by The Crawler. And then The Crawler possessed Walter and it became a final battle, then Alistair succeeded over Walter and then Walter lays on the ground and Alistair were saying sorry to Walter, and then Walter died. And now Walter were rest in the Bowerstone garden, and then Logan, Ben, Page, and the rest were proud of Alistair. And everybody has lived because the treasury went up to over 6,500,000 for the civilian casualties. And then later Alistair had two children's, his son Nicholas, and his adopted daughter, Genma.


Alistair has a powerful speech that he claim himself as a king. Alistair was a good person and a kind heart to the people of albion.

Fighting Style

Alistair wields his sword and pistol that he can shoot and slash every other time, also, he has a fire and shock gauntlet that he can do a fire and shock spell that can shock them and burn them. He can summon his dog, Robert into a game to attack the opponent.

Critical Finish

Divine and Sacrifice = Alistair unleashes his circles of guild surrounding him and unleash his fire and shock spell from his gauntlet in the air and then Alistair thrust down his fire and shock into a ground and unleash the blue light beam that surrounds the opponent, killing the opponent with the fire and shock spell and the opponent disappears.


  • Bowerstone Castle Gardens


  • A friend of Walter
  • An ally of Ben, Page, and Major Swift
  • A friend of Jasper
  • An enemy of The Crawler
  • An enemy of Logan, until pardon by Alistair for the help and then became allies

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