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"Your death... Is to die for!"
— Sharrka, after defeating Convict


Sharrka has short, dark hair, with a hairbraid to keep it in place during a fight. Oddly, she is dressed in the same fashion as a regular anime character, with Asian skin and simple eyes, to match her simple clothing, in various shades of pink.


As the one who was chosen to destroy the two blades responsible for the Evil Seed, which has thrown her village into anarchy, Sharrka leaves her small town in the Far East to search for Nightmare, the supposed wielder of Soul Edge. Much to her surprise, she had discovered that Soul Calibur was in the hands of Convict, an evil shapeshifter. She needed to find a way to lure them both into a trap. As she finally concluded upon using a tale of strength and power, she spread the word, hoping for the two to walk right into her hands, to stop the madness the world has been consumed in once and for all.


Sharrka is very calm, preferring to find more simplier ways to solve things. She usually speaks in a soft voice before battle, until screaming during the fight, and a few moments after. After the Evil Seed, she then became less calm, preferring to destroy and kill, rather than anything else.


Sharrka is very flexible, able to kick and punch from increasingly large distances, and can attack with fairly large damange, but is usually slow, and can't use any powers or magic. Her two carving knives, Depredation, can be launched from nearly half the arena, along with easy countering, but are weak, dealing little damage.


Convict skids back, his body fizzling with weakness. He raises a hand, attempting to launch another attack, before he stops. He asks her how she was able to defeat such a powerful force such as Soul Calibur. Sharrka remains silent as she tosses one of the two knives into his skull, which causes him to melt. She grabs Soul Calibur, and lifts it into the air, before turning towards the defeated body of Nightmare. She then takes hold of the unholy sword. She talks to herself, asking why these two supposedly godly weapons could cause so much damage, before they both counteract, driving her insane. She looks around, her vision blurred. She runs out of the village, the screen turning to black. The text-only ending appears, saying: "Unable to deal with the pressure of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, she committed suicide gruesomely and within seconds of obtaining the two swords. Employing a faking of his death, Convict was able to assume her form and take her place and reobtain the two swords, waiting for the right time to crumble the word from the inside, out."

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